Masked Desires

A few years have passed since the incident at the island of Tall Pines. Gale miraculously survives, but is unable to find her brother when she surfaces back in the United States. Cutting some corners, she finally arrives at Death City, the place she sought all these years.

Told in Gale's POV.


     I'd caught word from a passerby that I was only a few miles out of Death City. They'd offered me transportation, but I declined. I exited a forest to find myself met with a dry desert, its sand being kicked up in the wind. When my head tilted upwards toward the sky, I was met with the eerie face of the smiling sun. The heat seemed to radiate from it in waves, causing sweat to soak through my grey t-shirt. I pushed on, practically dragging myself through the sand and onward towards Death City.

     The walk took way too long. Once I made it to the actual city itself, my senses were overloaded by all that I was taking in. People in all kinds of colored clothes and hats bustled along the streets. I went up to a few people, trying to ask for help, but they only looked down at me with demeaning looks. I dug around in the pocket of my damaged jeans, and found some money that I could use for food. Stumbling into the nearest cafe, I was met with disquieted stares.

"E-Excuse me, how much is it for a water and bread?" I stammered, shaking from dehydration.

"A bottle of water is 5 Death Dollars, and if you want a full sandwich, it's 10." The lady behind the counter pulled out a menu, sliding it across to me. I eyed the menu, furrowing my brows at how expensive everything was.

"I-I'm fine actually, thank you." I exited the cafe, biting on my bottom lip.

     From where I was, the stairs leading up to the DWMA were visible. If I wasn't so physically exhausted, dehydrated, and starving, I'd head up there to seek shelter for the night. Looking around, I decided to just mix with the crowd and walk, not knowing where I'd end up. Well, I did this for a while. So long in fact the street lamps had come on and the distorted face of the moon was rising in the twilight sky.

     In a city filled with Meisters and Weapons, I felt more at ease with the fact I'd be staying the night in an alleyway. But, that same characteristic of this city is something that should make me uncomfortable. being a weapon myself helped, since I could defend myself for a good bit if need be. I found an old box in between two buildings, and climbed inside. 

"This feels strangely familiar... It's like how it was after mother died, and my brother and I had to fight for shelter. I wish I could see him again..." I quietly cried into my hands, my legs stretched a little outside the box.

     I'd been in the alleyway for a while, and it'd started to rain. I brought my legs in as far as I could, but droplets still gathered on the ends of my shoes. The water began to weigh down the box I was in, and I was forced to abandon my box. As I stepped out of the lightly sheltered alley, the rain picked up, and I hugged my arms to myself.

"Just my luck;" I murmured under my breath, "to finally make it here only to be homeless and stuck in the rain." I kept walking, little puffs of my breath reaching into the night.

"Excuse me, ma'am, are you lost?" A calm, soft voice spoke from behind me. Being frightened, my arm instantly became the scythe blade.

"I-I'm just visiting. Not lost. Not lost at all." I put on my best deceptive smile.

"Hm, you're a Weapon. I haven't seen you at the Academy. If you're just visiting, maybe I can help you to the place you're staying." The figure walked under the light of a lamp, revealing a sleek black suit, with a Death's skull in place of a tie.

"I...uhm..." My words were failing me, but why? This boy piqued my interest in more ways than one. Who was he? Why did he stop in the rain to talk?

"You don't have a place, do you? Come with me, I'll provide you a place to sleep for the night, and in the morning you can come with me to the Academy." He extended his hand, and I took it.

     I surprisingly showed no hesitation to this stranger. Most likely due to the fact that I was soaked, cold, and hungry. We walked in the direction he had come from, rounded a few corners, and soon I was faced with an extensive, gothik style manor. The rain had let up some, so the boy who led me here collapsed his umbrella and walked me inside. I started to walk further into the house like he did, but was met with a hand.

"Stay on the doormat. You're soaking wet and you'll get the floors that way." I got a better view of him now. He stood a little bit shorter than me, with almost evenly cut black hair, accompanied by 3 white lines.

"Uh, yeah, sure." I shifted my weight, making sure not to even lean over the mat.

     This kid still hadn't told me his name, yet here I was in his house. I'd only wished the people I'd encountered when I first entered the city were as nice as he is. After a few moments of waiting, he descended his staircase with items in his hand. Once he got closer to me, I noticed they were crisply folded night clothes, appeared to be fit for men. That minor detail didn't bother me, since I found men's pajamas to be more comfortable.

"These are for you. I'll set out to wash and dry the clothes you're wearing now once you've changed. Follow me, I'll show you to your room." The boy turned around, heading for the stairs again.

"Wait," I called out. "You never told me your name." I reached out, placing my hand on his shoulder as he turned around.

"It's Death The Kid, Son of Lord Death." His golden eyes showed a sense of content, and we both continued walking.

"Wow. Do I have to call you all of that?" I tilted my head with that question as we climbed the massive staircase.

"No, you don't. Just call me Kid." Kid chuckled under his breath.

"Heh, alright then, Kid. I'm Gale." I smiled, now thankful Kid had chosen to take me in.

"Well Gale, this is your room. I'm right down the hall, so don't hesitate to come find me if you need anything. Breakfast is at 6:00 promptly." Kid turned the doorknob, allowing me in.

     When I shut the door behind me, I was overtaken by the sheer size of the room. A large bed lay in the center against the right wall, directly in front of me. A mirror hung on the wall across from it, with an expansive dresser below. There were 2 sets of double windows on the far back wall, each with their own set of black curtains tied off to the side. I went over to the dresser, placing my folded clothes on its surface. I began to change as my ears caught the rain picking up again outside.

     My mind kept spinning with what Kid had told me when we met on the street. "Come with me, I'll provide you a place to sleep for the night, and in the morning you can come with me to the Academy." With the son of Lord Death taking me in, surely that alone will get me a special recommendation to be enrolled in the school, since I'm a weapon and all. Maybe I can ask around, and someone can help me find my brother. He's a weapon like me, so maybe he's stumbled upon this place.

"Gale, are you decent? If so, open up." Kid knocked at my door.

"Sure, one second!" I called over a sudden boom of thunder.

"You seemed hungry when I found you. I whipped this up. It's nothing big, but it'll get you through the night. Just bring the dishes down in the morning." Kid handed me a plate filled with a few finger sandwiches, and assorted fruits as well as a bottle of water.

"Th-Thank you, Kid. I'm extremely grateful." I felt my face getting red, unsure how to thank him properly.

"Don't mention it. Sleep well, Gale. 6 am comes quickly." Kid closed the door, and his footsteps gave that he was heading to his room down the hall.

     I went over to my bed, setting the tray on my nightstand. I quickly dug into the finger sandwiches, making sure not to get crumbs or bits anywhere. If Kid was sensitive about water on his tile floor, I can only imagine how he'd act if I got crumbs on the carpet. I drank the water so fast, my stomach almost forced it back up. I turned out the main light, leaving one lamp on so I could find my way to the bed. Once I got under the covers, I pulled them over my head and fell asleep

The mummies kept pouring forth from the necromancer's chamber. My Meister and I had just completed our second Soul Resonance, and we were both growing tired at an alarming pace. She swung me around one last time, slicing the last mummy in half. I swirled out of the tip of the blade, swallowing its glowing red soul. Once I finished, the necromancer emerged from her room, a glowing ball of magic energy pulsing in her hand. I returned to the blade, ready to fight once more. "Gale, we need to do another Soul Resonance. It's the only way to defeat her fast enough." My Meister gripped my hilt tighter. "We can't! Our resonance rate won't be high enough to charge even half a Witch Hunter! We're too weak right now!" I fought back, as the purple ball of magic rushed towards us. Forcing myself out of weapon form, I used my body to shield my Meister.

     Kid was right, 6 a.m. did come fast. That dream made me shoot up in my bed, blankets falling from where I had kept them over my face all night. Wiping my bangs back, they felt sweaty. I crawled out of bed, grabbed the tray from last night, and headed downstairs. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted to my nose as I rounded the corner into the kitchen. Kid was busy frying bacon, while two other women sat at the table.

"Uhm, Kid, who's this?" The older, taller looking one asked in suspicion, pointing at me.

"Oh, Gale, you're awake. Fantastic. Place your tray in the sink and sit down at the table." Kid seemed cheerful as he cooked some more bacon.

"You still didn't answer the question. Who is she?" The older girl asked again, more pressingly. 

"Her name's Gale and she stayed here for last night. Today I'm taking her to the Academy to get enrolled, she's a weapon. Gale, these are my twin pistols, Liz and Patty." Kid put the bacon on a plate, bringing it and the eggs over to us.

"Hey, Gale. Nice to meet you. I'm Liz." The girl who'd been talking earlier extended her hand.

"Hi Gale!" The younger one with short bright blonde hair giggled lavishly as she greeted me.

     As we ate breakfast, I sat silently thinking about the dream I had last night. The woman who played my Meister seemed hauntingly familiar to me. Her hair, eyes, the way she talked and fought. However, I couldn't place a name with a face. Once I was done, Liz and Patty gave me some of their clothes since Kid deemed mine "useless disgusting garbage" and threw them away. It kind of hurt, I'd had that shirt for a while.

     Since the girl's didn't have a shirt that fit me properly (and by that, I mean I was so NOT about to wear crop tops to the Academy), Kid gave me one of his shirts. It was a deep purple with a white Death's skull in the middle. Liz gave me some of her skinny jeans, and Patty gave me a pair of black boots. All in all, I was happy with the outfit.

"Liz, Patty, weapon forms. Gale, you'll ride with me on Beelzebub." Kid smiled as we walked outside onto his sidewalk.

"Beelzebub?" I questioned, tilting my head as Liz and Patty became the twin pistols Kid had told me about.

"Just hop on and hold tight." Kid summoned a skateboard as his feet. He jumped on, and I reluctantly climbed on behind him.

     We soared above the buildings of Death City, all the way to the front area of the Academy. There were students gathered about, all waiting for classes to start. As Kid landed, Beelzebub diminished into black energy, dwindling into Kid's palm. Everyone was staring at me, which made me uncomfortable. I followed closely behind Kid as we entered the Academy doors, walked past the mission board, and down a distant corridor.

     Kid led me, Liz, and Patty to a surprisingly tall door. It had a red trim, with spikes at the top and a white outline after that. Its base color was a sleek obsidian black, with a Death's skull at the top, and lastly was decorated with 2 groups of 3 lines. Kid pushed the door open, allowing me to enter first. As soon as I did, my teeth clenched and eyes widened in surprise. Guillotines after guillotines lined the walkway. Once kid entered, I walked directly next to him, eager to find out where we were.

"Kid, exactly where the hell are we? There's guillotines above us! Guillotines!" I was sort of whisper yelling, in case other people were around.

"We're going to meet my father. If you want to enroll, he's the guy to meet." Kid seemed to laugh at my mention of the guillotines.

     Once we walked further down the path, I noticed now this was a large room with a sky blue color, and little clouds circling on what I assumed was the walls. The ground was a sandy color, with several black crosses in the distance. At the end of the walkway, there were a few steps that lead to a large, circular silver platform. We were in what I'd only read about those years ago, the Death Room.

     Ahead, was none other than Lord Death. He was standing facing his mirror, and appeared to be talking to someone. Me, Kid, Liz, and Patty all walked upon the platform. I felt my hands getting clammy and my body start to shake, the result of me being so nervous. It's like Lord Death sensed it, because he immediately turned around to greet us.

"Hello, hello! Kiddo, it's great to see ya! How've you been? What's the scoop?" Lord Death's voice was more...comical, than I'd imagined.

"Father, I've brought with me a weapon by the name of Gale. I found her last night on the streets. She is a hopeful student of the Academy." Kid stepped aside with his two weapons standing behind him, leaving me in my own personal spotlight.

"Ohhh! You're Gale, then. What class are you, Gale? Weapon, or Meister?" Lord Death leaned forward.

"W-Weapon, sir. I'm a scythe." My forehead began to dot with sweat.

"Oh, lovely! It just so happens that a transfer arrived a few days ago, and she's a Meister in need of a weapon. I'm sure you two will get along fabulously! Come on around, now!" Lord Death bounced to the side, allowing for a full back view of the Meister he'd mentioned.

     My eyes widened with complete awe, as my jaw metaphorically dropped to the ground. When the Meister turned around, her blonde hair and jean long coat could only be pinned to one person. Although, she'd added a purplish hat with extra long ears, and ribbons that reached to her knees. Her reaction was almost the same as mine, but more flinty with a dash of sass. She walked over to me, and punched me playfully in the arm.

"What? It's like you haven't seen me in years, Gale." She joked, letting out a hearty laugh.

"Yeah, Sage, I'd say it's been a while." I exhaled, continuing to stare in astonishment.

The End

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