What to do when you hear a wolf howl at the moon



   "I tell you, its true!" Sable warned. As she looked into her children's eyes as the fire caused the leaves to crackle and burt form the fire pit that they made at the campsite.  The ever greens towered over them, shrouding their campsite in darkness.  Over head a full moon loomed like a ghostly sentianel seeing over them.

    "Quite trying to scare us! You always do?" Jake suggested as this was what she did no most of their camping trips. Looking up at mom with those brown eyes that beckoned for her to hold  him.

   Ash had heard all these tales before, however they never were told  when there was a full moon.  Ash was worried, but she did not let on that she was afraid, she would have to be strong.  She knew mom was sick, this might be the last time they are to do this with her. Ash looked at mom, cringed,"Sure. Mom!  It is true?"

    "When there is a full moon and you hear the wolves howl?" Sable warned her children again.

   "We run like the wind!" Jake suggested happily clapping his hands together looking at his mom, she smiled,'that's right.'

    "Only, if that was true?" Ash suggested, knowing that they could not, see had seen pictures of what a wolf pack could do to its prey. The blood and what they did to take their prey down.  It was grusome.

     "Right. The wolves seek their prey, by scent and sight? Sable suggested. She smiled at Jake.

    "I know that." Ash suggested, as she looked at her mom, having crossed her arms across her breasts. She did not look happy,

     "Mom, why did she say that." Jake asked as he looked at his sister, he did not look happy.

     :She is juts trying to frighten you?" Sable confirmed looking at Ash wishing she had not read so much about the wolves.  Maybe she should not have told her so much.

  It was that was when they heard a wolf howl, Ash smiled grimly, figuring it was their dad, whom they had not seen in a while. She laughed as Jake looked at where the  howl had come from.

His eyes hung there, they did not waver from where they rested. He sat there, he did not even so much as breath, he clutched his blanket, his knuckles were growing white from blood loss.  Ash looked his way as well.

She suspected she would see her father, instead she saw red things glowing at the height of a wolf's eyes would be.  She could make out a shadowy being that looked to be a wolf.  Her fear was answered as it walked towards them.  The wolf should not have come here, it shouold have run especialy with a fire burning here with them as a means of causing animals to fear them.

When their father returned, the family was gone.  The only thing he could see was the wolve prints.  Blood littered the area.

The End

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