When the darkness fills the air

The darkness fills the air

The children braced for what they knew was there.  The adults who know too much.  They look at their children with an air of resignation in their eyes.  They have been traveling this road, so long.  They feel they will not find the end.  Where they were going would have brooks filled with fish, and game in abundance.

The cold darkness entombed them there.  The quiet as deep and hungry as a dire wolf. They slowed their wagons to stop, to draw up their horses reins so as that they could sleep again.

In the icy solitude, they heard a howl like a banshee or wolf. They could not really be sure that they heard this. The riders looked towards from whence it came, a icy chill crept up on their souls. They saw two red eyes look at them, than they were gone.

Taba nervously pointing at where they had been, but an instance ago. said,"I saw them, right there!"

Mix drew back on the reins  to slow the horses pace to not even a canter and suggested, "Sure, you did." 

"I did  tell you?"

Something moved, if that is the right word for it, Mix toppled from the horse, with an object nestled in his throat. Blood washed the air.  It was a huge dire wolf.  Holding his neck in his maw.  ITs eyes were red as fire is hot.  It's hind legs were over the saddle and rear of the horses.  The animal was huge.

The children screamed in terror as this happened. Their parents looked aroudn in terror as this happened to them.  They drew up theior lanternnes to frighten the animal, but it was to no avail..

The others looked at where he had been, they no longer saw him. They saw a shadowy form the looked to be the hind  feet of a wolf, but it coudl; not be that size.  The horse collasped under its weight.  They saw a shadow that looked like a wolf, of emense size.  It was gone when the sun came up.  The others attacked where he was.  Their swords passed through it as if it was but air.  

When the sun rose, the carnage was done.  He was mutilated beyond belief.  It looked as if he was eaten by a huge mass of wolves. 

It is best to believe the children when they tell you they hear noises at night. I think I hear a wolf's howl, or was that a banshee.

The End

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