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He watched her over the flames.

                Back in September, he had no desire for her. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. He knew exactly what type of girl she was. He knew those girls. They always followed the rules, they didn’t like to get down in the mud and get dirty, and they were terrified of taking risks. The biggest risk that they would ever think about taking would be switching the brand of toothpaste that they used.

                He laughed at his lame joke.

                But she proved him wrong. She was nothing he’d thought she was. In fact, she was the exact opposite. She was independent, adventurous, hardworking, determined, strong willed, and many other things; but not a goody-two-shoe. She loved to get dirty. She’d wrestle him and his brothers in the mud; she’d even wrestle them in the pig barns. She would stand up for herself if any of them tried to pick on her. She taught him to never judge another human being again… though it was still difficult at times.

                The desire he had for her now was almost overpowering. In that moment, looking into her deep brown eyes, he felt the urge to take her somewhere. Somewhere secret, somewhere they could be alone. Glancing over to where he parked his truck, he got an idea.

                He knew of a path not far away. A path that winded through the thick trees of the forest, that would take them atop the cliffs that looked out over the ocean. He envisioned a gentle, cool wind moving the waters below; the wind would sweep forward onto the white sand and blow her hair in every direction. He pictured her leaning against him, seeking protection from the wind…

                The next thing he knew, the log that he was sitting on was now behind him. He hadn’t even been conscious of the fact that he was walking. Looking up, he met her eyes again, and his feet continued to carry him forward; without his direction. He saw her gaze back into the orange flames of fire and wondered if he was making a mistake. Did he wait too long? Perhaps she’s not interested. He told himself, as he turned to go. It seemed that all hope was lost; he could feel his heart sinking.

                “Wait.” A voice said.

                He froze.  It was her voice. Slowly he turned; she was staring at him, a small wondrous expression formed on her perfect features. Deep in her eyes, he sensed that she was challenging him. If he left, he would prove to be nothing to her. However, if he didn’t turn away, he would prove that he wasn’t afraid.

               Wanna Play?

                It seemed that she was talking to him through her eyes. He felt a smile spread across his face. She returned the smile as he approached her once more.

                “Hi.” He said aloud.

                “Hi.” She breathed; her voice was so beautiful.

                He turned his attention to the girl who was sitting on the log next to her;a best friend perhaps?He wondered quietly. “I’m stealing her for the rest of the evening.”



                “Close your eyes.” He instructed her.

                As soon as he was certain that she had closed them, he entwined his fingers with hers, and continued forward.

                As they maneuvered through the thickened forest, he studied her. He saw her frown.  “Are you watching me?”

                “No, not at all.” He answered, hoping he sounded convincing.

                The frown deepened. “Oh, really? I’d bet my life you are.”

                He sighed. “Alright, you caught me.” He admitted. “But I was just making sure that you weren’t going to trip over a stick or something.” He added quickly, hoping she wouldn’t think he was a stalker.

                The frown disappeared. “How much longer?” She wondered.

                “Not far.” He answered, and he felt her arm brush against his. He looked down, but her arm was still at her side.

                Maybe I imagined it.He told himself but then he caught sight of her face, the moon’s light made her face look more alluring than ever. Right then, at that very moment, he wanted to kiss her. He wanted to pull her in his arms; he wanted to feel her body against him. He knew, without thinking, that just the very touch of her finger tips could electrify his entire body.  

                Soon, they came upon the sound of rushing water; she opened her eyes and gasped.

                “It’s so…” She paused; acquiring the scenery before her eyes. “Wow, there are no words to describe it; beautiful would be an understatement. It wouldn’t give this place justice.”

                Their hands were still entwined when he faced her.

                “What, What is it?” When he didn’t answer right away, she became self conscious. “Is my hair messed up, is there something on my shirt? Do I have something in my teeth?”
                He laughed. “No, no. It’s perfect, you’re perfect.”

                She fell silent and he could see her blushing in the moonlight. Once again, he felt the urge to kiss her. He pulled her close to him, wrapped his arms around her, and lightly kissed her lips.

















The End

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