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If she said she didn’t take some sort of pleasure out of watching Mohinder’s reactions to her own proximity, Claire would’ve been lying. Never having been one to shy away from her feminine wiles…at least once she’d come into them…employing them more often than not brought her great amusement, among other pleasures. More than that, however, a certain energy seemed restored to the demon after his collar was loosened. She wondered fleetingly what he was capable of with it entirely off, but that was a question for much, much later, and she doubted she would ever know. After all, what was the point of a controllable servant if the control was taken away?

Her mind was brought back to the present at his response. Leather? Her mind conjured up a host of images at that one, bringing another smirk to her lips. Yes, there could be some additional benefit to this after all, if things went that route. Even she needed more than a little lust to incite that sort of action, though she wasn’t sure how things worked with demon servants. She really would have to read up on them once she got home…

I am the darkness…she had to fight back the urge to laugh, not at the humor, but at the fact that she was likely equally as ‘dark.’ It wasn’t the sort of thing she shared on the first date, metaphorically speaking, or ever, if she could avoid it, so she refrained from comment. Instead, she began her way toward the men’s section on the left of the boutique, her cursory examination telling her they would likely have all the things she’d had in mind. It also brought to her attention the less-than-enthusiastic expression of the clerk. 

It took her a moment to piece together his displeasure as she was never greeted with anything less than exuberance when she stopped in, but a quick glance back at her newest acquisition was all it took for the distaste to make sense. She didn’t even need Mohinder’s puppy eyes to rile her to action. The clerk was not one she recognized, but that hardly mattered. Slapping on her sweetest smile, she approached him, setting her purse down on the counter. “Hello, handsome. I was wondering if you might be so kind as to fetch Anthony for me?” Dark eyelashes batted his way as she leaned onto the counter, making the distance slightly more personal.

“He’s…he’s out of town, ma'am,” the clerk managed to say, clearly uncomfortable. His eyes flicked back to Mohinder before meeting Claire’s again. 

Claire made a noncommittal noise at his response, studying him wordlessly for what she was certain felt like a short eternity. “Well. In that case…” She turned her head and beckoned Mohinder forward so that the clerk couldn’t avoid looking at him.

“My dearest darling dove,” she began, looking to the gold name tag he wore just above his pocket. “Steven. You clearly don’t know who I am or that I’ve likely already paid for your next few years of employment with the investments I make here.” Her grin was tight, but not wholly unpleasant. “That being the case, I won’t make a scene about your attitude. However…” She paused and placed a possessive hand on Mohinder’s shoulder.

“I find myself rather in need of clothing for this gentleman. Now, you have two choices, and I just have a feeling you’re smart enough to pick the correct one.” Her voice lowered to a whisper and was no longer friendly. “You can continue to make that hideous face at my employee, in which case Anthony will be getting a call. I’m certain he’d hate to be interrupted on vacation. Or, you can make yourself exceedingly useful and help us with every tiny thing until Mohinder here is completely satisfied with his new wardrobe. And I do mean every. tiny. thing.” Another flash of that tight grin, and she let go of Mohinder’s shoulder. “In which case Anthony will be getting a call once he is back, highlighting how perfect a salesman you are.”

Steven blinked rapidly, poor young thing that he was, and nodded. “Of course, ma'am. My apologies ma'am. Whatever you need,” he said, words nearly blending with each other in his enthusiasm to get them out. He came out from behind the counter and gestured to the men’s section, implying Mohinder should lead the way. Satisfied for the moment, Claire took up her purse and sat herself down in the chair in front of the little waiting section set up by the dressing rooms.

“I knew you were smart, Steven. You heard the man, Mohinder. Whatever you need. Find something you like, find a whole armful, let me see what you look like cleaned up.” She winked and crossed her legs, a picture of elegance hiding the capable predator within.

The End

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