I love you's.Mature

*Sophy's P.O.V*

It was three weeks after my sixteenth birthday bash, and I hadn't seen Jake again. I was beginning to get desperate. I was hungering after the taste of his soft lips on mine, ans no other boy gave me the same rush that he did. I thought that it might be because he was older, more experienced, but deep down I knew the rush came from the audible connection I felt with him. Since I had met him I had been back in time twice. Once I was in the bedroom of a small, and very cute, blonde haired baby boy, the next it was the same room, but the boy was about two or three and playing with his toys while his parents made love noisily in the other room. I had no idea who this baby was, or what my connection was to him, or even what year it was. 

I was sitting in my room, fed up, when I heard a soft knocking on the window. It was Jake. I grinned widely. It was eight o clock at night, but my parents were away for the weekend, so I could have as many guests as I wanted. I hadn't felt in the mood to party though. I opened the window and Jake climbed in. 

"I missed you." Was the first thing he said. "Did you miss me?" I kissed him, putting all my passion, my lust, my longing into that one kiss. He pulled back after a few minutes of passionate kissing. "I'm guessing that's a yes then!" 

I pulled him over to my double bed and slid my dress off over my head. I pulled off his t-shirt. 

"Gorgeous..." He warned. 

"NO." I said, "I've waited three weeks. I get my way and I get it now. Anyway, you'll like it!" I winked at him and slid his jeans off. Then I slid my hand down his pants and began wanking him off, kissing him passionately as I did so. He gave a small groan, and came. I pulled my hand away just in time, wiping it on his leg with a grin. "I told you you'd like it."  

"Damn girl, where did you get such skill?" He asked, still in mild shock. 

"I'm a natural." I bluffed. I didn't know whether he was lying or not, but I was no slag, that had been my first time. "I've been working myself up to that for the last three weeks. I've had a little time to prepare." I grin, trying to mimic his cheeky, self-confident smile. 

Then we are on the bed, the remaining items of clothing we still had on on the floor, and he is kissing me, as he penetrates me again, and again, harder and harder. I scream with pleasure. 

"I love you." I whisper. "Really. I missed you so much. I missed this. I wanted it back. Badly. I.. Don't get angry, but.. I had it.. With two other guys. Neither of them made me feel like you did. Do."

He goes harder, seemingly channelling his anger. He squeezes my breast in his hand. 

"OHH,OWW!" I yell. "You're hurting me you dick!" 

"Sorry... I.. I just couldn't imagine you with someone else..." He says, pulling away. "I just.. I... I.. " He kisses me passionately, his hand going down to my crotch, he fingers me, making me moan. After I come, he wipes his hand on the duvet, making me frown and curl my lip. "I should have come back sooner. I should have seen you.. I just.. I couldn't get over the feeling of intensity I got when I was with you, it put me on such a high... I wanked over that feeling."

"Um, ew, too much info.." I mutter. He acts as if he didn't hear me.

"I just.. I didn't know what it would do to me, seeing you again. Or worse, seeing you with someone else..." 

"It's ok. You're with me now. And I wouldn't dream of being with anyone else."

The End

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