The Brownie

                                    The Brownie

A woman with a babe, awaiting her husband's return. Sitting with her babe in her arms hears a knock at the door.

She opens the door to see a small girl, looking about 2 feet tall, she is a bonny wee lass.  Her eyes sparkle with an air of mischeif  She looks at the woman and asks,"I need a meal and a night with which to stay"

The woman looks at her, and knows something is not quite right.  Just what she did not know, the girl's hair is brown as is her skin. She looks like a waif, as if she was an adult, but that could not be right. She smiles at her. She does not recognize, who the child is. She has lived long in the community; and so, she should know who she is. However she can not recall any girl such as this.

 "No! You may not spend the night, nor should you have a meal." the woman declares, she feels a chill slither down her spine. She knows, that there are men who wander the streets at night and harm children, but this child is not from here.So, it is not of my concern. She may be a gypsy's child. As it is the night of a full moon.

The girl looks at her with a sense of malevaince in her eyes, they darken with a feeling of hatred  that was not there before. Her eyes grow to become grey in color, hee form begins to become that of an old woman. Her face is mired in wrinkles, that are too numerous to count. She is crooked and bent, her nails become long as claws broken and frayed.    The woman feels afraid.  The air stops in her lungs, she now, knows she has seen a brownie.  She is unable to scream in dismay

They both hear her husband walking towards the house. The brownie brings it winkled and bent fingers to its blackened with decay maw to whisper, sh. As her eyes leave her, the brownie disapears.   The mother quickly looks to see her hsband  there. Over his shoulder is a stag he brought down, with which to eat.

When her eyes return to where the lass stood. there is no one there.  She explains the story to her husband. he looks at her with worry in his eyes. It was as though the girl had vanished as if she was but air. He scours the woods in search of her, but he does not discern where she is..

 He heards a laugh that is more a chortle than a laugh. He shudders with fear, upon hearing it.

He had mighty keen ears and eyes of a huntsman, but they did not detect anything. He had heard wives tales about the brownies, that live in the woods.  If you are good to them, they are good to you.  But if you are bad.

They too are bad too.

That morning, she had felt an evil presence before her as she slept. She was unable to awaken. When she did, the child no longer lay in her arms. It lay on the floor, its hair which was not on its head, was all over its body. Its eyes were as the girl who knocked at her door.

her husband declared, that she was mistaken. Their crops grew poor. The brownie should have been given a room for the night, and food with which to eat.  The brownie did as they bargained for. 

The End

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