The Sixth Day

A collection of supernatural stories and urban legends in collaboration between @AKKU @theodore and I.
Real paranormal incidents which occurred with people and their tales of horror. So sit back and let that chill travel down your spine.

If you travel to countryside, a whole lot of stories pop up to claim your interest. Some are hard to believe while others creep you out of your senses. But I was raised in a family and the neighborhood where such paranormal incidents were common. One such incident occurred with my own mother.

At the time, when this 'episode' happened with my mum, we were preparing to move to Delhi. And my mother just gave birth to my baby brother, Tejasv. It was a time for celebrations.  So on this particular night, my brother turned exactly six days old. Now for many of you this might not seem a big deal. But in many places of India it is a belief that when a child becomes six days old, he/she is immune to many paranormal activities. A special care has to be taken to insure their safety. Or else it can be fatal for them. So on that night, my grandmother was out in neighborhood, apparently for some work. My father, along with all my mother's in-laws was sleeping on the terrace. See it's a rule for all the male members of a family in a village to give the new mother a bit of space.

My mother, as it is very clear, was all alone sleeping with my newly born brother in the aangan, a wide space in the house usually over shadowed by a huge neem tree. It is very common in Indian villages. And that was when she heard the faintest of noises, as if something was moving very quietly. She ignored it at first, thinking it as a figment of her imagination. But when the neem tree rustled violently, my mother was freaked out. She sat up on her charpai, obviously knowing something was wrong. Her first instinct was to protect my brother. And then she saw it, a shadow as tall as a mountain. It was faceless, stark black. She was torn in a dilemma. To bolt away with Tejasv or to face her fear, which she strongly thought were her hallucinations. It was then the faceless-shadow loomed over her as if trying to get a better view of my mum. My mother screamed at the top her lungs. It made it all the more furious. Picking up a broom it hushed her harshly "QUIET!"

But the scream of my mum woke up everyone. My father came running down, scared out of his wits.

"What happened?" he asked her, searching around for any signs of danger.

"The chha-chhlawa!" was all mum could say.

Well my father is a downright skeptic. And does not believe in any sort of superstitions' crap. So his first conclusion was that my mother was getting some sort of nightmares.

"Alright, you were seeing some bad dreams. Go back to sleep."

"But-" but my mother was pretty sure she was not seeing things.

"Now really. You are tired and should rest. I'll be right next to you till mother comes." my father said soothingly.

Seeing that father was not going to believe her, she laid back on her charpai. And shrieked again. There beside her charpai, laid a broom.



So that was my first story. May not seem that scary but believe me, the incidents of chhlawa are known across the whole world. Some may know them as shape-shifters. And I am pretty sure you might have heard a tale or two about them yourself.


I'll post my next story soon. Please do read, review and rate.


Till then, Happy Goosebumps. ;)

The End

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