August 16, 2309-February 21, 2310

Rome, Holy Italian Empire-August 16, 2309

As arrogant as Otto was, he knew that he had reached a point where he needed allies. True, most everything had been going to plan, but there was only one problem. He had expected his army to grow more rapidly. It had grown very fast, but not as fast as he had hoped. This meant that Otto had to go get an ally. Not for long, maybe 9 months, but he needed an ally if he were to fight the Allies and the Easterns.

Then came the matter of whom. It had to be someone who had something to fear from Germany, and would join into alliance with it to protect themselves. It also had to be a weak nation. The whole point of an ally would be to fall quickly; to only give a buffer period so that Germany could become stronger. To distract the other sides long enough and to take some of the pressure off of Germany. It had to be a neutral country or a Theocratic nation (since they hadn't sent an army, perhaps a little-convincing- could make a Theocratic nation join Germany). One by one, Otto went through the five nations in his head. Iberia and East Russia were a little too strong. Ireland was right next to both for Britain and Scotland and had them for protection. The Islamic Caliphate, well they would be the perfect ally-a power rivaled only by the US, but their strength would keep them from having anything to fear.  Then there was Italy. Militarily the weakest of the nations and geographically the nearest, they had the most to fear from Germany.This lead to an unprecedented move; Otto went to Rome to meet with Chiellini, the premier of Italy.

Despite the fact that they wereat war with each other, Italy was allowed to negotiate with Germany on their own since: a) The Theocratic Alliance allowed this and b) They hadn't sent a military, because they hadn't been attacked by Germany.

Otto arrived in Italy via his personal helicopter. He had landed on the roof of the builidng he and Chiellini were meeting in, so that he could make a quick escape if it was needed. He had also brought his own personal guards to protect him. Similarly, Chiellini came with his own band of guards as well. When the two leaders met, it was more like a meeting between two war generals than a meeting between two world leaders. The tension was high and both parties knew that the slightest wrong move would cost them their lives.

"If you are here about peace, then you're wasting your time. Pull your army out of the countries you have invaded, and then we'll talk." Chiellini had wasted no time in getting his point across. He knew very well that Otto wasn't here to negotiate peace terms with Italy. If Otto wanted peace, he would have gone someplace. He knew that Otto was here for another reason. But, he had to stall him. So, to do this, Chiellini continued to ramble about peace and what Otto would have to do to attain it. "The injustices you have created in Europe have no defense, and you must realize what you must do in order to..." "Cut it," Otto interrupted. "Stop rambling," he continued (note that the two were both speaking German) "I don't want to hear it. I'm here for more important things. You see, Chiellini, the two of us, we're not thtat different. We are both leaders of two of Europe's greatest and oldest nations. We both want what's best for  our countries and our people. My friend, I want you to consider my prroposition." " I refuse to hear it," Chiellini stubbornly responded. Chiellini looked strong and resolved on the outside, but on the inside he was a nervous wreck. His heart was pounding and his stomach tightened.

"You know," Otto said, " I admire your bravery. You have let me walk right in here, and if I wanted to do anything, you've left yourself open." "You wouldn't walk out of here alive," Chiellini responded. Otto smirked, and then said, "Well, you should hear me out.  Think about this, the two of us could do something great-if we could work together. Our nations have worked together in the past, and we can do it again. Break off your old alliances, and join me-together, we will take over all of Europe, all of the world."

"That's interesting," Chiellini said as he motioned to a guard behind his back. "But, for something like that," he looked over and the guard nodded, "I'd have to ask him." The Italian guards made way, and through them came in the one man Otto hated more than anyone else in the world-the Pope. The Pope was of German descent, and for him to leave the mother nation to go in live in another country, and for his life to be not be devoted to Germany made Otto angry. He was deemed a traitor, and he was the most wanted man in Germany. The mere sight of him made Otto lose his temper.

Otto yelled and was about to lunge, when a bullet came flying from above. The room they were in had a high ceiling, and as it turned out, the Italians had placed a sniper up there to try and take out Otto. The bullet barely missed, and hit one of Otto's guards. Both Chiellini and the Pope went to the ground and crawled behind the guards where they hid behind a desk that had been placed their the day before. The remaning German guards and the Italian guards began to fire at each other, and Otto made a run for it. He was being followed by two of his remaining 9 men, and the sniper was able to pick off another guard. Otto continued to run, and he made it out of the room. He and the guard made it to the roof were they were able to quickly get into their helicopter and just made it out. In total, 9 of Otto's men were gunned down, and none of the Italian guards were. Otto had barely made his escape.

It turned out that Cheillini and his advisers had planned the assassination the day before. Upon hearing that Otto was coming, they decided that this was their one shot at taking him down. They knew Otto would have killed Chiellini if he was disappointed by the meeting's result, and so they tried to beat them to the punch. This was why Chiellini had to stall. He had to set up a situation where Otto would be enfuriated, leaving an oppurtunity for the sniper to take his shot. Sadly, the attempt failed, but the message was clear. Otto would have no help in Europe.

Berlin, Germany-August 19, 2309

He had gonne about it all wrong. Going into the foreign country hoping that it would woo his foe. Going to a nation that did not make the most critical part of his plan work. No, no, he had gone about it all wrong. He really had no idea why he had made such stupid decisions. This much was certain, he was not going to do that again. The Theocrats would inevitably declare war now, they had no reason to stay out of it any longer. And Otto was now desperate for help.

He needed an ally, but, obviously, he had gone about it all wrong. The most pivotal part of his plan was to get the Allies and the Easterns fighting each other. That would not neccessarily take a lot of work, but Otto had to be sure that it would happen. He couldn't just hope that they would run into each other and start fighting. No, he had to offer incentive. He also knew that neither the Allies nor the Easterns could walk away from one thing-the chance to spread their ideologies. For years now, both sides had taken any chance they got to "improve" foreign nations by "rebuilding" them, by making them take on their own ideologies.

He definately needed a weak ally, this much was for sure. He also needed an ally that had been politically unstable, so that the Allies and Easterns would jump at the oppurtunity to "help" them. The one sure fire to way to pit the two alliances against each other was the incentive of land, power, and influence. And Otto knew exactly where to go.

He choose two, not one, hoping to cause an even larger distraction. These two nations were weak enough that they would fall quickly, and unstable enough that both the Allies and the Easterns would leap at the ability to "rebuild." He chose two nations that hadn't been stable for a long time now. He chose Africa and Australia.

He invited dignitaries to his capital, promising them protection and power. And since both parties were so desperate for it, they both took the bait. Now all Otto had to do was wait. His plan was in full motion.

Overall summary of the next 6 months

The Allies and Theocrats fought in three major fronts, One was in the continent of Africa, along the border of the Islamic Caliphate and the nation of Africa. A second was a naval front between the Islamic Caliphate's southeastern states and Australia. The last and major front was in Western Europe, from the Germna-French border all the way to Austria, where the most violent fighting was taking place.

The main front for the Easterns was from in the land that was the Baltic and wraped around into Poland-Ukraine's border with Germany. They had a minor front in southern Africa as well.

After 6 months of fighting, this much was clear; neither Africa nor Australia could handle much more. And as they began to fall, Otto continued to improve his army, waiting for the Allies and Easterns to collide. His army was growing stronger and soon, there would be no stopping him.

The End

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