May 10, 2310-

May 10, 2310

Invasion of Poland-Ukraine

On the night of May 9th, soliders from the Allied and Theocractic nations were sent to Poland-Ukraine. They had been given a new mission, to help the Eastern Alliance in their fight against the Germans. The next morning the German army invaded. Otto had given the order to invade Poland-Ukraine because he knew that the Eastern Alliance was too busy with their war against the Allies. He was hoping to surprise them and run them over quickly. Poland-Ukraine would be the srtongest foe his German army had yet to encounter, but he was confident in their ability to win. They had been training the last few months and were rested. The Pole-Ukranians were weary from their other war. Plus, he knew he had the element of surprise. It was to be a quick and easy victory. His entire German might against that of the few Pole-Ukranians who had not left to go fight in Africa.

The Germans decided to invade from 5 different fronts. Surely, even if they could stop one or two fronts, they couldn't stop them all. He thought that he had the element of surprise. But, unfortunately for Otto, the three alliances were waiting. Schneider had left out no detail. The time and exact location of the five fronts were revealed to the allied leaders. And when the Germans came across, they had a surprise waiting for them.

It was a rout. An absolute massacre. The Germans had been ordered to never surrender, and as Otto had picked those most loyal to him to lead the charge, they listened to his every word. The three united armies destroyed the offensive. Within 12 hours, the German armies were vanquished. Those that had retreated were being forced to converge by the opposing armies. And to keep Otto out of the loop, the allies took over German radios. Posing as Germans, they told the leader that they were progressing at a great rate. Anything he heard about the Allies and Easterns working together, and anything he heard about the Germans losing from foreign media were untrue. It was all propaganda to raise morale. They, the Germans, were the ones who were really winning. And Otto believed it.

By the end of the first day, this much was clear, the Germans would surely lose. With Otto not knowing, with the strongest part of the German army gone, and with three opposing forces, the Germans were doomed. All that was left to be seen was how long it took.

Summary of Next Two Weeks

The invading armies continued to push towards Berlin. Just as Shneider had predicted, the Germans were willing to surrender to the invaders without fighting. In fact, most of the two weeks were spent on trying to work out a way to make sure that no more blodd was spilt. There were only a few occasions where the three allies had to actually fight, once they had gotten into the interior of Germany. Rather than go straight into Berlin, the three decided to wrap around Germany to cut the city of Berlin off. In fact, they had even gotten as far south as Prague, and had liberated the city.

Meanwhile, Otto was still sure of his great army's progress. Despite what he was told by his high ranking officers (with the notable exception of Schneider), Otto continued to believe what he was being told by his "German" soliders.

The rest of the world, however, was no longer being tricked. The day the Germans had first attacked, the Allies and Eastern Alliance had made their pact public. The whole ordeal was explained (with, of course, no mention of Schenider) and the soliders who had sat around in Africa these last few months were now being flown in to overthrow Otto. East and West Russians fought side by side for the first time in years. Americans next to Serbs, Islamic fighters next to Poles and Ukranians. Even German soliders marched with them. There was a sense of unity in the world. Old disputes were non-exisistant. The world was united in one cause, not to defeat Germany, but to get rid of Otto. And everyone but Otto knew this. But soon, his glorious empire would come crashing down in front of him. And then he would know exactly what had happened to him.

Berlin, Germany-May 25, 2310

Soon after midnight, Schneider left the capital city to meet with the three armies that were just outside the city. He spoke with the leader of the allied forces, Hakim Mustafa (a commander from the Islamic Caliphate was chosen because both sides agreed that an American or West Russian would have a bigger bias) about the up-coming attack. Schneider, who had been put in charge of the German soliders, worked out the plan through which the lest amount of people would have to die.

"These men have no loyalty to Otto," Schneider was saying, "The only reason they continue to fight is because they wish to protect the country. And they fear that if they lead an uprising against Otto, more innocent people will die." "And how will we deal with them?" Mustafa asked. "I can call them off. They believe that I am still loyal to Otto, so they'll need to hear from you too. That way they will know that I am truly working to dispose of Otto, not for my own personal wishes, but because I truly do want to save Germany. But they will be no real issue. They want what we want." "And the civillians? How will they react? How much do they know?" "They are being told that we are winning the war. The whole city has been cut off from outside contact the last three days. The blockade you guys have set up worked. But they know what is really happeneing. The whole city knows. Only Otto is too boorish to realize it." "Good, that's good. So, how do you want to do this? You come with us and when we siege the capital, you run in and do what what you want to. Or would you rather go back now and just do it when Otto realizes he lost. Either way, our armies should not take long." "I will go with you. Everyone who is near Otto will be killed before he anybody will even get close to the capital. If he realizes that you are in the city, he will kill them, us, all. So it's better that I stay out here. But I do have one more request." "Yes, what is it," Mustafa asked. "If they work with us, which I'm sure they will, I want you to allow the Germans to lay the siege on the capital. I want them to march out to the capital and announce what has happened. Your armies will have to be there, so Otto knows what happened, but I want the Germans to lead." Mustafa thought for a moment. "It might be risky. But we will try to make it work if that is what you truly want."

At about 3 in the morning, Schneider called the troops out of the city. The situation was quickly explained to them, and after the initial shock of the whole matter, they agreed to not only aid, but lead the storming of the capital.  There was no real surpirse over the fact that the German soliders had been willing to comply. Next came the matter of the civillians. Regardless of their views on Otto, it would be disheartening to see soliders marching to destroy their capital. To settle this, many of the soliders began to run through the city, knocking on doors and using megaphones to let everyone know the news. The war was over. In the morning, the Germans, with the others in the back, would go get rid of Otto. Obviously, they couldn't reach everyone, especially since they had to be careful the nearer they got to the capital, but they hoped that they could get in touch with enough people so that they would know what was going on. Everything was set in motion. The official invasion would be launched soon.

The attack began at 7 in the morning. The German Army marched through the city, loudly playing the National Anthem. Much to their surprise, people began to come out and cheer them on as they marched through the streets of Berlin. "Es lebe Deutschland," they called from their homesand from the streets. Soon, the noise became deafening. It was as they were moving along, waving at the cheering by-standers, that some began to notice the great amount of smoke that was rising. Upon seeing the rising smoke, the same thought hit nearly everyone. Otto wasn't going to let himself get caught. He had either commited suicide, or had used the distraction to run away. Schneider, Mustafa, and a few other leading generals ran ahead towards the capital building, while the rest of the soliders stopped. Almost instantly, the roaring crowd fell silent. They all waited to hear what had happened.

By the time they got there, the firemen had already put out most of the fire. "What happened here?" Schneider asked. "Some nearby residents called it in about five minutes ago. Probably started about 5 minutes before that. We would have gotten here sooner, but everyone was too busy with... oh, I guess you guys. And then we were watching you guys back at the station, so we didn't notice it sooner. Anyway, we will have the fire completely out in about 2 more minutes," the fire chief replied. "And any bodies?" "Well, the newer formulas we just started using allowed us to put the fire out quicker than before. Any bodies in there should be intact." "What's happening," Mustafa, who didn't understand the German, asked. "Fire started ten minutes ago. We'll have to wait a few more minutes before we can go in." The men stared an watched as the last of the fire was being put out. The entire city shifted it's attention. Whereas before, everyone had wondered about what would happen to Otto, everyone was now wondering what had happened to Otto.

About twenty minutes later, the fire chief came back to Schneider and said, "11 dead bodies total. 7 of them are females that none of my men recognized. 3 of the men were immediately recognized as some of Mister... wow, I don't have to call him that anymore, 3 of them were that ba---rd's lesser advisers, and there was one unknown man who was too badly burnt to be recognized. Based on the extent of the burns, we believe that he was the origin of the fire." "That would be our President." Otto, who had always harbored a hatred for the man with whom he had the "share" power with in Germany (of course, in reality, the President had been reduced to a puppet-head, kept in place just to keep the German populace believing that they were actually living in a Democracy) and so it came as no surprise to Schneider that Otto has killed him in such a brutal fashion.

The fire chief left and Mustafa turned to Schneider. "Well," he asked, "Coward or bigger coward?" "Coward. He ran away... S--t. I was really looking forward to blowing the ba---rd's head off. Coward. He couldn't bear the shame of having to apologize. That's what's really upsetting to me. The fact that he gets to go away without having to apologize at all." "He can't survive forever," Mustafa replied, "He'll have to show up sometime, how long can he go without food or water? Maybe it's better this way, he'll die slowly and painfully." "But he'll never have to apologive," was all Schenider said in return. "But I can't worry about that anymore. What time are they coming in?" "Mr. Ahmed will be leaving along with the rest from Istanbul in about half an hour." "Good," Schneider said, "I want to get this treaty signed, and this war over with."

 The Treaty of Berlin 2310

The world leaders of all of the nations that had helped to overthrow Otto came to Berlin to sign the official peace treaty. Here is a summary of their decisions:

1) Germany would be returned to it's pre-war boundries. An election would take place in two months time, and Schneider (who was bound to win the Chancellory) was to serve as Chancellor until the elections took place.

2) The nations that had been captured by Germany were given their independence. The Baltic was returned to it's former position. The Czechoslovak Empire was split back into Czechoslovakia and Romany-Bulgaria. These two new nations would make their own decision as to which government they wanted, through their own processes. Temporary leaders were placed, with both the Allies and Easterns agreeing to the decisions. (Should be noted that later, Czechoslovakia became democratic, whereas Romany-Bulgaira became alligned with the Eastern nations, and formed an Eastern style government).

3) Africa was to reform as the United States of Africa. Here, it was agreed, that democracy would be placed, with elections taking place in two months time.

4) The Theocratic Nations, which had suffered the least, agreed to help pay off any debts the newly formed countries had to pay. They also agreed to help rebuild Germany, rather than making Germany have to pay for it all by themsleves.

5) No single Eastern or Allied nation would force their own ideologies upon the newly formed countires. They would only help to make sure a stable government was in place, and would pull out 90% of their soliders by the end of 2310.

6) Members of the German Brotherhood were to be captured and arrested. They would be relased, executed, or would serve a prison term, depending on their involvement.

About Three Months Later-Somewhere in the Serbian state of Croatia

The man walking along the dark Serbian ally looked like any other homeless wanderer. Thick, wild, bushy, black beard couple with black hair that reached down past his shoulders. It didn't take long for someone to tell that he hadn't washed in weeks, perhaps months. The only odd thing about him was that he was in a good physical state. Obviously, he had been eating well enough the last few months, despite his obvious poverty. Perhpas he was a lucky one, maybe he had just managed to find one kind soul after another who had offered to aid him in his troubles. Maybe he was just that good of a thief. Whoever this nameless face was, he didn't pose a threat. Mothers may turn thier children away from him, and fathers might scream at him to get away, but he was harmless, everyone knew that. Or so they thought.

Otto had made a miraculous escape. The loud cheering in Berlin had alerted him of the danger. He had always worried that something of the sort would happen (only he imagined that it would be the President of Germany who led the rebellion, not his own adviser.) And so, he was prepared. He grabbed the required materials, set fire on the builiding, and made his escape. He hid in the German sewer system for three days. While hiding, he died his hair and beard black and even changed the color of his eyes to green. He allowed his beard to grow out, and at the end of three days, he emerged looking like a normal, stinky hobo. He made his way out of the city and the country using various fake passports that he had created beforehand. In his latest entry (into Serbia) he had been David LeFontaine, a German international who was born in the state of Switzerland, and was making his way to Turkey for a possible labor job. In actuality, Otto was indeed heading for Turkey. Only, he wouldn't be staying there. 

He planned to make his way down through Turkey through the Islamic Caliphate (where his beard and unavoidable sun burn would help him fit in) and from a port in Arabia, would make his way to Africa. There, he would lay low for years. He was still a young man, another ten, fifteen years were nothing to him. He would wait for the oppurtunity to arise. It would only be a matter of time before he had his oppurtunity. Man was bound to repeat himself. man never learns from its mistakes. He knew that eventually war would break out again and would disrupt the current peace. And then, when the world was at each other's throats yet again, he would lead his second uprising. This time, he would begin in Africa. And he would train their army so that they could get rid of the Islamic Caliphate first. After that, he would focus on America, and with those two gone, victory for him was inevitable.

He continued to wander the streets, looking for a nice place to lay down. It was then that he caught the glimpse of a woman. A beautiful woman. And Otto's sexual instincts took over. It had been so long since he had felt the embrace of a woman. And this woman, was unbelievable. "It'll be a long time," he thought to himself, "I will need someone to keep me company. I've gone three months, surely I can't go on much longer. No. I need her. My very existance depends on it."  He rationed with himself. Yes. Taking her was the only way to ensure that he wouldn't go insane. He slowly crept up behind her. "How would you like to make a poor man happy?" he asked in perfect Serbia.

Without turning around, she replied, "Get away or I'll call the cops," and then began to walk faster. "Fine, be that way," Otto said. He watched her walk away a little farther. And then he ran. He ran up to her and grabbed her from behind. "You should have said yes you little b--ch. I would have made this easeir for you. Now, now I'll... Ouch." She had managed to get free by jabbing him in the crotch. Otto fell to the floor, and he looked up. She was holding a gun. This woman had long since learned to carry a gun with her at all times in the dark allies of Serbia. "I would have made this easier for you," she said as she pulled the trigger. She purposely missed vital organs and veins. "The dogs around here aren't very fun," she added, as she walked away. Injured, Otto tried a few times to get up. But the bullet had done its job. It rendered him incapable of getting up. Otto would have to lie there until someone found him

It took two more days for anybody to actually find him. By the time the police got there, nearly his entire body had been eaten by dogs. Later, an autopsy found that the majority of the dog bites were perimortem, so he he had probably felt all of the dogs attacking him, before he died. They determined that the bullet did not kill him, though it surely made it much more possible. When they checked his prints with those in missing persons, they had a shocking discovery. It was Otto. The cruel German dictator had been mauled to death by a pack of dogs in Serbia, and had then laid there for two days. "A fitting end for a horrible man," the chief of police later said. And the world couldn't agree more.

The day of th discovery, Chancellor Schneider made a statement: "For over a year, the world suffered at the hands of this evil man. And when we tried to bring him to justice, he ran like a coward. But now, there is retribution. He has died, a most shameful death. Sadly, we will never get to hear him apologize and beg for forgiveness at the hands of all those that he has harmed. But this, for now, will have to do. This is a message for all of us. No matter how powerful we are, we can never escape from the Allmighty. Let us remember that as we move for peace in the coming years."

The End

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