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"Ryan, man, come down, please . . . step down. Enough is enough, this ain't a joke any longer . . . "

Ryan smiled as he put a leg on the other side of the railing.

"Please, just listen to me . . . here, grab my hand . . . not here, don't do this to yourself in school . . . not in school, for heaven's sake . . . What are you doing?"

The second leg went on the other side of the railing.

"Ryan! RYAN! What are you doing? . . . Come back this instant! What in the hell is wrong with you? . . . Hey, can you hear me? . . . Grab my hand, Ryan. . . Ryan! RYAN!"

Ryan turned and smiled. A slow sad smile illuminated his calm face. His serene eyes were glistening, swollen red.

"Stop this madness, Ryan, please. . . Ryan! Wait, RYAN!"

Ryan let go of the railing.

The End

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