Lost In The Past: A Series Of Broken Memories

Told in Gale's POV.


     I couldn't open my eyes and my hearing was very muddied. I could tell there were people around me, but couldn't make out their sentences, only bits of words. I felt a cool liquid going into my right arm, which alleviated the heaviness in my eyelids. When they fluttered open, a blurred image of someone rushing to my side caused my eyes to finally focus.

"Gale?! Gale?! Are you okay?!" The tight grip on my biceps gave away who was trying to reach me.

"S-Sage...?" I groggily spoke, my limbs feeling like a thousand pounds.

"Thank Death! You've been out for almost a day!" Sage pulled over a chair, sitting next to my bed.

"A day? What for?" I looked at her for an answer, but all she did was get up and go behind the curtain surrounding my bed.

     Sage was gone for a few minutes, but came back with two other people, Maka and Professor Stein. Nobody was speaking, Stein just stared at his clipboard, every now and then casting me a sideways glance. Maka and Sage kept looking at each other solemnly. The only sound in the room was my heart monitor and Stein flipping the papers on his board.

"So, Sage, you say this is the first time she's woken up." Stein lit a cigarette.

"Yes, Professor. Her medicine bag just started to feed her doses, and that's when her eyes opened." Sage looked to Maka for support, to which she received a pat on the shoulder.

"Would someone be bothered to tell me what's going on, exactly?" I pressed a button on the rail of my bed, causing it to raise up, allowing me to be in an almost upright position.

"When you and Soul headbutt yesterday evening, your souls attempted to synchronize with each other. Why they tried, I don't know. Ever since it happened I've been researching on possibilities. Maka, why don't you tell the rest? I've got to go get Gale's discharge papers." Stein exited, a trail of smoke behind him.

"You see, Gale, when I read your soul at the cafe, it seemed to be missing a chunk. The part that was missing left a jagged wound, causing your soul to slowly diminish." Maka walked over and sat in the chair next to my bed.

"Yeah? What of it?" I raised an eyebrow.

"When you and Soul collided, the missing area of your soul started to glow, almost as if it were repairing itself." And with Maka's last sentence, Stein re-entered.

     My official diagnosis was a mild concussion and bruises on my forehead. Stein allowed Maka and Sage to go home with me as well, to make sure I didn't get sick or fall over. The warm rays of a setting sun lit our way to our respected apartments. Sage and I waved Maka goodbye as we entered through our door.

     The entire apartment smelled like fresh linen and lavender. Since it was so late, Sage just said to grab something from the fridge if I was hungry. Apparently, she was working on something and needed some alone time. As we said our goodnights and she left for her room, I turned into the kitchen to pick something for dinner.

     I grabbed a Dr. Pepper out of the fridge and set it on the counter. From the pantry, I grabbed some Ramen. As I was waiting for the water to boil, what Stein and Maka said to me this evening was causing a thunderstorm inside my head, which didn't help my concussion. My brain kept toying with what had happened between Soul and I, when a knock came to the door.

"Gale! Can you get that?" I hears Sage yell. Sheesh, whatever she's working on must be crazy important.

     As I opened the door, I was met with the sight of Soul. His normally spiked hair was laying rather lazily, almost covering his eyes. He didn't seem to be in any sort of bad mood, yet his facial expressions and mannerisms gave the impression he was slightly off from his usual self.

"Need anything specific or are you just going to stand there?" I questioned, waving my hand in front of Soul's face.

"Just wanted to see if you were alright. I woke up earlier this morning but you were still out cold." Soul eyed me, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"O-Oh, yeah. I'm alright. Just a concussion. Hey, I'm making Ramen right now if you want to come in." I offered, stepping aside so he had room.

     Soul followed me into the kitchen. I finished making my dinner and sat across from him. The silence in the room was getting unpleasant, until Soul spoke up.

"When you woke up, did Stein say anything about your soul?" He was twirling a utensil left on the table.

"He didn't really, but Maka did. She said the area of my soul that seemed broken and damaged started to glow when you and I collided." I finished the last of my noodles, dropping the chop sticks in the bowl.

"Yeah, Stein said similar things about mine. He said our souls tried to synchronize, but not in a way a Weapon and Meisters' would." Soul stood, extending his hand.

"What're you doing, Soul? Shouldn't you be getting home? We do have school tomorrow, you know." I stood too, facing him.

"I want to show you something. Maka's made a run to the grocery store, so we have time. Follow me." Soul left the apartment, going across to his.

     I reluctantly followed, curiosity getting the best of me. Soul left the door to his apartment ajar, allowing for me to enter on my own. He kept walking down the hall, not turning around. When he opened the door to his room, I had to stop myself from making a comment on how dirty it currently was.

     Soul practically threw off one of his desk drawers trying to get it open. He dug around for a while, and finally pulled out a rugged, aged looking wood box with a tarnished lock. He pulled the lock apart and sat it on his desk. I sat down on his bed as he handed me the box.

"Go ahead, open it. We don't have a lot of time." Soul looked over his shoulder as if he were expecting Maka to walk in any minute.

"O-Okay, I don't see what's so important about-" I was cut off by Soul pushing me through the apartment and to the front door.

"Look through that tonight. I'll see you at school tomorrow." Soul pushed me outside, shutting the door behind me.

     The slamming of the door kick started a headache, which wasn't good. I could tell from where I was at that the sun had finally set, and night was now upon us. I sort of slouched back over to my apartment, silently closing the door so I wouldn't wake up Sage. Turning off the living room and kitchen lights, I headed for my room. Sage's light was still on, light music playing through her closed door.

     I turned on a lamp in my room so I could look through this box that Soul had given me. When I opened the lid, it nearly fell off. Damn, there's no telling how old this thing is, I thought to myself. Aiming the lamplight closer to me, I began to dig through the contents of this box. All the memorabilia Soul had collected in here seemed to be several years old, maybe even older than us both.

     The dust that had accumulated on the items was enough to make my nose itch. I picked out a square shaped thing from the dusty pile, and blew off the thin layer of particles that covered it up. Once they'd flown off into the atmosphere, my heart jolted. What lay beneath all the little bits of dirt was enough to scare anyone. Anyone, rather, that just came across a polaroid of them as a young child, maybe 2 or 3, holding a baby swaddled in dirty rags.

"No...this can't be..." I whispered, my eyes darting back to the box that still held other items.

     I dug around again, and uncovered more and more pictures. All of them had me and this small child, the pictures having mild sun spots. Seeing all of these was sending me into a panic attack, so I threw down the chest and ran out of my room for the bathroom in the hall. I swung the door open and flipped on the light, heading for the sink. I gripped the ceramic sink edges with my hands, gripping them so tight I thought the sink would shatter.

"Gale, are you okay? You're awake awful late." Sage rounded the corner, rubbing her eyes.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine. Just a nightmare." I looked at myself in the mirror, splashing some water in my face.

"Well, go back to sleep if you can. It's nearly midnight." Sage waved me goodnight as she went back to her room.

"I guess I'd better try to sleep." I sighed, turning off the faucet and exiting the bathroom.

     Once I got back to my room, I noticed pictures scattered all over my bed from where I'd thrown the chest down. I picked them all up and went to set the chest on my desk when I noticed a stray on the floor by my nightstand. I picked it up, recognizing it as the first picture from earlier. Flipping it over, I noticed rushed handwriting. 

Gale and Soul, Soul's 1st birthday, born June 1. 

     I wasn't sure whether or not to smile or cry, or maybe even do both. I'd had my doubts ever since I'd gotten to Death City about my brother being here. The thing is, why didn't we recognize each other? Each time my mind would try to scratch at that mental wall about Soul, something would prevent me from going further.

    With my heart racing, I set the picture next to my lamp and pulled the string to turn it off. I rolled over to face my wall, sleep reluctantly pulling me into its grasp.

Time Skip To Morning 

     The night went by slow, but the morning sped away, nearly leaving me behind and causing me to be late for classes. I wore a new outfit Sage had gotten for me. My top had an orange in the middle of white fabric (which is ironic because I'm allergic to citrus) with an orange colored collar, torn dark blue jeans, purple sneakers, and a black with red trims windbreaker. Slinging my galaxy backpack over my shoulder, I exited the apartment.

     Sage had to leave earlier than me, her reason being she needed to study. For what, who knows. But, that meant I'd have to walk the entire distance to the DWMA by myself. I pretty much enjoyed being alone, but not being lonely. And this morning, I was definitely lonely. I only had my thoughts to keep me company on the 15 or so minute walk to the school.

     My thoughts, by the way, were still raging with the pictures I found in the chest Soul had given me last night. I knew I had a brother, but, after running away as a kid... Sigh, I'm at the DWMA now. Those monstrous stairs don't seem to take as long when you're absorbed in your thoughts. As I walked up to the doors, I felt someone call my name

"GALE! HEY, GALE!" That kind of screaming could only be fixed with one person.

"Yes, Black Star? What do you want?" I turned to him, trying to refrain from just ignoring him.

"Professor Stein said that whenever you arrive you needed to report to the Death Room immediately. And he did right by choosing the biggest person to give you this information!" Black Star hit his fist against his chest triumphantly.

"Uhm... alright. Thanks, Black Star." I waved, heading for the Death Room.

     Students were scurrying around the halls trying to get to their next class or make it to the mission board. On my way to the Death Room, I saw Kid. We waved at each other, nothing more. I hadn't caught a single glance of anyone else from our group, but figured they were already in the classroom, Sage being in the library. My new shoes squeaked against the tile floor, the sound barely audible in the loud halls.

     Once I found the doors, I nearly pulled my arm out of socket trying to open one. I waltzed on in, only eyeing the guillotines a few times. Once I reached the end of the path, 4 bodies stood with their backs to me, all talking to each other. Lord Death, Spirit, Professor Stein, and... Soul.

"Good morning, good morning, Gale," Lord Death began. "I hope you've slept well, we've got a lot of work to do." Everyone turned, and Soul flashed his signature shark smile.

The End

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