Fast-Forward Six years and here I am, on the eve of my sixteenth birthday. Little do I know it will be a life-changing night. Literally. 

I am dancing about infront of the ceiling-to-floor length mirror I just got installed. Yeah, the last six years of my life had been hectic, not knowing when I was going to disappear and end up in a different time zone.. Having to rush out of class saying I felt sick when I felt the tingling rush of time travel beginning. Six years of wondering where I was going to end up. Years in the future? Or so far in the past that I hadn't been born yet, and it is the night my parents first met. 

But does all that mean I have no time to have fun, go out with boys, and party? OF COURSE NOT! The worry that I might disappear in the middle of my own party was pushed to the back of my mind as I danced about, pulling on my tights, my short, clingy iridescent blue dress with thin straps, and lastly my four  inch black stiletto heels. I flicked my long brown hair, normally wavy, but wound into ringlets for the party, fluffed my side-fringe and began on my make-up. Some concealer on a horridly developing spot on the end of my nose, some blusher to warm up my pale skin, then blue iridescent eye-shadow that was the exact same shade as my dress, along with dark turquoise liquid eye-liner and black mascara. Then I closed my eyes, tipped back my head, and sprayed some silver glitter across my eyes and a thin strip of my nose. Then, applying a last coat of shiny pink lip-gloss, I flounced out of the door, snatching up my clutch, which held my mobile and my Ipod, with my lullaby downloaded onto it and ready to play at a second's notice. 

I arrive at the town hall to find it already packed with my friends, acquaintances and hot guys that I happened to bump into whilst handing out invites. I make my way up to the stage. 

"Hell-ooo people!" I smile, loving the feeling of everyone's eyes on me, the envious glares I am getting from girlfriends and "close friends" of the fit guys as they eye me up, looking at each other suggestively. A crowd of my bezzies enter the room and cheer loudly when they see me up on the stage. "Thanks so much for coming everyone, and lets make my sweet sixteen bash one to remember!" Everyone cheers. 

Later, I am dancing with my friends when a fit boy I don't recognize taps me on the shoulder. 

"Wanna dance?" He asks, with a mischievous smile. 

"Sure. Who are you again? I'm Sophy." I grin at him instinctively. I can automatically feel the chemistry between us. 

"I know who you are. I'm Jake. I'm Blair's cousin." He smiles at me, and I find myself falling for this mischievous boy with his long, falling-in-his-eyes urchin cut dirty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and tall, slim, muscular figure. His arms are wrapped around me, and suddenly I feel a rush. It isn't the time-travel rush.. It must be all those shots of vodka I've had, along with the several cocktails. I am drunk. I throw my arms about his neck and then my mouth is on his, and we are making out in the middle of the dancefloor. Before I know it, I'm getting into his car, and he's driving drunkenly along the thankfully deserted roads. I dimly remember seeing my future self standing on the pavement in her nightie, shaking her head and smiling at the memories.

Then we are in his flat, and I remember thinking: Wow, he's older than me.. In seconds my shoes are being thrown across the room, along with most of our clothes. He has just pulled off my bra when I begin to experience the tingling sensation that goes with the time travel. 

"OH SHIT!" I yell, soberness rushing back to me. 

"What is it gorgeous?" He slurs, kissing my breasts. 

"I-I-I... MY IPOD! GET IT!" I scream. He gets it. I jam the earphones in and am just about to  completely disappear when the song begins to play. The tingling sensation slowly leaves and I reappear gradually. 

"Whoa. What the hell just happened?" Jake asks, slowly sobering. 

"Um.. I.. was beginning to time-travel, but then this song  i like brought me back..." I say, hoping he'll believe me. He is the first person I have told about the time-travelling.

"Serious?" I nod. "Wow. I got myself one gorgeous girl who is also somehow blessed with the power to time travel..." He grins, and his arms slide back around me. "If you like, I could write you a lullaby?"

"I'd love it... But, wait, hold on. So.. Me.. being a-a-a freak, doesn't change anything? You still.. Like me?" I say slowly.

"I still love you." He says seriously. I kiss him, sliding his jeans off. I jump up and curl my legs around his waist, kissing him harder and harder, my naked breasts pressing against him. I slip down until my crotch is on top of his. I feel a hard lump form there. Sliding off his boxers, I let him pull off my panties. Then the hard lump is inside me, and I am on the floor , him on top of me, kissing me, whispering that everything will be ok, that he loves me, that it might hurt a little the first time, but boy does it get good. I let out a loud moan of mixed pain and pleasure as he presses it in harder, pushing my breasts with his hands. "Wow these are big. How big exactly?" He grins cheekily.  

Between moans I answer: "34DD.. OHHH!" I moan. "Harder." I whisper. "HARDER!" He pushes harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I kiss him passionately and finally he draws away. "Thankyou." I whisper. 

"What for?" He asks, the cheeky grin back. 

"The best birthday present ever!" I exclaim. 

The End

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