Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

The necklace was no surprise, although Mohinder had forgotten about it until it was handed to his new owner. She wouldn’t be needing it as he had no intention of hurting her. If it helped her feel safer to loosen his collar though, then he couldn’t wait for her to wear it. It’d been so long since he’d felt more than a shimmer of his own powers. Like when he kissed the top of her hand, all he could read of her was that yes, there was some darkness there… and now he was curious to find out more.

Although her name did sound familiar, Mohinder decided not to pry about it, at least for now. Because now, they were going shopping! This would be his first real outing in weeks and he could barely contain his excitement. New clothing and new shoes… he couldn’t wait. In preparation, he willed his horns and tail away for now to hide like his wings were. He was sure that Claire wouldn’t be very impressed with him if the entire store cleared out at the sight of a demon.

"Ah, physical threats. Those should not be a problem.” Mohinder had a feeling this was going to be the easy life, especially when he caught eye of the car they’d be riding in. The sun wasn’t the most pleasant experience, so his hand went up to make a visor as he admired the sedan. If he hadn’t of changed into this, he probably would have a nice car himself by now. That thought caused him to frown. The past was the past though. Nothing to do now by try to make the best of this situation.

At her words, he nodded. “Totally understood. I’ll attempt to explain it the best I can along the way.” After hopping in, he continued, “The crystals on my collar and in the necklace you have in your purse, they’ve been… cursed, in a way. The closer this one in my collar is to my skin, the weaker my abilities are. Therefore, if you loosen it, I will become more powerful.” At that he smiled just thinking about it. “But when you’re wearing the necklace, I cannot harm you. As he said, it acts as a shield.”

As he finished that sentence, his gaze traveled slowly down her body as though he’d never seen a woman before. “Not that I’d harm you in the first place,” he whispered. “I only kill those who deserve it. I’m karma. And now, I’m yours.” Dark eyes were now looking into hers again and he had to keep himself from leaning over to kiss her neck or shoulder–anything, as he really needed some kind of connection after being in that prison for so long.

Instead, he lifted her hand again, this time allowing his lips to linger along her skin, eventually speaking against it with hot breath. “Forgive me. I gain energy from your touch.” Not to mention, it was comforting. “Thank you again for your generosity. It will be an honor to kill for you, if needed.”

The End

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