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When slightly unsociable sixteen year old Ana Rivera gets new neighbors, it's strange that she suddenly feels compelled to greet them. Eccentric Gloria and her cynical "son" Darien are no ordinary neighbors, and soon Ana finds herself getting pulled into their world, whether she likes it or not.


GLORIA: I won’t not misguide you; I’m no sorceress, I’m not anything you’ll find in modern folk law, no matter where you look. I collect souls, I guide souls and I can see all the pasts and all the futures of any soul I happen to bump shoulders with, it doesn’t matter whether these souls are bound to a human body or not.  I can’t create anything extraordinary, such as magic, without the assistance of hard to come by objects and I often rely on human methods when I foresee through choice.

Although I have lived so many years and so many lives, I’m not immortal. I will die, although I’m not sure when.

Something tells me my current life is about to get interesting . . .


DARIEN: I know she isn’t really my aunt; I worked it out long ago. She keeps a roof over my head and makes me feel loved; she has made me feel safe since childhood, and most importantly, she drives away the demons that follow me.

Aunt Gloria says this new house holds the key to my destiny, that there is someone nearby whose path is fated to entwine with mine. I know that Gloria sees everything, and I know she knows exactly who this person is and what they look like, how they think . . .

She says the futures are uncertain and they change like the wind, that if she told me everything, it would spoil things, ‘we ought to work out our futures ourselves,’ she says ‘if we look too much into our destinies, our paths may well become corrupt.’ 


ANA: My tears are still pouring; they are disguised by the rain drops falling onto my face like cold beams of sunlight. I reach my street, I’m standing just next to the old Smith house getting ready to cross . . . I feel strangely compelled to suddenly greet out new neighbours . . . I’ve been planning on doing so for a while . . . which is weird for me, I never visit neighbours, even the ones that give me money . . .

The End

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