A Day On The Town: Could You Ever Truly Forget Me?

Told in Gale's POV.


     When I woke up, sunlight illuminated my entire room. Today was Saturday, and I planned to spend it lounging around the apartment. But, that idea was shout down once Sage barged through my door, already dressed except for her coat and hat.

"Come on, Gale! It's Saturday!" Sage ran back down the hall into the kitchen while I groggily followed.

"Yeah? And weekends are meant for relaxing." I sniffled, rubbing my eyes.

"Guess again, my friend. Today the whole group has planned a day out. We're going to get you adjusted to life here." Sage grabbed her hat and situated it on her head, leaving her coat.

"Sage, how long have you been here, exactly? Lord Death said you were a transfer student." I scratched my head, walking down to the bathroom in the hallway.

"I've lived here for near a year, but my human school just now got around to transferring all of my information. But I've hung out with mostly all of these people we ate lunch with yesterday, especially Maka and Soul." Sage rested herself on the bathroom door frame.

"A little privacy, please?" I insisted, pushing on Sage until she was out of the way and I could shut the door.

     I decided to take a quick shower. After steaming up the mirror, I used a hand towel to wipe away an area so  could see my face. My vision was blurry, but I'd never had the funds to afford glasses. I poked through the holes in my ears left by my plugs, trying to clean them out a little bit. I cracked the tiny bathroom window, hoping to let some of the steam escape. Once it'd calmed down, I wrapped my hair in the towel and began to get dressed. Sadly, Sage didn't have anything but shoes that fit me so I had to wear what Kid and his weapons had given me.

     I sprayed the clothes down and slipped them back on, looking at my wet hair in the mirror. Smells from outside and the body spray I'd used filled the room. I grinned at my reflection, feeling somewhat confident despite my outlandish appearance. Opening the door, the remaining steam in the room filtered into the hallway. Sage was on the couch watching whatever, probably just waiting for me to get done.

"You ready now?" She smiled once I walked into her line of sight.

"As I'll ever be, I suppose." I sighed, knowing I wasn't going to get out of this by any means.

"Go over and get Maka and Soul. I've gotta get my satchel together." Sage ran past me, heading for her room.

     All this hype about going and she still isn't completely ready. I reached for the apartment keys from the bowl and left, going across the way to Maka and Soul's apartment. I knocked a few times, and a minute or so later was greeted with the sight of Soul.

"What? You're looking at me like I'm a disease." Soul raised an eyebrow, keeping his right hand on the inside doorknob.

"Sorry, Soul. Sage is getting her satchel and then she'll be ready to go. She told me to come get you and Maka." I rubbed my neck in embarrassment.

"Maka! Let's get going! Sage and Gale are here! Come on in if you want, Gale." Soul left the door open, allowing for me to enter.

     Maka and Soul's apartment was a little more open than ours, and a lot more colorful. While Sage had a fair assortment of earthy greens, blues, and browns, Soul and Maka had a variety of bright blues, yellows, greens, reds, and so on. Soul situated the buttons on his orange shirt while Maka trailed into the living room wearing jean shorts and a purple shirt with sneakers.

"Everybody ready?" She asked aloud, smiling.

"After you guys." Soul added on, opening the door for Maka and I.

"It's about time! Let's get going!" Sage had been standing against our door, and at the sight of us barreled down the staircase.

     It was a crisp 65 degrees outside, unseasonably warm for the middle of a Nevada desert. But I guess anything's possible, right? I faltered behind Sage a couple feet, distracted by all the large crowds on the sidewalks. Our first stop was a store on the corner of a street that sold household furniture, electronics, and things of the like. Maka was dragging Soul to look at new couch pillows while I trailed off to the electronics.

     During my hitchhiking to Death City, I passed through several cities who were just crawling with tech. Granted, Death City's wasn't bad by any means, but definitely less than somethings I've seen. As I ran my hand across a sleek black and red trimmed laptop, I felt someone approach me from my side.

"See anything you like?" It was Sage, who directed her eyes to the laptop I had my hand on.

"Very much so. But it's hella expensive." I flicked the laminated price tag. 

"But do you like it?" Sage was looking for the box under the table for it.

"Y-Yeah...?" I felt my face getting hot. 

     Sage immediately stood back up and went to find a sales rep. She pointed over to me, who was still standing by the laptop. The sales rep walked over and unlocked the cage under the table that kept the computers and took out the one I was looking at. She handed the box to Sage and told her to checkout at the electronics counter whenever she was ready. I slapped her arm in a quick motion, furrowing my brows.

"Sage?! What the hell?! That laptop is nearly a thousand dollars!" I felt like I was going to kill over of embarrassment, I hate when people spend money on me.

"Your room is bare. This day is all about getting you adjusted to life here in Death City, as well as making sure you're comfortable in your surroundings." Sage walked over to the counter, ready to pay.

     All throughout the store, I kept finding little clutter items I liked and pillows, but did not have the courage to speak up, even though I was told multiple times to get what I wanted. We left about half an hour later, on to whatever our next destination was. It turned out to be a clothing store. I had to contain my excitement for this one, since I haven't had new clothes in at least a few years.

     Tsubaki met up with us there, while Black Star and Soul ran off to a nearby arcade. With it being just me, Maka, Sage, and Tsubaki, we had a fairly quiet and nice shopping experience.

"And I've got some clothes at home you can have too, if you would like that." Sage added, helping me carry out my several bags.

"Sounds great. Where to next?" I asked, nearly sweating under all this weight I was carrying.

"I think the boys are at Death Cafe, wanna check it out?" Tsubaki flashed a gentle smile, and we were on our way.

     Sure enough, Soul and Black Star were there, joined by Kid, without Liz and Patty. We set all of our stuff down and merged two tables from outside to fit everyone. I sat in the middle of Soul and Sage, with everyone else around us. Everyone informed me that the professors name was Stein, and he was a bit of a nut if you got him to talk. They also offered to show me around tomorrow if I got there early enough.

     I was lucky to have an open group of friends, a nice place to live, and even luckier to have run into Sage and have her as my meister. Once we finished munching on the snacks, I got a pain in my chest. Buckled over, Sage helped me to sit upright in my chair.

"It's your soul, Gale. Something's not right with it. Maka, can you help us out?" Sage rushed her words, but Maka was happy to assist.

"Her soul is struggling with itself. There's an empty hemisphere in the bottom right corner, like a nasty jagged cut. Your soul is incomplete, it's missing something." Maka removed her hand from my arm, and stood back up fully.

"-coughs- Is there anything you can do? Or I can do?" I asked, eagerly taking a sip of my water.

"Only if you can figure out what's missing from your soul. I think we should head on home, you need to rest up for the basketball game tonight." Maka smiled, offered to help carry my bags with Sage and I.

     Glad I decided to buy new pants and shoes, no one had told me about this game beforehand.


     Maka had just got back from helping Sage hang all of Gale's new clothes in her closet. Gale's freak out at the cafe today was not cool, kind of terrifying actually. What she said about her soul...it was missing something? Kind of gets me wondering. I've only been so active lately because I've come down with some kind of illness that even Stein can't figure out, and he's better at seeing souls than Maka.

"Hey, Soul, want me to make anything small before the game?" Maka asked, closing the door.

"Nah, I'm good. Not too hungry anyway." I walked over to the couch, lounging.

"You haven't eaten anything except dinner rolls and noodles for almost 3 days now. After the game tonight I'm forcing you to eat a real dinner!" Maka huffed, walking off to her room.

"I'll change the fire alarms in that case..." I muttered under my breath, sighing.

     I debated not even going to the game, since my sickness has gotten worse in the past day and into this morning. It's not like throwing up, sneezing/coughing sickness. By sickness I mean it feels like someone has taken all my energy and motivation, basically everything that used to make me...well, me. I flipped on the TV, mindlessly watching re-runs of Lie To Me.

     Being so absorbed in my thoughts, I hadn't noticed Maka re-enter the room. She was dressed in women's board shorts and a tank top, with a ball cap on her head.

"Maka, you look ridiculous." I spat, turning off the TV.

"Says the guy who thinks he can play basketball in jeans." Maka retorted right back, walking into the kitchen.

"Hey, you should pack some water bottles. Throw in an extra one for Gale." I stood up, making the decision to go change into shorts.

"Do you have a thing for her or something, Soul? You've been going on and on about her since she showed up at our lunch table." Maka brought out 3 water bottles on the counter as I made my way to my room.

     I ignored her, since I didn't really have a straight answer to give. Sure, Gale had some impression on me, I just couldn't figure out what it was. As I was changing into some grey basketball shorts, a headache crept up on me. If I hadn't already been sitting down, it would've doubled me over. I grabbed a backpack for the water bottles, heading back into the kitchen.


     Sage and I had just arrived at the basketball court. About 15 minutes ago, I'd gotten this sudden spike of a migraine. I popped some ibuprofen before we left, and now we were here. We were the second group next to Kid, Liz, and Patty. We all talked about our day today, and Kid got us on the topic of what happened at the cafe.

"Are you sure you're alright to play? This game can be very demanding." Kid looked at me with concern.

"Yeah, I should be alright. Although I'm still concerned about what Maka said regarding my soul and its jaggedly torn missing hemisphere." I pursed my lips, my ears picking up on approaching footsteps.

"Hey, hey, hey, let's get this game underway!" Black Star yelled, making a grand entrance. Behind him and Tsubaki followed Soul and Maka.

"Yo, Gale, we brought you some water in case you needed it." Soul reached into his pack, handing me a cool bottle.

"Thanks, Soul!" I smiled, setting it on a nearby bench.

     The game started marvelously, and the hilarity of Maka not understanding made it all the funnier. Her team, consisting of Kid and his weapons as well, had lost twice. Me, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki were on the ball (no pun intended). I was boxed in, only a few feet from the goal, when I passed it to Soul. That freed me to run closer, and he went to go for the shot. We got too close, and smacked into each others foreheads.

     I felt the same pain I had at the cafe, only it were in my chest and head. There was a new feeling, as well, almost as if part of my soul was fragmenting into tiny pieces, never to be seen again.

The End

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