Ethan offered to carry me several times bu I refused, I've made a fool of myself enough for one day.

Y'know your reactions were normal,kinda, no-one thinks bad of you

How do you know? It's extremely easy to lie 

I suppose so.

Ethan gripped my hand "are you okay?"

"Yes, I'll be fine" I let go of his hand "Just a little....nervous"

Ethan smiled "Good, right, you have to promise me that you won't take off running, okay?"

"Okay...?" what could be so bad that I'd take off running?

We stepped out from the trees and instead of a little feild, we were at the top of a hill. I turned to Ethan "Okay....huh?"

Ethan chuckled "It's an itsy bitsy trick that keeps humans away, we are no longer in that forest, welcome to Draco Manor"

I looked at the large castle like building infront of me and gulped, it's pretty creepy  "Shall we?"

Ethan took my hand and pulled me gently through the huge mahogany doors "Wow"

"You like it?"

I nodded, the inside was made up of victorian and modern furniture, a marble staircase, mosaic floors, wooden floors....but it all strangely went together perfectly. "It's....amazing"

"We all felt that way when we first arrived, don't worry, you'll get used to it" the voice belonged to a boy, much taller than myself and Ethan, he had jet black, spiky hair and wore modern clothes, jeans and a green top."I'm Layton, nice to meet you"

"Eleanor, likewise"

Layton smiled "Come on guys, she wont bite" he winked

A girl stepped out of the shadows, her glowing silver hair made her appear even less human, but much more beautiful "I am Geniveve,  is nice to finaly have met you...face to face"

"We are sorry about the whole 'stalking' thing" another girl said "Ethan wanted to make sure that your like us, the whole swearing thing confirmed it" she giggled "Ethan had an anurism. I'm Amy by the way" Amy's face was framed by bronze curls that almost seemed frizzy, but not quite.

"There are more people living here as you can probably guesse from before, but they are either out or practicing. We like to keep fit around here, minds included"

"Eleanor, for now you will be rooming with Amy, we need to sor you out aroom of your own but that takes time, are you okay with that?"


Amy smiled "Ethan, you call her mother, I'll show Ellie to our room" she took my hand and pulled me up the stairs, giggling as she went.Maybe it wont be too bad here afterall.

The End

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