Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

Claire obviously had no way of knowing what Mohinder had been in his life, prior to finding himself in a cage on the markets, but she found herself increasingly curious as he rather quickly took to ordering their new little lackey around. Did demons have occupations, or had he been something similar to a medieval lord, a gentleman with no career to speak of? He certainly had no qualms treating Steven as though he were beneath him. It made her grin, both out of amusement and something similar to empathy, as she was sure it felt nice to stretch his autonomy again after being penned up.

Even more than that, the smile he flashed her once Steven had gone about his errand was actually enough to make her laugh; she’d never seen anyone look quite so….goofy…and out of place. She shook her head at him and busied herself searching for her phone; she had a feeling she’d want pictures. It was about the limit of her technical skills with the device regardless, though her brother had made sure she had the latest model. Fiddling with the thing, she managed to pull the camera up and have it at the ready for the impromptu fashion show. Out the window, she could see Steven still waiting in line across the street.

She set the phone down as Mohinder returned, arms heavy with a variety of suits and accessories. Briefly imagining what he was going to look like in each of them, she rose to pick out his first selection. Mmmm….dark grey, black, modern styling, more traditional….not to mention the ties….She eventually settled on a modern charcoal grey number cut in a slightly more modern fashion, a light green shirt, and pinstriped tie, picking them out from the bunch to hold on to them herself. “I think these will do nicely for the first one,” she said with a smile. That grin turned decidedly more vulpine at his admission, though she faintly shook her head.

“One must leave something to the imagination, non? Though I will be more than willing to show you how to put one of these on.” She took the tie and draped it loosely around her own neck, gripping both ends in one hand; one eyebrow arched suggestively. Oh, he is too much fun…Stepping past him into the dressing room, she hung her selection on the hooks before once again seating herself on the chair outside the dressing rooms. Out of the corner of eye she saw Steven exit the Starbucks and make his way back to the clothing store.

The End

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