Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

The old Mohinder would have scoffed at the word curse, but there really was no other way to describe it. His kind had been bested and science couldn’t even help him now. Even though a decent percentage of the demons deserved to be detained, Mohinder played by the rules.#NotAllDemons 

As soon as the jewel touched her skin, he could feel it’s power working, creating a supernatural shield that covered her from head to toe. Although he hadn’t tested it, it was said that any harm inflicted would be reflected onto the attacker, which sounded about right to him. Luckily the shield didn’t fully mute his power to read her and he ensured that she wasn’t frightened of him. That was not the effect he wanted to have on her; she had saved him and deserved his respect.

Though, he couldn’t help noticing the way her heart beat fast in her chest, but the emotion wasn’t fear. “I-I didn’t want you to assume I looked at you in disrespect. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It’s an honor to touch you–” That sentence - which was probably going to turn into rambling - failed as she moved closer. Now it was his turn to have a racing pulse as he watched her carefully, eyes falling half lidded as her fingertips brushed at his neck, causing all sorts of chills to move down his spine. Right now, her lips were so close and tempting, but he focused on the calming effect of her perfume instead.

By now, he was in such a trance that all he could come up with was, “Thank you.” Oh wait, his abilities… they were much stronger now and his eyes widened at the realization. “Now I can do my job much more effectively, yes.” Wings and tail wanted to stretch out, but that was a very bad idea in the middle of town. Perhaps when they arrived home. For now, he gave her a playful flash of fangs and a wink before hopping out of the car.

Her question pulled a quiet laugh from him. “Well I am the darkness, so yes, black will be satisfactory. Perhaps some suede leather as well?” Not to forget his job, he glanced around a moment and puffed up his chest as best he could before following her into the store. “I’m certain whatever you choose for me, I will appreciate though.”

As expected, the guy working there didn’t look pleased to see them and in the back of Mohinder’s mind, he kind of hoped the man would start something so that he could show off for Claire… and as a bonus, they could come back later and pull the Pretty Woman scene and show him what a big mistake he made. But for now, he looked to Claire with pitiful, big eyes to see what she’d do about this guy’s sour expression toward her new pet.

The End

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