*Jake's P.O.V*

When I first saw her, I thought I must be dreaming. I pinched myself, got a friend to punch me in the arm, walked into a wall... Nope. I was awake. And she was real. The girl who looked so much like my night visitor. 

Ever since I was five, a woman used to appear in my room some nights, sometimes in the day, always when I was alone in my room and everyone else was either asleep or out. She was astoundingly beautiful, and when I was little she played with me, when I was a little older we talked, and she would help me with my maths, and and science homework. Then, when I was fifteen, she stopped coming. 

That's why I was so shocked when I saw Sophy up on that stage. The only thing the woman had told me was that her name was Sophy, and that in my time, she was two years younger than me. I was so amazed that she would show herself in front of all these people, that I convinced myself I was dreaming. It was only when she thanked everyone for coming to her party that I realised how much younger she looked, and that this must be the present Sophy. I went up to her, asked her to dance, and the rest you know. 


As I cleaned up the flat the next morning, cleaning her blood and my come off the floor, I wondered if I should tell her. If I should tell her that I know her, in the future. That we go on to be.. a little more than just sex-buddies. That I know. Sophy wouldn't tell me the finer details, but she did tell me we lived together in her present. 

All I knew was that I wanted to see her again. I wanted her to be sober as we kissed, I wanted her drunken I love you's to turn into sober, serious ones. I wanted more than anything to feel her soft skin under my fingers again... 

The End

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