Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

As Mohinder signed the paperwork himself, the guard gently cleared his throat and held out his hand, offering Claire a strange looking stone attached to a long silver chain. The stone was a mesmerizing opalescent blue and Claire studied it for a moment before turning a questioning gaze to the guard himself.

“Protection, ma'am. Like his collar, it dampens power and will act as a shield in the rare case that anything unexpected should happen. But I guarantee that he’s as docile as they come, you should not experience any difficulties.” He nodded in earnest, quailing slightly under her gaze though he admirably did not fidget.

Claire raised a curious brow before stowing the necklace in her purse. “Should it, I know precisely who to find.” Her smile was more threatening than pleasant, but it was brief regardless as she returned the pen to the guard. “Here’s to a happy arrangement,” she told him as her parting words, turning her whole attention instead to her new acquisition. She most certainly had not expected him to kiss her hand, or even thank her, but both actions took her slightly aback. This time the arched brow was vaguely impressed–the demon had manners. She could respect that, at the very least. “Claire Wandesford,” she answered with a slight nod of the head, wondering faintly if her name was known to those sold in the markets. It would not surprise her either way, and she wouldn’t ask.

At his first question, Claire took a moment to size him up again. He would indeed need something more appropriate to wear, though it would be a shame to cover that chest. She doubted anything of William’s would fit, and he would murder her should she let the demon wear any of his things anyway. “It seems as though the shops should be our first stop, yes,” she eventually agreed, turning on her heel and beckoning for him to follow. As they walked, she considered his next concerns, vacillating on just how much to tell him. It wouldn’t do to reveal that she likely could defend herself just as well as he could–that was a secret best kept within the family. Nor could she have him be lax, if he realized his services were not actually needed. Pretenses must be maintained.

“I’m not precisely sure that there will be any threats, as it were. You are a precautionary measure while my brother is out of town, our best security guards with him. Normally I have my own body guard but…we had to let him go.” She shrugged, leaving that matter at that. “In the case of paranoia becoming reality, it will likely come in the form of physical harm–gun men, abductors, that sort of ilk.” Waving a hand to dismiss the unlikely events, Claire stepped out into the sunshine and was greeted by her driver, standing by the curb in front of the luxury sedan she’d chosen for today’s trip. Taking a moment to nod to the man, she looked back to Mohinder once more. “Forgive me if I do not loosen your collar just yet, however,” she said with a faint smile, “I cannot say as I trust you at this point, and I’d have to understand a bit more about how that functions. Tell me what you know about it on the way to my tailor." 

That said, the driver opened both back doors of the car and gestured for them to enter, which Claire did, tucking her skirt beneath her legs in the process. "To Anthony’s, if you will,” she said as the driver joined them. He nodded, and they began the short drive.

The End

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