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The world had avoided it for nearly 450 years. But now, the nations of the world will have to go to war 3 more times, to save humanity.

Berlin, Germany-January 1, 2309

"My fellow Germans, for too long have we been among the weak in Europe. In the last five years alone, we have suffered two humiliating loses; first to the the French in '03 and then to the British in '07. These two wars have greatly affected our country's stature, in both economic and spirtual manners. Under the weak leadership of the old government, we have gone from being Europe's most feared nation to it's laughingstock. But we, my German brothers, we are far greater than the old chancellors have allowed us to be. You have elected my Chancellor, and in return, I make a vow to the German people that I will return us to glory. I will return us to power. Because with me as your leader, and you as my people, we will make Germany great again. "

A wild round of applause and cheers broke out from the audience. The newly elected Chancellor, Otto von Neugenbauer-or as he was more commonly called, Otto the Powerful-made his way off the platform. He made his way to his limosince, as his adoring fans crowded him, hoping to catch a glimpse of him up close, or to even shake his hand.

The German people were in love with this man, for he was not just a Chancellor, but a savior-a Messiah, for Germany . Otto the Powerful had won the election by an outstanding 90/10 margin-and there was no doubt that these results were nothing short of accurate. The incumbent had lost two wars in the last five years to Germany's two greatest foes. There was no doubt that he would lose re-election. His opponent, Otto, had won over the hearts and minds of the German people with his great rhetoric and wonderful promises. The Germans wanted a powerful ruler, and Otto was the embodiment of their dreams. It should be noted, that these Germans were no war-mongers. They had suffered years of humilation and were under constant threat of attack. Rather, they did what any strong nationalist would, they elected the man who offered the most. No matter how he was looked at.

The French had run propaganda against, "Otto the Terrible" and had urged the western Germans to not vote for Otto. But this only served to unite the Germans even more in their support for Otto. His victory was never in doubt.

Otto's main rhetoric was played towards the emotions of the German people. He called for "unity among the German people," and the "supremacy of the German people above all others." To some outsiders, this sounded like the words of an older German leader, but all that mattered now was today-and Otto had the answer to Germany's current problems.

 Otto entered his vehicle, and made way for his new residence. He opened the sunroof of his limo, and stood up so that he could wave to his admirers. His admiration was not only political. He was the epitemy of man-hood and the desire of every woman. Tall,  dirty blonde hair, and famous baby blue eyes, he symbolized the German people.  With the exception of a few exceptions, there was nobody in all of Germany, who looked at Otto in a negative light.

But there was a side of their Chancellor that the German people did not know about. A side, that even in their desperate state, they would not have been able to accept. Their Chancellor was part of a terrorist group called "The German Brotherhood". These were men who wanted to increase Germany's power by taking over all of Europe. This group was frowned upon, even by the most ardent of German nationalist for their extremist views. Membership was nearly 15,000 men, all single who had "married the most beautiful woman of them all-Germany".  For many years, foreign powers had accused Germany of being ruled by the German Brotherhood. The claims before had been false. But now, their nightmare was true.

Otto had wasted no time making sure that Berlin was being run by his "brothers". Everyone in his administration belonged to the Brotherhood. And, now, just hours into his reign, he called for a meeting of his top advisors. He entered his new office room, and was greeted by the twenty or so men who were waiting for him. The conversation began with the others congratulating their leader in his assumption of the Chancellory. They then began to talk of thier future plans. Soon the conversation turned towards their main goal; conquest of Europe. "Well," Tuvitzki, Otto's main ally, asked, "Do you have plans for who we will attack first?" Immediately, the other men began yelling out their suggestions. "Britain!" "France" "The Russians!" Tuvitzki rose his hand, and they fell silent. "It doesn't matter what you want," Ottosaid in his soothing voice, "I already have my plans-plans that will actually work. And the first step, is for me to get a young man who is willing to die for the world's most beautiful woman." There was a silence, as Tuvitzki, who had personally memorized all the facts of his new recruits, wondered about who he could use. Finally he said, "I know who you can use. A young, new recruit. Has cancer, will probably die within 6 months." "And he can be trusted?" Otto asked. "I'd trust him with your own life." "Then he will do," Otto said "Bring him to me. Let me make sure that he is loyal to us. And if he is, he will die a hero."

London, United Kingdom-January 3, 2309

Two days after the inaguration of Otto von Neugenbauer, the British Prime Minister and the French President met in London to give a joint briefing on thier new possible adversery. "You think he'll be a sympathizer to the Eastern Europeans," the Brithsih PM, Gerard Cunningham said to the French President,as the two prepared to go out in front of reporters.. "I mean, I'm not going to lie," he continued, "a man as powerful as him... needless to say, he would be a great ally to have." "Eh, who cares," the French President, Isabelle LaRoche said, "Even if they choose to support the Eastern Europeans, it is Germany. We invade, they surrender in... two months." There was a silence before LaRoche began again, "I have never been fond of you British media. Mais oui, le pays est plein des cretins..." "You realize that I understand you," the British PM interrupted as they were given a two minute warning by the head of security.

Suddenly, the PM's phone rang, and he picked it up; "I can't talk now, I'm about to go out in front of the press... Well yes she is here, where else would she be... Listen, I don't have time for this... Yes goodbye." "Problem with ze wife?" LaRoche asked. "For some reason beyond my understanding, she's jealous of you." LaRoche was about to reply when the two were ushered out onto the platform.

There, they announced that they, as well as the other Allied nations, would stay neutral towards Germany, and would hope for a "long and peaceful coexsistance with Germany." Though, of course, everyone knew that this was a hollow promise. Until something major happened, Europe was still in limbo.

Belgrade, Serbia -January 4, 2309

Three men sat around a round table in the capital building of Serbia. Gregorias Tessopolidis-governor of Greece, Peter Ralinkov-leader of Western Russia, and Lukas Radmonovich-leader of Serbia. The later two had come to discuss the one thing the entire world was buzzing about-Otto the Powerful. Today, the two comrades from Serbia and Western Russia would decide on thier view of this new threat. But befpre they could move to that converstaion, there was one thing that had to be taken care of.

"Comrade Tessopolidis," began Radmonovich, "It has been 150 years since the re-unification of Serbia. In that time, every province we have annexed has gladly accepted their role in a greater Serbia-even Macedonia, who, I remind you, we rescued from the religious zealots to our south. Every province, except for yours. To this day, we still have riots in Greece against our great government.  Our rule there has been a failure. And who is to blame? Me? No, it can't be. I'm here in Belgrade, and Greece is not my job. The blame must fall on the man who has failed the Serbian government-you. Please, Tessopolidis, do not think ill of me for doing this." Radmonovich stood up and went up to Tessopolidis' chair. Radmonovich held down Tessopolidis' headand put a gun to the back of his head. "Please, please, my children..."Tessopolidis began to plead-before he was silenced by the gun in Radmonivich's hand. Radmonovich called his secretary and said, "Two things: One, send a comrade up here to remove... some trash. Second, tell comrade Salporigdis that he has recieved a promotion." The two men waited in silence until a young man came into the room. "Take the body, strip him, castrate him, cut off the face, and throw it in the dump," Radmonovich cooly ordered. "Yes comrade," the young man answered with a nod. "What is your name?" Radmonovich asked. "My name is Anton Petrovich." "Well, young Petrovich, your good service will be noted. Good deeds are not taken lightly with me." Petrovich thanked his two comrades, and left the room.

Radmonovich sat down, and he and Ralinkov now faced each other. These were the two strongest leaders of the Eastern Allaince-and thus they had a strong bond. But they had an even deeper connection which no one knew about. The two were born, of the same mother, by the same father, on the same day. The two twin brothers had seperated from each other at the age of 18 when they left their native Armenia. No one would have said they were twins. Ralinkov was nearly 6 foot 5, had hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and was bulky. Radmonovich was braely 5 foot 4, had blue eyes, and was extremley skinny. But the two were brothers-and no one knew this. And anyone who had known it, had been silenced, much like comrade Tessopolidis.

"So, this Otto, he is not well liked in the west, is he?" asked Ralinkov. "What you think, he will join us?" "You know," Radmonovich said, "the Treaty of 2234 is still in tact. Technically, Germany is already our ally." "Bah" Ralinkov replied, "I wouldn't wipe my a-- with that treaty. Hell, I wouldn;t trust the Baltics with my dog's s--t. These treaties mean nothing, especially such an old one. We need to do something. And none of this British/French neutrality s--t. We either attack the mother f--ker or we help him." "Maybe we wait," Radmonovich replied. "Wait? When have you ever waited?" Ralinkov said. "You couldn't wait another minute in Sophia's womb, and now you choose to wait for months?" Radmonovich gave no verbal reply, only a nod of the head. "Fine," Ralinkov said as he sighed, stood up, and left the room. They had decided to do nothing.

The End

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