Better and worseMature

I felt myself drifting and I knew I would be out soon.

Okay Eleanor, your going to have to trust me

I felt something at my lips, a strange liquid trickled down my throat  NO!

You have to drink it Eleanor, it's the only way you'll get better

NO! I am not going to drink blood! It's sick!

I heard Ethan wince You say that but your taking alot on your own

I forced my eyelids open and saw that Ethan's wrist was at my mouth, my lips were pressed to it, looking as though they were kissing him, when in reality.... Stop Ethan! I've taken enough!

It's fine Eleanor

It is not fine! Get your wrist away from my mouth!

Ethan met my eyes and wrenched his wrist away from me "How are you?"

"Better and worse"

Ethan smiled "Do you mean better because your no longer in pai but worse because you drank my blood?"

"How can you say that so casually? It's weird!"

Ethan rolled his eyes at me "It's  not weird, it's natural, for us anyway"

I sighed  "I'm gonna have to get used to that aren't I"

"Yup" he took  my hand and helpped me to stand up "Time to meet the others"

The End

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