Prologue One: Gale and Sage

Summary below.

This is the story of a Weapon who has been through hell to get her life tied together, and a Meister who has tried time and time again to get on the right track to a true life with her newly discovered talents. With Gale's mother dead and her brother's father missing, she runs away in a sort of a mental breakdown, finding herself on this far out island community, where she runs into Sage. How will this affect the girl's lives, especially since Sage's island bands Meisters and Weapons? Even going so far as to send attack dogs on anyone suspected of being either one of those things?

Prologue told in Gale's POV


     I ran along a dirty, out-of-the-way road near the east coast of Canada. I'd finally mustered the courage to set out away from my brother, and find the thing that killed mom. Something inside my brain seemed to be scratching at me, so I'm finally pursuing it. He tried to come after me, but every time my brother would reach out to me, he'd get burned. Finally, after Death knows how much running, I reached the docks. My eyes strained in the moonlight, but finally stumbled upon a wooden sailboat.

     In my feverish desperation, I eagerly climbed into the ratty boat and pushed myself away from the dock with a pole I found inside. Whether this boat actually belonged to someone was the least of my worries, I just wanted to get as far away from anything that reminded me of my mother, yet I still sought answers. As the wooden boat rocked steadily against the ocean's waves, the feeling slowly lulled me to sleep.

     I was awoken rather rudely by the cold feeling of water pooling around my already frayed shoes. My sudden erratic panicking in the boat only made the water spill in faster, causing me to be forced to plunge into the freezing waters, and swim. Once my head came back above the surface, a blurred sight of lights in the distance gave me hope.

"If I can just make it to those lights... Maybe someone there can give me what I need." I pushed forward through the bleak water, taking in short breaths.

     I hadn't really paid much attention to my surroundings while I swam, which I probably should've been. But when I drug myself onto the sandy shores, I looked to the sky to find the sun shining. My body heaved, forcing out any ocean water that I'd accidentally ingested. Standing up, my eyes wandered around in search of people. There were a decent amount of old buildings once I'd gotten off the shores, but not a lot of people.

     My legs were growing fatigued, so I decided to slide against a tree and sit down for a while. I was almost dozed off when I picked up on the sound of voices and dogs barking. I slumped further down, trying to become more hidden by the grass. But, that didn't work like I'd hoped, so I stood up to climb the tree. I started to climb, when I was interrupted.

"E-Excuse me..." The voice was soft yet deathly alarming. I whipped around, causing my arm to light up in a flash of white light, revealing a navy and purple scythe blade.

"Who are you?! How did you find me?!" I panicked, raising my blade in front of my face.

     The girl seemed rather startled, her blonde hair resting upon her shoulders, a few pieces dangling on her forehead. She moved back, but recollected herself. Her brown eyes went from scared, to resolute.

"I can help you, if you'll help me. It's not safe for you on this island. Change your arm back, before the dogs sense it." She took off her jean long coat, tossing it around my shoulders.

"Woah, wait. I don't know your name. And how do you know I need help?" I furrowed my brows at her, while the sound of dogs grew closer. I turned my arm back to normal, threading my arms through the coat sleeves.

"It's Sage. I can tell by your soul wavelength, you're distressed. I can help you hide out. Follow me." Sage took me by the wrist, pulling me along in the opposite direction of the sound.

     We ran through the thicket for an eternity it seemed, but finally came across an aged mill building. Sage smiled lightly, motioning for me to follow her upstairs. Once we arrived, I was showed to a decent sized room with an old mattress, lantern, and scattered old newspapers with a glass window.

"Now, You can stay up here as long as you need. This is my favorite place, so I'm trusting you not to destroy it. I'll come back as often as I can." Sage cast me a shaky grin, as if she was afraid to leave.

"I can't thank you enough, Sage. Do you want your jacket back?" I started to take it off, but she stopped me.

"Keep it. You'll need it with how cold this place gets. I'll see if I can return in the early morning. Goodbye, Gale." Sage ran out of the room, closing the door behind her.

     The day went on, and I was learning what she meant by cold. It must've been near or at freezing, and I had hunger piled on to all of that as well. Bringing myself inside Sage's coat, I felt a lump in the pocket. Reaching inside, half a roll was wrapped in a cloth. I tried to convince myself not to eat it, since it was probably hers, but my good samaritan principles were thrown out the window by how hungry I was.

~Time Skip~

     Sage was visiting less and less frequently. Usually, I was lucky to talk to her two or three times a week. But lately, it's been getting spotty and she's been more nervous. Today, though, she seemed happier which was nice. We were talking about ourselves, when she took me by surprise by rolling up her sleeve on her right arm.

"This one was a doozy. I was reading a book in the room across the hall, when I almost dropped it. I caught it all weird, and the metal hinges on the book sliced me open." Sage ran her left hand across the scar, rolling her sleeves back up.

"What kind of book were you reading? You said that you sensed my soul wavelength when we first met, did you learn that from the book?" I was beyond intrigued by Sage, who kept surprising me with different stories.

"N-No, it's not like that. I'm not sure how I could sense your soul, it's like that with everyone if I focus hard enough. No, you see, this book and my cut are connected more than you think. After this cut happened, I started to hear whispers. And then, I went back to the book. What I was hearing, were the voices of the dead. I can speak with them, so long as they're not directly related to me." Sage's face turned red with unease.

"That's wickedly fascinating. You know, your soul sight thing and speaking with the dead reminds me of a school I've heard about. Have you perhaps heard of the DWMA?" I couldn't believe what I'd just been told. Maybe Sage had the ability to talk with my mother! Maybe I could find out who killed her, and get revenge!

"No, I haven't. You see, I-" Sage was cut off by an ear-splitting crash.

     We'd been so busy talking, I'd completely forgotten about the storm outside. It wasn't too violent when Sage had showed up, but I guess it's intensified. The crash didn't sound like thunder, or was too crackly. Lightning may have been a contributing factor, but that wasn't the solid reasoning. Shortly after the crash, amongst the sound of rain and thunder, we heard dog snarls. Sage's face went pale as snow, and she hastily took the mattress off the floor and propped it against the window so no one could see in.

     Sage held a hand over my mouth, as if I was going to say anything anyway with how freaked and curious I currently was. She picked her coat off the ground and put it on, standing with her hands in fists.

"You see, I haven't heard of this DWMA for a reason. This island has a strict ban on weapons and meisters. Your scent probably rubbed off on me, and these dogs have been waiting to tear you apart. They're specially bred to eradicate weapons." Sage pulled the mattress away for a few seconds, peering off in the distance.

"If my scent is on you, won't that mean they'll target you as well?" I stood, now standing behind Sage.

"Yeah, that's correct. Just as I thought... A tree collapsed on the dog's fence back at my place. Which means, the old man won't be too far behind. We need a solution, and fast." Sage's voice aided in the rising tension throughout the room.

     Seconds felt like hours, and the dogs were literally at our doorstep. Sage paced around the room, while I watched on helplessly. I thought I was going to have to book it, when an idea came to mind.

"Sage, wait. I'm a weapon, right?" I put my hands on her shoulders, ceasing her pacing.

"Yeah, and?" Sage raised an eyebrow.

"Why don't I fight them off, and you'll run? I can catch up." I forced a half smile, trying to lighten the situation.

"But you can only turn your arm into a scythe! That's too slow of a fighting technique to hold off an entire pack of dogs, Gale." Sage's eyes started to get puffy, but I only flashed a shark-toothed grin.

"Oh, honey, I can do way more than that. Come on." I pulled her by the coat sleeve down the stairs, and right behind the front door to the mill.

     I kicked open the door, now being faced by 8 ravenous hounds. Sage came up behind me, and I flashed her a reassuring smile. My body became enveloped with a white light, being thrown into the air rapidly. I changed my whole self into a scythe, and spun back down. Sage caught me with ease, and looked onto my blade with astonishment. 

"Sage, you have to fight! You said you can see souls, find mine! Connect with it!" My voice sounded like I was screaming at her from an end of a train tunnel, and she was on the opposite end.

"I-I don't know how! I've never done this!" Sage was panicking, which wasn't good.

     One of the dogs charged at us, causing Sage to panic and swing. For not having done this before, I felt her wavelength, and it was surprisingly strong. Once the first dog lay dead on the ground, the others began to jump in. Sage spun my around like it was nothing, almost as if she'd trained at the DWMA all of her life. Yet here she was, living on this island with strict bans against weapons and meisters. Once all the dogs were dead, I turned myself back into a human and gave her a monstrous hug.

"You did it, Sage! You did it!" I exclaimed, as the sun finally came back out from the cloud cover.

"Yeah! I guess I did! Wait... does this mean..." She backed up, looking at her hands.

"You fit the description and abilities for a meister. It explains why you are able to see souls, as well." At the end of my sentence, townspeople could be heard approaching us. Looking around, we had moved around so much during the fight with the attack dogs that we'd pushed ourselves to near the edge of a ridge.

"Damn it! Now they'll for sure know you're a weapon! And with me here, I'll be charged with conspiring!" Sage wiped her hair away from her face, and looked on as villagers came through the trees.

"Listen to me, Sage. The DWMA is ran by Lord Death, and is based out of a desert, in Death City. Find it. It's your only chance." And with that, I pushed Sage behind me, standing in front of her in a defensive stance.

     The townspeople didn't take to me very well at all. I changed my arm to my scythe blade to fend off some of them, but they only beat me over the head, knocking me somewhat unconscious. As they dragged me away by my arms, I heard Sage's cries for me, and her screams as she physically fought the rest off. I felt my legs dangling off the edge of the ridge now, and my vision was slowly coming back to me. My last sight was of Sage being surrounded by the townspeople, as I was let go, destined to meet the churning seas below.

The End

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