Reunited Partners: Can't It Go Without Saying?

This picks up immediately where the last chapter left off.

Told in Gale's POV.


     The Death Room lay eerily silent as I stared at the girl before me. She flashed a smile, raising one of her eyebrows.

"Are you just going to stand there, Gale? We haven't seen each other in ages yet you're acting like I'm a total stranger." Sage questioned me, but my words still failed.

"You... You two know each other?" Kid piped up in curiosity.

"Yeah, Sage and I are... childhood friends, I guess you'd call it." I turned around completely, my back to Sage.

"Well since you know each other maybe your souls can connect faster. Why don't you give it a shot?" Lord Death suggested, motioning towards us with one of his giant white hands.

     I sighed, wishing I wouldn't have to rush into all of this so quickly. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to see Sage again, but everything just felt different. I turned to her, nodding my head, a signal that I was ready. My body became consumed with a bright light as I formed into my scythe, Sage's hand wrapped sternly around my silver hilt. The white light disappeared, leaving a final spark on my blade.

     My blade, speaking of which, was navy and blue, their colors melting together in a wavy line to the end. A white rose was engraved on the part of my blade closest to the hilt. I let my face appear on my weapon's surface, looking around at everyone.

"Now that's what a scythe should look like." I heard a new voice comment. As Sage turned around, I, too got a view of whomever was speaking.

"Ah, Spirit. Just in time to meet our two new students!" Lord Death chimed.

"I see. Another scythe Meister, just like my daughter. If only that good-for-nothing Soul Eater looked half as nice as this one does..." Spirit walked over to us, placing a hand on my blade.

"And who the hell do you think you are?!" I screamed, transforming back into a human, slapping Spirit in the face.

"Liz, Patty, make note not to let me get on her bad side." Kid clarified, stepping closer to his father.

     While Spirit incoherently mumbled on the floor, the rest of us discussed Sage and I's enrollment into the DWMA. But, the day was already half over by now, so we all headed for lunch. Although I've met Sage before, she was right, I was treating her like a stranger. I guess it's shock factor, you know? Not seeing someone after all these years and then they all of a sudden come back into your life.

     The DWMA had a giant outdoor cafeteria type thing towards the back of the school, surrounded by various other buildings connected with it. Off to the side, under a weeping willow tree, was an extensive round table with 5 people sitting at it. This is where Kid lead us, and I felt my body tense up immediately. 

"Hello, everyone. My apologies for missing this morning's classes, I was helping these two students enroll in the Academy." Kid and his weapons sat down, leaving just Sage and I standing.

"Two new ones, huh? That's pretty neat, don't you think, Black Star?" A woman in a tan dress with a yellow star stitched to the right chest side turned her head to a boy with obnoxious blue hair.

"Hmph, yeah I guess so. So long as they don't try to steal any of my attention just because they're new." The boy identified as Black Star cast me a flinty stare.

"Black Star, learn to quit being a jerk." A sandy haired girl in pigtails glared at Black Star.

"Maka, chill. You should be used to that behavior by now." A boy with sharp white hair folded his arms behind his head, rolling his eyes at who I assumed was Maka. Was he... No, he couldn't be.

     Sage and I took our seats, sitting next to each other around everybody else. As we were talking, a small gangly boy in black robes ambled up to us and sat down next to Kid. He didn't speak much, but Maka seemed to enjoy talking to him. I was pushing around some mochi on a plate when that white haired boy came up behind me, putting his hand on my shoulder. His soul wavelength seemed to poke at mine, causing me to shiver.

"Woah, my bad. Didn't mean to scare you." His red wine colored eyes widened.

"N-No, you didn't. Just nervous about all of these new people." I stood, being just above eye level with him. The bell rang, causing everyone to get up and start filtering to the second half of today's classes.

"Hey, come on! We're going to be late!" Sage protested, tugging at my arm.

"I'll catch up, Sage. Class Crescent Moon?" She nodded, and headed with the rest of the group.

"So, are you a weapon or a meister?" he asked, sticking his hands on his pockets.

"Weapon. Scythe to be specific." I flashed a half smile, to which he mimicked, altering his arm to a red and black zig-zag scythe blade.

"Heh, me too. Anyway, we should be getting to class." I followed him all the way back to Class Crescent Moon.

     Once we entered the room, a screw headed (I mean that in the most literal way possible, too) professor stood at the front of the class, a burgundy book in his hand, open to almost the exact middle. He sighed, closing the book and putting up his book.

"Soul Eater, you're late. I see you've brought the new student, too. Take your seats and I'll excuse the tardies this time." He waved us off, flipping through his book to find his spot.

     Once we got to our seats, everyone by their respected partners, I leaned forward to the boy again, poking his shoulder. He seemed quite perturbed, although it didn't appear he was paying much attention to the professor.

"What do you want?" He exhaled, peering over his shoulder to me.

"Did he say your name was Soul Eater?" I whispered, causing the stitched up professor to cast his eyes up at us.

"Soul, Gale, please schedule your flirting for another time." He continued writing on the board.

"Yeah, what of it?" Soul tapped on the desk with his nails. My word's failed me, so I just slumped back in my seat next to Sage.

     The last half of the day went by in a bit of a blur. My wavelength had gotten off ever since Soul laid his hand on my shoulder, it'd also given me mild nausea. Once the final bell rang, I trudged down the stairs from my seat and out into the hallway. Maka and Sage were talking, leaving Soul to walk out next to me. While we didn't speak, it seemed like a million words were being expressed. Our meisters walked out, and we all began the trek out of the DWMA.

     Once we got outside the school, I stopped in my tracks. I looked around, trying to search for Kid. Maka, Soul, and Sage caught me and spoke up.

"Gale, are you alright?" Maka walked over to me.

"I-I'm just looking for Kid. He was letting me live with him since I don't have a place of my own." I twiddled my thumbs, feeling embarrassed.

"Don't be frivolous! Meisters and weapons live together, Gale. I've got a place literally right across from Maka. We can live in the same apartment." Sage smiled broadly, causing me to feel warmth.

"Yeah, sounds fantastic." I smiled, and we all started walking to our apartments.

     After climbing some flights of stairs, we reached the floor with our rooms on it. Maka and Soul went over to a green door, while Sage and I's was a faded blue. Walking inside, Sage took off her hat and hung it on a rack, same with her coat. I looked down at the clothes Kid, Liz, and Patty had lent me, only wishing I had more.

     Sage's apartment she had was rather spiffy. A couch with 3 recliners all around a glass table, perfectly positioned towards a TV occupied her living room. The kitchen was small, yet still bigger than anything I'd ever seen in my life. She threw herself onto the couch, flipping on the TV. I went to go into the kitchen when I heard mechanical whirring. Glancing back in the living room, I noticed her leaning forward to pop a VHS tape into her player.

"Hey, Sage, mind if I get something to eat?" I called, waltzing around the tile floor in awe.

"Help yourself! You live here too, now." Sage yelled over the sound of Pokemon.

     I settled on making a cup of Ramen, and joined my meister in watching old Pokemon tapes. They were great, and I was pleasantly surprised her player still worked. I've never had the pleasure of owning technology such as this, yet Sage explained to me that this was older than us both. Once our mini-marathon had ended, the clock on the wall read 11:37 pm. Stretching, my body told me it was time for bed.

     Sage got up first, walking down the hall. I followed her, as she left the door open to her room. There were scattered records, a player just barely shorter than she was, anime posters, a Bon Jovi poster, and a messy art desk. Her bed was assembled in the back corner, adjacent to a window. I was just standing awkwardly in the door, not saying much, until Sage began to chuckle.

"What's the matter?" I questioned, leaning against the door frame.

"There's another room at the end of the hall, ya silly. It's yours. Fully furnished too. Go on, have a look." Sage began fixating her pillows, and I headed her advice to check out my room.

     I turned the doorknob, which took me a few tries but I finally managed. Opening the door, I was rendered speechless. There was a bunk bed across from a window, with a medium sized wooden desk and chair, with a floral cushion. There were no posters or curtains, barely any decoration.

"It's so bare because I didn't know what kind of person my weapon would be. I wish I would've known you would surface again. That way you'd have more than a bed and desk to show up to." Sage walked in behind me, looking around the room.

"It's perfect, Sage. More than I've ever had to be honest. I've never had a real room and bed, all to myself. I'd always shared anything I had with my brother." My blood seemed to freeze at that last sentence.

"You alright there, Gale? Your wavelength nearly flat lined." Sage furrowed her brows, walking over to me.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine. Just exhausted from all that's happened lately." I flashed a toothy smile, rubbing my neck.

"Well, you get some rest. I'll be down the hall if you need anything." Sage half-heartedly smiled, not really buying what I was selling.

     I turned off the light to my room once she left, shutting the door. Since there were no curtains, the ghastly moon shone its light through my window, illuminating most of the floor. I crawled into the bottom bunk, pulling the blankets over my face but leaving a little space for my nose so I could breathe. My mind began to slow down, and my eyes fluttered shut. Sleep's tender embrace wrapped around me shortly thereafter, ridding my mind of the trouble's of today.

Now, dreams are mostly in first person for me. But this was was in third. I was hovering above this nearly frozen over land of what used to be a meadow, before frost took over. Looking around, leaves were rustled and grass swayed, but I could not feel the arctic winds that appeared to be present. I could not move whatever body I had, only turn my head in varying directions. After a while, children's laughter was heard. Familiar laughter, causing me to turn to my right. Here came a maroon haired girl, her locks reaching to her shoulders, being held down at the top from a worn beanie. Her laughter was contagious, giving me the idea that I'd be laughing had I been a sentient being. Not even a minute later, a boy with snow white hair to his ears came running, his arms in the air and shark-teeth making a monster impression. The girl laughed as the boy chased her around the crunchy field, happiness never leaving her green eyes.

The End

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