Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Entranced by your beauty, she mused as she sat, smiling to herself. The faint sounds of cloth hissing against skin told her he was at least undressed now, and she found herself wondering if he wasn’t half as nice looking disrobed as she imagined. She could still feel his touch on her hand. Regardless, she found herself amused by his contradictory nature–making her heart thump a little faster one moment, fumbling over his own words the next. Like he was testing the waters almost, which made a certain amount of sense; after all, he really didn’t know what to expect from her yet.

Looking up as Mohinder came out of the dressing room, Claire certainly found her own expectations had been exceeded. Holding up a finger to tell him to wait, she snapped a quick picture before standing up and crossing her arms. Steven, altogether far too eager to be done with them, took the opportunity to make himself scarce after depositing Mohinder’s drink. Claire barely even noticed him leave as she circled Mohinder, taking as much of him in as possible. “You look good enough to eat,” she said at length, eyes raking from his feet upward, stopping once they met his once more. She returned his smirk then, then snaked the tie around his neck, evening out the ends.

“Teach,” she repeated carefully, flicking her eyes upward in thought. “There’s something I never thought I would find myself doing. I’m not exactly…PG." Which you most certainly seem to have picked up on…it boded well for their future relationship, even if she intended it to be temporary in nature. She’d much rather be accompanied everywhere by someone observant, intelligent, than otherwise.

"As for those other uses,” she said, daring to be bold despite the setting. “I am indeed more familiar with them, though I have had my share of helping men get themselves together in the morning. Enough to know how to actually tie one.” That said, Claire held up both ends to indicate he should watch her hands for the time being. Then, with deliberate and slow movements, she walked him silently through the process of a three in hand knot, the most basic one she knew. By nature of the act itself, Claire was very close to his face, her hands grazing his neck and chest. She was acutely aware of the proximity, the perfume she’d put on that morning, how tantalizing those curls looked. She might have to find an excuse to run her fingers through those soon, if things kept up.

Tie complete, she laid it over his chest and smoothed it down. “There’s not much to it,” Claire said simply, smile lingering.

The End

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