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I put the last of my possessions away, and give my uniform back to the  WPP (world political planning.)  They had just recently set into motion the fall of country in Asia for complicated reasons that involve lots of money, and a lot of story telling.  I'm a recorder, and that job entitles recording soon to be history as the people who trained and basically made me said. My life mostly entails, observing , infiltrating agencies, organizations, governments, and Observing there every move, and since a lot of history seems to revolve around war I find myself holding a gun, and wearing bullet proof vests most of the time.

Also since war is what a lot of what history revolves around I also have been bread and genetically modified to evolve quicker than any human giving me abilities as I go along, like incredible hearing, increased sight, ability to regenerate wounds quickly, and others skills. 

I begin walking out looking at my former comrades faces of disappointment. We had all spent months and to some a year or two working together saving each others lives, and on off time dabbling in each others lives. Even though mine was a fake coverup. I had a mutual feeling towards them but I also felt guilt for feeling that since it was forbidden to get attached to people inside of each assignment. It was a rule set in place to save distraction and worry about people you cannot save, or even one day have to kill. I give them all confident smiles as a few congratulated me on my 'transfer'.

"Drake." I hear Bryony say and I turn around," Keep out of trouble, and you better stay in contact alright?"

"Sounds great." I say turning around giving her a loose hug before leaving the building, to get phone call.

"Alright Drake your name is going to be Snow Blakerson,and you cover up is simple, your just going to be a military man who is going to see the efficiency of these new subjects with cybernetic limbs. Also on a side note we believe there is more to this organization or the several conglomerations of government will lest us know , but from previous assignments we think there is alien involvement. Your flight is at two in the afternoon, and you'll be landing on an aircraft carrier in the mid Atlantic. More information will be given to you there. Hope you like the new name. Bye Snow, old friend." The call ends abruptly as it started, I almost like I stepped half way through the conversation, but I understood all of that completely. 

A few hours later I find myself boarding a military plane with  lots of different classes of men from the lowest of ranks to government officials. I looked around observing everything around me with a carefully take quick note to listen to each and everyone conversation. Right now what these men where saying  could be important to the future. As I did this I couldn't help but feel like as I was being followed, its almost as if I was hearing some one familiar in the air craft, but who, and where are they? It troubled me and I need to find who they where before they found out who I am.


The aircraft carrier was gigantic compared to the other few I have been on , and it was fairly different from any normal aircraft carrier , it was filled wit technology that only the few that had been developed.

“Snow Blakerson?” A man says behind me, “ Come this way.”

The End

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