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Claire couldn’t help but grin just slightly at the demon’s posturing; he lacked the over musculature look she had hoped to find, and that wasn’t something he could achieve by holding his breath or clever lighting. His muscles were defined enough, however, to make her consider his first offer in a slightly more serious nature. Claire had no qualms about such casual encounters, given certain measures for safety were taken, and she imagined it would only be more fun if he was so enthusiastic about it. Granted, it was likely that people would say anything they felt might help them see the light of day, but still…

Shifting her weight to her other foot, blue eyes widened slightly as he revealed his nature to her. She’d only heard of demons, never dealt with one, though there was a certain air of the exotic about them that she found deeply fascinating, likely due to her own secret. Her attention was drawn to his tail as he provided her with a brief explanation of what sounded to be a typical story–at least so far as she’d ever heard. Demons were, in fact, rather feared and notoriously hard to subdue, so trickery seemed to be the only way to make them compliant. The small list of cons she’d been compiling for the man vanished with this revelation; his demonic nature would be more than enough to achieve the air of intimidation and power she was after. If she had a demon in her employ, not only would his notoriety keep any threats at bay, but it would make her look all the more impressive.

Her decision was made before he spoke his last words, but Claire let them linger in the air, as though she truly were unmoved by the plea. Gaze wandering across his face to his horns, Claire fought back the wave of sympathy that washed over her. She understood more than she would share about misconceptions, about appearances not lining up with peoples’ expectations or reality. Had she known her heart strings would’ve been tugged at, she would’ve avoided the place entirely. But she was here now, and there was no point in leaving empty handed. If she was to take a specimen from here, Claire supposed it might as well be one she could get along with until William got back. Better him than an empty-headed lunk who would only be minimally entertaining. Perhaps she would consider keeping him if he didn’t prove displeasing. 

Without comment, Claire turned and walked away, jacket still over her shoulder. She would leave him waiting while she went to fetch the guard, a reminder that his fate was indeed in her hands should he prove to be less than he claimed. A few long moments later saw her returning, guard at her side. “I want this one,” Claire said, pointing to the demon in question. The guard nodded and proceeded to unlock the cell and lead the demon out.

“Our contract awaits,” she added, turning to walk away again, confident that the demon would be smart enough to follow behind. Claire stopped only when she’d reached the front desk, where the same guard was indeed waiting with a small stack of papers.

“The standard agreement for purchases, Ms. Wandesford,” he explained, holding out a pen for her to take. “All pages requiring signature have tabs. Simply sign your name, and you’re free to take him with you.”

Claire took the pen from the man’s hand, and briefly skimmed through the papers. She’d read through standard agreements before coming to the market to ensure her assets would be protected and didn’t need to bore herself with the details once more. Her signature was smooth swift, and within a few moments, she turned to offer the pen to the demon she now knew was named Mohinder.

The End

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