Uptown Girl ● ● ● Claire & MohinderMature

The demon in Mohinder hoped that was at least part of what she was after. A good portion of his strength and will depended on dark energy and bedroom activities provided a nice chunk of that. The bonus of it was he didn’t have to harm anyone in the process. The Mohinder part of him yearned for someone warm and soft to hold after being held captive so long. It all would have been a win/win for him and she had to have been the prettiest woman he’d seen in a very long time. A good impression was a must.

So at her first question, he gave an innocent, slight shrug to apologize if he’d offended her. That was the last thing he wanted to do. And as she glanced over him, he attempted to puff himself up, making himself look bigger than he was. Although muscular, he wasn’t quite bodyguard size. Hopefully that wouldn’t count against him.

At her pondering out loud, he nodded and wished he had some kind of resume on him he could have handed to her showing all his specialty dishes. But this wasn’t a real interview, sadly. This was even more important than that. His future depended on her next words and right now she had his undivided attention.

Combat! Now that was something he was proud of! His curious expression turned into an almost over-confident one as hands moved to reveal his black ivory horns on the top of his head. “As you can see, I’m a demon.” Cue his tail coming into the light as well and wrapping around one of the bars of his cage. “We are the most feared creatures in the land. Although I’m young for my kind, there is still no one who can truly challenge me in combat. I have the power of the shadows on my side.”

And with that boasting, he knew there was an obvious question that might pop up. “They managed to capture me by deception. Although I am a demon, I’m not a mindless killer. They constructed a scenario where a woman was in danger. I went to help and… before I knew it, this collar was clasped tightly around my neck.” That might have sounded weak, but it was who Mohinder was deep down - still caring and protective.

“If you choose me, I swear you will never come to harm. You will become my number one concern. If you treat me well, I will never attempt to escape. I just… I want out of here, please.” That last part was said softly in a whisper as his eyes pleaded with hers. He was exhausted - physically and mentally - and missed having a nice bed to sleep in and warm meals in his stomach.

The End

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