Little GirlMature

*flash back* 

I remember, one day when I was ten, I felt myself slipping away whilst alone on a walk in the woods. My CD player was in my bedroom and I slipped away, to find myself standing in a bathroom, watching a man who looked to be in his late twenties as he towelled off. 

"AHH!" He yelled. "H-how did you get in here?" He asks, wrapping the towel around is waist. His chest is superbly muscular. I reach out a finger and poke it. It is rock hard. I giggle. 

"I'm Sophy Parker. Sorry, I travel through time sometimes." I giggle. 

"Wait, what?" He says, looking as if he's just seen a ghost. "How old are you?"

"Ten." I reply. "How old are you?" I counter, pointing a finger at him. 

"Twenty-seven." He replies. 

"Wow. You're oooold. Oldie, oldie, you're an oldie!" I sing. "A NAKED Oldie!"  I hear the front door open and a voice that I recognise calls: "Hell-oooo! We're home!" 

"Hi!" The man calls back uncertainly. 

"Where are you?"  The voice asks.

"Bathroom. Come quick." He replies. Then she enters, my twenty-five year old self, only this time, she's carrying a small baby in her arms. I gape. 

"Is that...?" I ask. 

"Yep. That's our baby. His name's Tyler. Want to hold him?" I nod, and take my baby into my arms. Immediately, his hand goes to my cheek, and his face snuggles into my chest. 

"Oh! He's so cuuute! How old is he?" I gush. 

"Three months. He's a total handful." She says, smiling fondly. "He recognises you! You were at his birth, after all."

"I was?" I say, astounded. 

"Yep, um, I think you were twelve. You were one of the first to see this special little boy!" 

Then I start to slip away, back to the present. The last thing I hear is: "Boy you were obnoxious!" I come back into the woods laughing. 

The End

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