Unusual Heroes

Jag glanced at Fisher over the blade he was sharpening. The fire roared in the centre of the camp. Cara smiled at Lyn and nodded towards Parma. Lyn nodded back and moved towards Parma. Lottie rolled over in her sleep. She lay next to her husband, Valen.

Leona was just sat on a log in our forest clearing. Jag sighed and set the sword down next to it. Leo yawned up in his favourite tree. Leona stood up and stretched. Her tongue curled as she yawned. Jag stood up and swept her up in his arms. She giggled and kissed his cheek.

He swung her onto his back and raced up a tree, digging his long nails into the bark. The wind whipped through their fur. Their laughter filled the air around them. Jag clambered through the thick branches easily, with Leona still on his back.

Jag grabbed a large branch and swung the both of them onto it. He flashed Leona a cheeky smile. She jumped onto a higher bough as lithely as ever. He understood and jumped after her. The two of them raced through the maze of twisting branches and twigs for a while.

Leona stopped, breathless, at the very top. Jag landed next to her. He held her in his arms and together they fell asleep.



This group of 13 are special agents for M.I.5, an intelligence agency based in the UK. This group have saved the world from itself countless times. And they aren't even human; they are the Pillulu, a race genetically engineered by scientists. They are, for want of a better word, cats. They are the most intelligent beings on the planet. They are a cross between humans and cats such as jaguars, tigers and lions. Now they will be pushed further than ever, to save the world and each other.

The End

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