March 5, 2310-

Munich, Germany-March 5, 2310

Realizing that his nation was going to fall anyday now, Australia's Premier, Kevin Schwitzer, had flown to Munich in hopes that he could convince his ally to actually send him aid. He came to meet Otto in his newest "Presidential building," that had been built for Otto in recent months. Otto, growing more and more confident, had been living more and more luxioursly. He may have been the "Chancellor" of Germany, but he was beginning to show how much of an Emperor he really was.

Schwitzer had come to Otto's house to meet with him, but instead, found himself in front of Otto's adviser, Schneider, who was now always beside his leader. "Welcome Mr. Schwitzer. You said that you have a veru urgent matter which you need to discuss with Mr.Neugenbauer. Please make your purpose more clear, I'm afraid I can't just let you in like this," Schenider said in English. "Please, Mr.Schneider, please, the matter is of extreme importance. My country is about to fall. We can not stand this for much longer. Your government promised to help us. We have helped you, you must keep up your part of the bargain." Schwitzer sounded nervous, since he knew full well what would happen if he lost his cool. "Well, Mr.Schwitzer, I will speak with the Chancellor myself, but I am sorry to inform you that it is most likely that we will not be able to help you. We have had to step up our efforts here on our homefront. I will try to convince him, but I highly doubt he will want to send men to fight in Australia, when we need them here in our own land." Schwitzer couldn't contain his anger, "You lying sons of bi--hes. You can afford to build yourselves fancy new houses like this, but you can't help out the one nation that has allied itself with you? The Allies and the Communists are at each others throats in Africa. You know very well that they won't launch anything major on you now. And yet you continue to lie about needing me here. You can go to hell, you know that, you can all go to hell."

"Get out of here," Schneider suddenly whispered to Schwitzer. 'What?" yelled Schwitzer, "You can't just tell me to get out!" "Shush," Schneider whispered again, "Please don't yell. Get out. Now. Get out of the nation as soon as you can. Listen to me. Do it, now." Schwitzer was in shock. How dare this glorified assistant yell at him. In his anger, he forgot his intial fear. That was when Otto walked into the room with a group of guards. Schwitzer (who had his own guards as well) turned to face Otto. "What is this?" Schwitzer asked, "What are you running here?" Otto, who understood and spoke English just fine, decided to reply in German. "Sie haben einen großen Fehler gemacht kommen hier. (You have made a big mistake to come here)." "You know very well I don't speak German. And I know very bloddy well that you do speak English." Otto did not reply. He made a signal to the guards with his hands. In a flash, they pulled out guns and shot down Schwitzer's guards before they could react. Schiwtzer, who had ducked, was immediately grabbed by two guards. Otto walked up to Schwitzer, and said, in English, "You want to know why I'm not saving you a--? It's because Germans only die for Germany." He forced his pistol into Schwitzer's mouth and fired. "It is too bad, that he commited suicide," Otto said. The guards laughed. "Looks like somebody will have to run his nation. Well, the only reasonable decision is to let his only remaining ally run his nation. Don't you all think that's a good idea? Schneider, my good man, have it arranged." He was about to walk out of the room, when Schneider said, "No." "What? What did you dare say?" Otto asked.

Schenider hesitated for a moment. He had made a mistake just now, but he quickly covered it. "No I won't do it. As your adviser, I'm telling you, that's a bad idea. The Islamic Caliphate will take Australia soon, long before we can get enough men there to defend it. And even if we did, that loss would demoralize our men. We don't need that right now." Otto continued to stare at Schneider. Then, he gave a smirk, and turned to leave the room. "Get the media. Make sure they know what really happened," he said before he left. With the guards still in the room, Schneider walked over to the corpse of Schwitzer. The bullet had gone right through his brain and out of the back of his skull. Schneider, picked up the gun, wiped it down, and then placed the gun in Schwitzer's hand, making sure to not leave his own prints. The autopsy later on in the day would confirm that Schwitzer had gunned down his own men, and then commited suicide, after failing to assassinate Otto.

Otto was in high spirits. He had unloaded all of his baggage now. His "allies" had done their job. Distract his foes and pit them against each other. And now that he didn't them anymore, they were out of his way. Later that day, he recieved more good news. The Allies and the eastern Alliance had declared war on each other. Germany was now considered to be the lesser threat to both sides. Everything had happened exactly as he had hoped. Europe was now all but his.

Summary of next two months

As far as everyone was convinced, the two sides were at war against each other. No one outside of the 15 diplomats and their most trustworthy guards knew the truth. Even civillians of the nations thought that there nations were actually ay war. There were stories daily about how so many men had died fighting in Africa. The truth was, there were barely in troops in Africa at all. And those few who were, were inactive, as they were being told that the Allies and Eastern Alliance had reached a ceasefire. Both sides had to keep their people duped, so they both ran stories of fighting on a daily basis. In actuality, all the men who were supposed to fight in Africa were training in Europe. They were being told that they would fight the Eastern Alliance/Allies, but in actuality were training to fight the Germans. Both sides knew that thus couldn't actually be kept up for that long, and they had to launch their combined attack soon.

Australia surrendered to the Islamic Caliphate and its allies three days after Schwitzer's 'suicide." Australia had been saved from all of the issues that had befell Africa. They were able to stabilize, and by April 2, they were out of the war completly.

Otto, who, like the rest of the world, was fooled, had used this oppurtunity to make his final improvements to his army. Playing along with his two foes, his armies had not tried to invade any new lands during these two months. For two months, Europe was quiet, and there were no signs that a war was going on. The Allies, Theocrats, and Eastern Alliance members had agreed upon a date on which they would come at Germany with their full might. They also agreed to meet again, in Krakow once more to discuss how they would go about this. Boyd, Caine, and Ahmed were chosen to go again. Meanwhile, Otto was also planning his final offensive. The side that acted first, would gain the upperhand in the last run of the war.

Krakow, Poland-Ukraine: May 7, 2310

After they had settled in, gone throught the formalities, and settled down, the six world leaders began to talk about the looming last offensive. They knew very well that Otto was going to launch his attack soon. But the Allied-Eastern front couldn't just attack at will. They had to make sure that their alliance wasn't learned of too quickly. The way they saw it, Otto would invade one side first, probably the Eastern Alliance. And since the two were at "war" Otto probably felt that he could gain support from the Allies against the Easterns. After taking them down, Otto would then turn their attention towards the Allies and Theocrats, and after that would try to make peace with America and the Islamic Caliphate. If the Allies and Eastern made their alliance obvious too quickly, they knew that Otto would attack on both fronts. Intially, that seemed like a good idea. However, they realized that they would then have to deal with two German offensives, and would have to push them both back. With just one offensive, they could push the entire German force back at the same time. But there was a flaw in this plan. If they were to face a united German front, the Eastern Alliance would definately need aid from the Allies and Theocrats. But they couldn't have soliders of nations they were "warring" against inside their own borders for an extended period of time without raising eyebrows. And since they had no indication of when Otto would attack, they were stuck with yet another flawed plan. There was also a plan to just invade Germany. But this would be difficult since that would mean having to fight the Germans in Germany, where they would never give up. They knew that it would be much easier to have the Germans surrender outside their own nation. Plus, invasion is always more difficult during a war, and the the two sides wanted to leave that to the Germans. Regardless, it was the least flawed plan.

The 6 had different views of how to go about this. Bursca, whose nation was in most danger, wanted to have the declaration of the alliance made soon, or to have Allied troops stationed in Poland regardless of how it might look to the outside. Ahmed and Caine wanted to wait for Germany to attack Poland-Ukraine, and then immediately send troops, who would be stationed in Italy, Turkey, and France to aid the Pole-Ukranian army. Boyd wanted to invade Germany, as he felt that it would lead to the quickest end of the war. Neither Radmonovich nor Ralinkov had announced their views yet. They were actively discussing the opposing views, and each man was making it clear that they would not budge from their position. All things considered though, this discussion was much tamer than the ones that had gone on earlier in the war.

The debate continued for nearly an hour. Shockingly, neither Radmonovich nor Ralinkov had said anything in that stretch. "You two have been oddly quiet," Caine suddenly said to the two. "Yes, well, we were waiting for something," Radmonovich said. "What specifically are you waiting for?" Caine asked. "You will see, when it gets here." "You know anything about this?" Caine asked Bursca. "No, honestly, I'm just as confused." "Anyway," Ahmed said, "Ignoring...that, we need to keep going here." Right then, the head of Pole-Ukranian security, a man named Fyodor Drubich walked into the room. He walked up to Radmonovich and whispered something in his ear. "Pustʹ v (Let him in)," Radmonovich said before turning to the others and saying, "Actually, Achmed, let's stay on my topic. Gentlemen, I present to you, the answer of all of our problems." Right then, Schneider, the German top adviser, walked into the room. Unarmed and with no guards, Ahmed, Caine, Boyd, and Bursca were all confused as to why the virtual second in command of Germany had just walked in.

"What is going on here?" Boyd asked. "Allow me to explain," Ralinkov said. "Mr. Schenider here, as has agreed to help us out. Gentlemen, we have a spy in Germany." "What is going on here?" Ahmed asked. "Why should we trust him?" Caine added. "Please, I am here to help you. I would not be here if Radmonovich and Ralinkov did not trust me. If I had wanted, I would have already leaked information about this. Obviously I know what's going on. I have come here because I would like to inform you of the date Otto has chosen to attack Poland-Ukraine. I understand that this will help you in your planning to destroy that man."

"You are betraying your own country to help us?" Boyd asked. "No, I am saving it. Otto cares for nothing but himself. He does not care for German domination. He only wants to rule the world. I have barely left the man's side in the last year or so, I know him well. He is a power hungry, sex crazy, maniac, who will stop at nothing. He will kill anybody he wants to. I wouldn't put above him to kill everybody on the face of this earth except for a few hundred women whom he'd spend the rest of his life f--king, until they all got too old for him and were killed. Believe me, he would be just fine living with the idea that he was the single last person on earth. In fact, that's exactly what he wants. He loves no one. He cares for no one. And I want to get rid of him." "And you decide to help us now, because...?" Ahmed inquired. "I've always been uneasy. I even considered turning down the job when he offered it to me. But I realized that my taking of that job would be the only way to somewhat limit him.However, when he killed Schwitzer like that, right in front of me, I could bare it no longer. I eventually made contact Radmonovich. I earned his trust. That's evident by the fact that I'm standing here right now. Believe me, I will tell you the date that he will launch his offensive. He will send those most loyal to him to invade Poland soon, and I want to let you know so that you can prepare, get troops into the nation, and defeat Otto once and for all." "And you want nothing in return?" Bursca asked. "No, I want two things, but you can't give me the first one. I stood by and let many thing shappen. I should have stopped them before, but I was too scared. And for that, I want to God to forgive me, even though I know I don't deserve it. Second... I want you to let me kill him."

"Then do us all a favor, kill him now, so we can avoid all this," Ralinkov said. "No, I won't kill him now. I want to kill him after he realizes that he has lost. I want to see the look on his face when he realizes that he has lost. The way he looked at Schwitzer right before he killed him was just disgusting. And the look on Scwhitzzer's face when he realized he was doomed has haunted me. I want to see that look on Otto's face. I want him to beg for forgiveness. I want him to apologize to the German people and the entire world. I want him to admit what a big coward he is. I want him to make him realize that every single thing he has done in the last months is just despicable. And then, when he thinks that he will get off, I want to kill him. But most of all, I want everyone to know that they are safe from that evil man. I want every child whose had his father killed and his mother raped by him to know that the worst piece of scum on this earth has finally had his earthly punishment-a punishment that will only be superceded by the one he deserves from God. My only complaint is that I didn't try to stop him before. All that innocent blood I could have saved. All of those children I could have..." Schneider stopped and began to sob.

 The world leaders stared at Schneider. There was no doubting the validity of Schneider's feelings. Ahmed walked over to Schneider, and hugged him. He told him, "You are a good man, Schneider. You truly are. We all make mistakes, and we will be forgiven for them if we are sincere. Take your time, tell us anything you want to get off your chest. We will listen. Just know, that you are doing the right thing. We will save your nation and the world from the evils of this man." Schnedier took a seat and told the rest about what Otto had been doing. As it turned out, Otto had been killing civillians for no reason. And since he controlled the media, and no foreign nation had known about it, Otto had managed to get away with the murder of some 10 million innocent civillians. He killed them for no reasons. He would often pick out random towns and have all of its inhabitants killed. Schneider recounted story after story of Otto's brutality. Finally, he told them when Otto planned to attack.

"I have to go back to him to keep from arousing suspicion. But oh how I wish I didn't," Schneider said to the others. "But I will wait for your armies to sack Berlin. You will see that once you get past front few division-those are the ones most loyal to Otto- the battle will become easier. Most people no longer view Otto favorably, but we are all to scared to do anything. Please, make it quick." Schneider made his way out, and the rest of the leaders left soon after. They now knew when Otto would attack. They had the upperhand. And all thanks went to the one man they never taught they would recieve help from-the very person who was second in charge of Germany.


The End

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