Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

The silence caused him to hold his breath. At this moment, either she  was heartless or had a very impressive poker face. As she turned away, all the excitement and hope of the moment fell flat, and Mohinder’s head slumped to rest on his arms that held onto the bars. Finally the breath was released in a defeated sigh. At least he’d given it his best try. Refusing to accept that he’d just missed out on the good life with a beautiful woman, he continued to stand there, frozen in denial.

That was, until his enhanced hearing picked up sets of footsteps making their way back to him. Among them were her light steps… Curls continuing to hide his face, a smile grew wider and wider as they got closer. It wasn’t until her words - that she wanted him - were spoken that he glanced up, now bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… so to speak.

Expression was humble as he was led out and began to follow his new owner to the front. Along the way, Mohinder couldn’t help discreetly flipping off a few of the others there that had attempted to give him a hard time during his stay. Some boo’d at him, some cheered, but he continued to walk proudly, chest out, and already trying on his job as her protector.

Every now and then his eyes would wander along her clothing as he guessed just how rich she was and yes, how nice she probably looked naked. The Mohinder side quickly caught himself and refocused on their surroundings and attempting to snoop at the paperwork on himself that she had to sign. Once the pen was given to him, he signed as well in all the correct places.

And so it was done, and he was hers. Mohinder was so relieved he almost slipped up and hugged her. Perhaps if he was still a normal man, but a demon hugging a stranger, he had a feeling that would not have went over so well. So instead, he gave a sincere smile and lifted her hand to kiss the top of it. “Thank you. I swear you will not be disappointed. As you saw, my name is Mohinder Suresh. It’s literally a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Glancing between himself and her, he came to a logical conclusion - “I suppose the first order of business is to find myself suitable clothing?” Wherever she led him next, he would follow quietly, continuing to monitor the area around them in case of danger. Danger of what, he had no idea. “Um, may I ask what threats I should be vigilant about? Depending on your answer, I’ll configure a strategy. Also, you will need to loosen my collar somewhat so I can do my job efficiently.”

The End

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