August 17, 2310-

Cambridge, United States-December 20, 2310

"Well, well fancy meeting you here." Ahmed turned around. "Good evening Mr. Bursca, how are you tonight?" "Oh I'm fine," Bursca said as he made his way up to Ahmed and shook his hand. "Yes, I'm so, I forgot, you were..." Bursca wondered before Ahmed replied, "In the last of year of my Master's when you got that Doctorate. Twenty-one," he added before Bursca could ask. "Wow, that's young." "Not as young as some people. I mean you were already done by then," Ahmed said as Bursca chuckled.

Harvard was hosting an alumni gathering. And, as it turned out, two of the world's most influencial leaders, were both Harvard graduates. They both decided to attend the gathering after the end of the dreadful war, hoping to relax a little bit after the entire hectic affair.

"Did you go to see Caine?" Bursca asked.  "Are you kidding? I basically lived with the guy this last year. He's tired of seeing me." The two laughed again. "It's kind of noisy in here," Ahmed said, "Want to walk around outside and talk for a little bit." "Yeah, sure. Let me just grab a glass of chmapagne. Should I get you..." he stopped in mid-sentence. "I can't believe I almost asked you if you wanted alcohol." "It's okay, it happens," Ahmed said with a chuckle.

The two proceeded to go outside. At one point, Ahmed turned to his security and said, "انه بخير ، وأنا مع صديق (It's okay, I'm with a friend.)" At the same time, Bursca turned to his men and repeated the same command, "Wszystko w porządku. Jestem z przyjacielem." The continued to walk for a bit and began to talk, as they were now alone and could not be interrupted by the clamor of the gathering inside.

"Wow, can you believe that it's already been over six months?" "I know," Ahmed replied, "Yet sometimes I wake up think that we're still in war. I just thank God that it's over." The two walked in silence for a moment. "Yes, thank God," Bursca finally added. Ahmed looked up at him. "I don't mean to pry, but..." Bursca cut him off with a light chuckle. "I know we run our governments based on the whole idea of pure secularism. But you do realize that 70% of the people in our country still claim that they go to church at least once a week. And over 80% still believe in God. That's higher than a lot of democratic countries." "But what about you? I mean, just because of what you said, I had to ask. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause offense." "No, no, you didn't." "Well," Ahmed implored, "Do you believe in God?" Bursca didn't speak for a few seconds. "Yes. I guess I do. You're smiling." "Yeah," Ahmed replied, "I couldn't help it." "I must say though, it was my wife who made me believe again. Her and my two children." "Two daughters, right?" Ahmed asked. "Yes. And you, you have a small son, yes?" Ahmed nodded his head. "Suleiman. Two years old." "Wait," Bursca said with a smile, "You're David and your son is Solomon?" Ahmed laughed. "It's my wife sense of humor. You know how those Yale types can be." The two laughed again. "And we have another one on the way," Ahmed continued. "Boy or girl? I mean, what do you want more, a boy or a girl?" "I've heard raising girls can be hell," Ahmed said. "Yes. My twins are only five, and they are a handful." "Still, I think I'd like some balance. Plus, there's blessing in raising a daughter." "Yeah, I wouldn't trade my girls for anything in the world."

"Did you hear about Cunnigham?" Ahmed asked after a while. "Yes, I did. I can't believe it. It's a weird concept isn't it? The possibility that he might become their Prime Minister and King." "I know," Ahmed replied, "It's quite a dilemma. I mean, he was the seventh or eighth in line. There wasn't supposed to be any real chance that his uncle, aunt, parents, and-what was it... of yes-three cousins would all the die on the same day. I guess he'll have to make a choice. He can't honestly take both, can he?" "What would you rather be? A powerless King, or a Prime Minister? One has power but the other has pride." "The two greatest flaws of man kind. The lust for power and pride. This will be a difficult decision for him, though if it were me, I would take the power everytime. Atleast I could do some good with it." "His divorce can't possibly be making this any easier," Bursca commented, "I feel bad for the guy. He has this whole power struggle at the same time his personal life is falling apart." Ahmed nodded his head. "I guess we'll have to just wait." Bursca chuckled after a moment's silence. "He fancies LaRoche, you know." Ahmed now chuckled too, "Yeah, I definately noticed that. Like two children, bickering with each other, because they secretly admire each other. It was like being back in school- well, this school, because as you can imagine, we don't have this problem in my country-all over again. All the frustrated yelling and arguing. Then there's the crying." "Crying?" Bursca said, hardly able to control the fact that he found this hillarious. "Constantly. Both of them."

The two were walking in a circle, and as they neared the main hall again, they began to finish their conversation. "This is great, isn't it?" Bursca said. "The fact that the two of us could go walking alone without fear of anything happening. The fact that I'm here in America, even though that would have been near impossible before the war started." "I don't mean to sound all demonic," Ahmed said, "But there is a benefit in every horrible thing that has ever happened. The good that came out of this war is tremedous. It's, and I hope it stays this way, but it's created..." "Peace. True peace," Bursca broke in. "We've been able to throw aside all of our previous biases. We are learning to love each other, not hate. We are all, after all, humans, all of us equal in birth. But I do worry." "You wonder if we can keep this peace." Bursca nodded. "I worry about that to. How long will peace last before we as humans make the same mistake again? How long will God let us stop killing each other, before he pits us against each other again? This free-will of ours will be the end of us. Until we can learn, learn to love."

The two finally finished their walk. They shook hands and embraced each other, before Ahmed, along with his guards, left for the night. Bursca followed suit not much long after. Both Ahmed and Bursca were right. The world was in a state of peace right now. For the first time in decades, there was no imminent threat of war on the horizon. But Ahmed's worries were also true. Mankind is bound to make the same mistakes, over and over again. He was also right in the assessment of mankind's everlasting wish for power and fame. And this desire, would soon throw the whole world into yet another destructive war.

London, United Kingdom- Februaru 14, 2311

When people first heard it, they couldn't believe it. Most considered it a joke-a fake tabloid story that got out of hand. But with all of the unexpected occurances of late, most people considered it to be just another odd occasion that added to the absurdity of the situation.

It began with Prime Minister Cunnigham taking the Kingship and retaining his ministership. The freak accident that left Cunnigham as the first in line was odd enough. And no one really felt upset at him for taking the kingship. After all, his nearest family memebers had all just died. It wasn't his fault, and he did what he was expected to. Add in his messy divorce (with such accusations of infedilty by both sides) and people began to feel sorry for the poor man. But he pleaded to keep his Prime Ministership, and that's when people began to grow suspicious. He had promised that he would relinquish one of the two titles; either he would step down as his party's leader in the next election (still 10 months away, though he had to make his decision soon) or he would have to find another suitable heir (out of the next three in line, one was in jail for tax evasion, one was mentally ill, and the last was in a hospital recovering from the last war.) But he swore that one of the two would happen, and that he wouldn't dream about being both King and Prime Minister for longer than this short period.

The situation was farther complicated (not to mention the fact that it added to the comedic fuel) when the shocking news was revealed. Cunnigham, altough he had never actually cheated on his wife, was indeed in love with another woman. All of this, was revealed when a government worker leaked tapes to the meida. In it, Cunnigham repeatedly proclamed his love for a certain woman. From what they heard on the recordings, Cunnigham had spent every night reciting love poems and such (to himself) about his one true, dearest love, with "eyes so blue that his heart never knew," and other such nonsenscial love notes. The revelation was as embarrassing for him as it was for his "Dear, sweet LaRoche."

The media had a field day with this; especially the British and French. And when it looked like things could get no worse, LaRoche bravely (or perhaps rather stupidly) admited that she too was pasionately in love with Mr.Cunnigham, and that she would quit her Presidency if it meant being with him (more on this later).

Finally, on Valentine's Day (this too added to the comedic fuel. The fact the lovers/leaders chose this day didn't make anyone feel mushy, but rather just more amused) the two wed. The wedding was shown all over the world-only the world tuned in to howl with laughter at the utter stupidity of the entire situation. It was only after the wedding that people stopped laughing-and began crying.

After the wedding, the new couple addressed their constiuents. They went back to their home, and gave their statements in privet, in front of no reporters, only a rolling camera. Cunnigham spoke first: "I must now make the decision of being your King or Prime Minister. This, as you can imagine, is a very difficult question for me to answer. However, I have decided to remain your Prime Minister. I have also decided, that I will remain your king. You see, the way I figure it, I have no real power as your king anyway. So what is the harm of letting me take this position too. And if I get voted out of the Prime Ministership, then so be it, for I will remain your King anyway. It would be stupid for me to give either up, when I have the possibility of losing both. I have made my decision, and you shall abide by it. My men will se to that."

There was immediate uproar throughout the nation. People began to call for Cunnigham's head. He was out of his mind, he had to be to propose such stupidity and absurdity. No one in his right mind would say what he had just said. What they did not realize was that when Cunnigham said "men," he was reffering to men that none of them knew about. Only years later did they learn, that Cunnigham, knowing full well that he was so close to holding kingship and ministership, had created a secret society of armed men. The United Fighters they were called, because of theri desire to unite the power of Britain and place it in the hands of the king. Nealry half of Britain's standing army was a part of theis organization. And (with Germany's rebuilding taking place) since Britain had the largest army in Europe, there was no real hope that these highly trained men would lose to the other lesser trained soliders and commoners who wished to rid of the new tyranny. The United Fighters took the streets at once, and took control over the masses, who had wanted to scream in protest. Then, it was LaRoche's turn to speak.

(French) "I am your Queen, Britain. And I am your President, France. Now, I too believed that I had to relinquish my Presidenship for my love. And sadly, I realize, that there is no other alternative. I, Queen (First name?) LaRoche hereby resign as the President of France. Now, first order as the Queen of England, I hereby declare that France shall be ceded into Great Britain. I have found that union with the British, is enjoayble. And so, I order our British troops into France, to take over the country, so that we may exert our power in that nation too. We have only one dream, and that is to united Britain and France as one. Thank you."

The reaction of the British in protest to Cunnigham was nothing compared to the protest of the French at these words. They immediately assemled their army. But awaiting them was both the United Fighters (which was powerful enough to maintain control in Britain and invade Frnace) and Franco-British Alliance (a French group of young revolutionaries who hoped to rid the world of conflict by uniting it's major powers).

Altough it would be a few more months before it actually started, one could claim that the next great war began that day, February 14, 2311, with the British declaration of war against France. 

February 17, 2311

The French outnumbered their invaders (after all, half the numbers of the United Fighters were still in Britain and the Franco-British Alliance did not contain a large number of members) but were outmatched. The strength of the invaders was much too great for the French army to fight back against, and by the end of the thrid day of attacks, the British flag flew over France. Paris had fallen, to the British, and, despite a nonstop counterattack by the French, the British held on.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, more shocks came unto the people. Cunnigham, it turned out, was affiliated with the British Nationalist Party. Altough he had been the leader of the Tory party during his tenure, it was revealed that he had close ties to the BNP. He said that, he believed that Britain had the right to rule all of Europe as its people were the greatest. Mingling among non-British whites was okay by his views, as long as they did not delcare supremacy over the British. As continued to declare all of this (as their king) the British began to rebel. Realizing full well that they had fallen under a government no better than Germany had under Otto a mere 2 years ago, they began their counter-surge.

At first, no foreign nation really believed that a portion of the British army could stand up to both the French army and the other half of the British army. But they were well trained (leading everyone to believe that this was premeditated, leading everyone to believe that Cunnigham had a hand in the death of his entire family) and were going strong. Scotland was the first to attack (on the 16th) after shots were fired at border guards from the British side, killing two and injuring three more. With their involvement, the other allied forces held off, realzing that the British people were against their leader. They knew that their involvement would cause the death of more innocent Britons. But they had learned their lesson from the last war, and were on alert, ready to attack if need be. With Scotland now in play, the war was expected to be over soon. But again, the power of the Unuted Fighters was underestimated. The British, French, and Scottish were winning the war, but it would continue to drag on.

The End

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