Uptown Cleveland NightsMature

"You got any change, I need to make bus fair to get to Lakewood so I can - -" Jimmy stopped the man's story with one discerning look. It was another bum wearing trashy clothes and reaking of gin. Jimmy was not going to listen to another sob story. "Listen guy, I'd love to help you make bus fair and get you the hell out of this town forever, but if I give you a nickle what am I going to say to the nex bum and the next bum and the next bum. This is all an endless cycle and I haven't a minute to spare." Jimmy was on his way, albeit late.

He was going to find out who killed Rebecca. He was going to find her killer and make him pay. Even though the authorities ruled it a suicide, Jimmy knew better. As Jimmy finally arrived at his destination he came to his first sincere conclusion in a long while. He decided to share this epiphany with the public at large. "I fucking hate this town, Cleveland is dead to me."

The End

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