We've Got Work To Do: A Special Lesson with Lord Death, Stein, and Spirit?

This will be a POV switching chapter, look for the indications!

Starts off in Gale's POV.


     I let my backpack slide from my shoulder onto the platform. After it fell, I walked over to the 4 people and eyed them all. Lord Death said we had some work to do, but what did he mean? Soul was staring at me with sort of a challenging look, like we were competing for something.

"What's the snarky look for, Soul?" I turned, putting my hands in my jacket pockets.

"Ah, sibling rivalry. I'm glad Maka is an only child." Spirit chimed in, walking in between Soul and I.

"Now, Spirit, they've been called here for a very important reason. Let's try to stay on track." Lord Death took on a stern tone, setting the mood about the room.

"Speaking of which, why are we here, Lord Death?" I asked, walking closer to him.

"Yours and Soul's wavelengths are very unstable, caused by a deteriorating soul. The only way we can hope to fix them is by getting your souls to connect with each other. Since this is happening on a school day, Stein and Spirit will be escorting you to the nearby forest to carry this out." Lord Death bent himself over slightly, looking at Soul and I.

"You've got it Lord Death, we'll fix this." Soul reassured, lightly punching me in the arm.

"Alright, kids. Let's head out. There'll be a food break at some point so be prepared for this to take time." Stein clapped his hands together once, and we headed out.

     As Stein, Soul, Spirit, and I headed for the school's exit, the bell rang. Students all filed into their rooms, giving us crooked looks of curiosity. We all exited the DWMA, and I could already feel a sense of repair happening in my soul.


     I finished my studying about 15 minutes ago, giving myself time to make it to Class Crescent Moon before the bell rang. As I took my seat next to where Maka and Crona would be, people around me were whispering that Professor Stein was gone today, and that we'd have a sub. That struck me as peculiar, since I was one of the rare few who enjoyed Stein's lectures. As the bell rang, Maka entered, Crona following close behind. They both sat on opposite sides of me, looking rather upset.

     Well, Crona always looks some degree of upset. Maka's discomfort was noticeable, however.

"Maka, did you hear we have a substitute today? Apparently Stein is gone somewhere." I turned partly, giving information I'd heard from around me.

"Yeah, I did hear that. So long as its not my father." She spat out that last word, taking out a notebook and setting it in front of her.

"No, he's gone as well, I'm afraid. From what father has told me, it'll be Sid who's in charge of the class today." Kid added on as he walked up to the row immediately behind us.

"That's odd, I wonder where they are." I slumped back, furrowing my eyebrows. Just as I was thinking up possibilities, Sid entered the room.

"Alright, class! Professor Stein and your usual substitute of Spirit are out on special assignment today, so I will be filling in. Allow me to take attendance." Sid reached for a clipboard with everyone's names on it.

     There were a decent amount of people in this class, enough to fill up 3/4 of the room, so it took Sid a while to read all the names. He called every kid in the class's first and last names. Everyone replied with the standard 'here!' except for Soul and Gale. Then I realized, they hadn't been here all morning.

"Are Soul and Gale's Meisters present?" Sid asked aloud, to which Maka and I stood.

"Yes sir, we're here." Maka responded.

"Any idea where those two have run off to?" Sid looked at the paper with the names, marking an 'X' next to theirs.

"No, I'm afraid not actually." I responded, rather intrigued.

"Oh! That's right! They're off with Stein and Spirit. My bad, I simply forgot. That's the kind of man I was, forgetting simple things." Sid set the clipboard down, going to lounge in the chair behind the desk.

     I tried to ask more questions, but all Sid would give me was you'll know when it's time. Maka started reading a book, since Sid had just given us a free class period to do whatever we pleased. I was going to talk with Tsubaki, but her and Black Star had taken on a mission and were out for today. All this throwing around of the term special assignment was getting me avidly curious, so naturally I had to know more as soon as possible.

"Hey, Maka, want to go find out where everybody went? We can play it off as going to the library!" I half-whispered, somewhat excited.

"I don't want to risk getting in trouble or possibly have to be around my dad." Her voice was monotonous yet sharp, her eyes not moving from the pages she read.

     I huffed, looking around for potential people to take along with me. Then, the little hamster in my brain began to run on its wheel.

"Hey, Crona," I turned to him, to which he twitched with shock, "Want to go find out where everybody went with me? It'll be like our own quest!" I put my hands in fists, hoping he'd say yes.

"S-Sure? Will Sid even let us leave?" Crona's voice was feathery, gliding across the air as if it were a sheet of silk.

"He said we could do whatever we want this hour, didn't he?" I smirked, hoping I could breakthrough to him.

"I guess s-so?" The pinkish haired boy shrugged, his tiny body shaking.

"Then come on! We don't have time to lose!" I grabbed his wrist, dragging him behind Maka and down the stairs.

     Sid didn't really seem to care about us leaving, I said we were going to go by the library and check out the mission board. First, though, I had a stop of my own I wanted to make...


     We'd been walking for what seemed like ages. The chest I gave Gale last night had been one I'd found the week she arrived. My soul felt drawn to it, almost like a dehydrated person would be to fresh water. When I discovered the inside, I didn't know what to make of it. So, I gave it to her in hopes she would see something I didn't. I guess I should've looked on the backs of the pictures, because according to Gale, that's where the answer was.

     Lord Death called me in this morning when I was entering the school ahead of Maka, who'd stopped at the bookstore and told me to continue on. That's when I was informed, and my suspicions confirmed, that Gale was indeed my sister. It was weird, though, that I couldn't remember her. Hell, I didn't even recognize her when I looked at the worn-out polaroids. 

"Soul, stop spacing out. We're here." Gale tapped me on the shoulder.

"I need you both to light these candles and place them in a large enough circle for both of you to be able to sit across from each other in with room to spare." Stein handed Gale a bag and I one, both filled with white candles.

     I've seen these before. They looked like the ones Maka and I were placed in during our extra lesson before we fought the Immortal. Why would we need these though? Who knows. It's better not to question at this point. We laid the candles out, and Gale lit them all. As we both climbed inside the circle, staring at each other blankly, Stein instructed us to sit down.

"Now, what's the first thing you learn at the DWMA for soul resonance?" Stein lit a cigarette, observing us.

"Soul resonance? Why is that relevant? We're not partners, we're siblings." I looked at the Professor, taken aback.

"It applies to more than just that, Soul. Focus." Spirit added, standing next to Stein.

"A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body." Gale recited, her eyes closed and palms flat on her knees, sitting cross legged.

"Good, good. Now, Soul close your eyes. Look for each others wavelengths. Your souls tried to synchronize before, let's replicate that, only go further with it." As Stein instructed us, the smoke dwindling upwards from the candles began to dance in the air around Gale and I.

     I did as the Professor instructed. Closing my eyes, I fell into a reverie sort of state. My breathing became harmonious as I searched for Gale's soul. The area I was in almost mimicked an underwater scene, but it was quite airy and I wasn't struggling to breathe. Floating around, I saw a distant light. Reaching out, I finally grabbed hold of what I believed to be Gale's soul. As I hugged it to my chest, pictures flashed through my mind.

"Soul, you can't tie me here like this! Mom's dead, and I intend to find out why!" Gale screamed, haphazardly throwing what little food and supplies were available into a straw bag. "B-But...Gale...you're my b-b-big sis-ter..." A little boy with white hair was crying enough for his nose to snot, trying to run after the older girl. "Enough of this! You can take care of yourself! Go find Death City like we've always talked about, I'll come for you again one of these days, Soul." The door to the wooden shack they'd called home was opened, rain beating down faster with every hit of thunder. "Gale!" The boy cried as the door was slammed shut by a fierce gust of wind. 

     My eyes opened instantly, and I could feel sweat on my forehead and through the back of my shirt. What the hell did I just see?! I thought to myself, Stein and Spirit said nothing at my awakening. I reached over to Gale, who still had her eyes closed. When my hand lay on top of hers, she erupted into ear piercing wails, extinguishing all of the candles around us.

"Gale!? Gale!" I battled against her screams, trying to shake her awake. Her eyes were open, yet she was otherwise unresponsive.

"Stein, Spirit, help me!" I looked over to the two for assistance, but they did nothing.

"She is going through a soul collapse, you need to get through to her somehow or else she will die." Stein delivered that information as if this weren't a pressing situation.

     I couldn't let my sister die, not after this much. As she continued to flail and scream, I re-lit all the candles, their smoke calming her somewhat. I closed my eyes again, heading back to find her.


"Sage, why're we in the student archive room? This is a blocked area and I'm not sure how to deal with getting in trouble!" Crona moaned, gripping his left arm.

"Calm down, Crona. I've just got a little research to do. We won't be here long." I clicked on my flashlight, looking for the file with the last names of thsoe who started with 'E'.

     Once I'd found them, I pulled out the box and set it on a nearby desk. Clicking on a lamp, I switched off the flashlight. Digging through, I pulled out Soul's file and set it next to the box. Continuing to flip through, I talked to myself. Where oh where could you be... Once I found what I was looking for, I exclaimed in excitement.

"What, what is it?" Crona scurried over, oddly curious.

"Hm, you've had a slight change in interests. Well, if you're oh so inclined to know, these are the files of Gale and Soul. Both from the box of last names that start with 'E'." I finished, brushing the dust off the folders.

"What is Gale's last name, anyway? How'd you know to look here?" Crona rubbed his hands together to combat the cold room.

"I didn't know, I just assumed. Let's see what we've got here..." I opened Soul's first, examining it.

Name: Soul 'Eater' Evans

Born: June 1st

Parents: Both deceased

Country of Birth: Canada 

"Hm, interesting. Now let's check out Gale's." I pushed Soul's aside, opening my partners folder.

Name: Gale _______ Evans

Born: January 10th

Parents: Both deceased

Country of Birth: Canada 

"Odd, her middle name is smudged. Guess I'll just have to take these with me." I closed both folders, setting the box back on the shelf.

"Sage! You just can't take those! They're classified!" Crona was panicking, to which I attempted to calm him down.

"Well, looks like you're going to have to learn to keep a secret now, doesn't it?" I turned to him, smirking as we left the room.


     Where am I? Why am I in so much pain? I opened my eyes to find my body surrounding by a swirling dark setting, levitating. Looking around, I saw no signs of anything remotely recognizable. Then, my memory chimed in.

"This must be the effects of the special assignment Lord Death has assigned Soul and I..." I pondered, slightly frightened by all the harsh colors.

     I tried to walk, but only drifted since there was no solid floor. I concluded that this must be a side effect of the candles, and that I was somewhere in my souls wavelength and subconscious. After who knows how long of aimless drifting, I heard screams. Torrential, banshee level screams. I wanted nothing more than to run away, but my body compelled me to go towards the sound. What I saw is something I never would believe, had I not been experiencing it in real time.

     Soul was a small distance in front of me, curled up with something against his chest. His skin seemed withered, like his body was struggling against something. When I pried his arms open, a soul drifted out. My soul. I reached out to touch it, only to be burned.

"Soul! Wake up! What's happening?!" When I touched him, his eyes opened and skin returned to its normal smooth texture.

"Gale, you're experiencing a soul collapse. You're dying. We need to fix it fast before your soul completely deteriorates!" As Soul pleaded, I looked to my soul floating next to us.

     It was extremely discolored, and was disappearing in clouds of mist. I wasn't sure how this was happening, but he was right. We need to repair my soul before I'm dead.

"We need to synchronize, like Professor Stein said. Where's your soul?" I looked around us, no sign of it from my angles.

"So far, I've only seen yours. Maybe we're inside your wavelength and not mine. Either way, I need you to listen to me." Soul put both his hands on my arms, giving me a steely stare.

"Yeah, what is it? I'm dying here, so hurry up!" I hastily responded, not getting where he was going.

"We both need to wake up, first off. Then, we'll need to attempt to synchronize. If we can't find my soul in here, that's the only way to get us connected, and our souls repaired." Soul nodded, and we closed our eyes.

     On the outside, I felt like my body had been drained of everything. I was back in the real world now, as well as Soul. He walked over to me, helping me stand. Professor Stein and Spirit weren't in our immediate vicinity, but I figured they were close by. My soul has been broken for who knows how long, probably since I've been a runaway all these years. This was my only chance to repair it, and I had to take this chance.

     Soul put his hand on mine, my body still lying on the cool forest floor. The candles around us were still burning, their smoke reaching towards us. Soul eyed me, and I returned the notion. Our muscles both tightened, as the flames on the candles shot upwards in a sharp motion. Yellow light began to radiate from Soul, and blue-green light from me. The wind picked up but the candles stayed lit. Stein and Spirit came around some trees, watching us.

"They've done it," I heard Stein. "Their souls have found each other."

The End

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