Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

The reserved, humble scientist was still present inside Mohinder, but was easily pushed aside nowadays by the more dominant force that his demon nature gave him. Yes, it was true he had his sarcastic, sassy moments before, but now, combined with everything he’d been through - captured, caged, and then promptly sold - he was so done. All he wanted now was to please and impress his new master and keep her safe. It was his only purpose in life and he was finding he didn’t mind one bit, especially compared to being locked up.

Her laugh managed to soften his features. Yes, the kind, sweet Mohinder was definitely still in there. There might have even been some humming going on as he was picking out his clothing. But now he was as quiet as a mouse as she glanced through what he’d brought over, hoping it was to her satisfaction.

At first, the declining of his invitation pulled a pout from him, but he quickly came to his senses. "Um, yes, of course - the imagination. Sorry, I’m…” still getting used to my new libido and how it rejuvenates me. No, no. “I’m just so entranced by your beauty.” It was true and sounded muchbetter than the other admission. “I will still be taking you up on the help with the tie though. Thank you.” With her playful expression, Mohinder bit his bottom lip and reached up to place his hand on hers that gripped at the tie, thumb softly caressing along the top of her knuckles. “Something tells me you know of other creative uses for these ties. Perhaps you’ll teach me those techniques in time as well.”

After the clothing was on the hook and Claire was seated again, Mohinder gave a wink and a smile before closing the door to change. Now there was silence again and he was left with his own thoughts without distraction. That was, until what’s-his-name came back. Mohinder couldn’t remember his name, not after the flirting with Claire. Tempted to use his powers to grab his drink from under the doorway, he resisted, not wanting to scare the guy or embarrass Claire at the same time.

Instead, he finished dressing and stepped out of the changing room to attempt a model runway walk for Claire, complete with dead stare, which he couldn’t keep long after his eyes met hers again. The tiniest of smirk escaped him and he paused in front of her. “Please set my drink on the table here and we’ll let you know if we need you,” he spoke to what’s-his-face as he kept his attention to his master. “How do I look?” he asked her with genuine curiosity. “I’m ready for you to teach me… how to tie a tie, please?” The emphasis on teach me was rough and seemingly full of naughty mischief. Damn that demon side.

The End

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