The sun rose and shone through my window was it always this bright?


"Coming Da-" I clutch my side "Ou" what the hell is wrong now?

I take a look at my waist to see an almost identical mark to the one on my arm, with a few added details "Great"

I couldn't hear Ethan but I knew he would be watching, waiting for something to go wrong you should just give up Ethan, I'm not gonna join your stalking cult.

I had peiced some stuff together yesterday and I had come to the conclusion that this was not normal. The world was a bigger place than I had imagined and now I was part of it, except that I wasn't going down without a fight.

I changed into my uniform quickly, hiding the marks. What a relief the school decided on these jumpers. I ran down stairs and went about my usual routine bed, tea, curtains, breakfast, tea and leave.

Still giving me the silent treatment? Too bad. I winced as a cold wind blew at me, my marks burning into me like red hot pokers. "Okay, ou"

"You okay Ellie?"

"Huh?" I looked up to see Kazza, she never comes to meet me usualy

"You stopped moving and you forgot to text me last night, are you okay?"

Guesse I can't tell her either Ethan still didn't talk but I got the vibe that said no. "I guesse, I'm just a little sore is all"

Kazza leaned closer to me "Girl problems?"

"Something like that yeah"

She linked arms with me and smiled "Well then, you need some CCC"


"Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate" she giggled

"Umm....thanks Kazza but I don't think my stomache is up to it, maybe later, okay?"

Kazza huffed "Okay, later"

We made our way to school in almost silence, until....

I stopped, clutching my sides "Ellie? Ellie!"

"I-I'm fine, go ahead without me, I just need to stop for a bit"

"Ellie you are sooooo not alright! Wheres your mobile? I'm calling an ambulance!"

"Thats....it's okay Kazza, just really bad period pains, I'll be fine once I take some paracetemol" Itook a slow step foward and stumbled

"Ellie" Kazza sighed "You need to be checked out, I knew you said about having dizzy spells, I didn't know they were this bad. Where is your phone?"

My eyes snapped shut, Okay, you were right! Whats happening? Ethan? Ethan! I'm sorry!

My knees gave out and Kazza flitted to my side "Ellie, stay with me, please, your going to be fine Elz, I'm getting an ambulance"

"Thats not neccesary"

No way! It can't be....

"Stay away from her you stalker! I'm calling the police and then I'm getting your sorry arse thrown in prison!"

"Eleanor will be fine Kazza, I promise, she was too embaressed to tell you how bad things had gotten, she hates it when you worry"

"What are you talking about?"

"I am her private doctor's son, he asked me to keep an eye on her, she doesn't like it, makes her feel helpless. I need to take her to my father now, things could get alot worse if I don't"

I could tell Kazza would be torn.


"Fine then" I heard a click "Just in case, y'know"

"Of course, give your school this letter, signed by my father, her doctor, they are free to come check up on her, I will contact her mother immediately"

Before I could take another breath I was swept up from the ground, bag included, being caried through the darkness. "I told you this would happen"

I nodded weakly Sorry

You can't speak can you?


Your worse than I thought, forgive me. Our speed increased and I dropped onto something too soft to be considered comfortable.

Where am I? I couldn't open my eyes

Your in a car, don't worry though, your completely safe, I passed my test with flying colors

My marks burned and I rolled over to muffle a scream.

Don't worry Ellie, your going to be fine, try to take deep breaths okay?

Another muffled scream. Why does it hurt so much? I didn't know those marks could-

"Marks? What marks Ellie?" does he sound panicked to you? "I guesse we'll see when we stop, hold on"

I screamed, for real this time as the marks dug deeper into my skin.

The car skidded to a stop "I'm going to carry you out now Ellie, we need to get a look at those marks"

I bit down on my lip, repressing another scream, It hurts Ethan!

I know Ellie, I know, trust me, I'll do whatever I can to help you, I promise.

Am I going to die?

Ethan grabbed me from the seat and took off running "Nicollet! Daniel! Isabelle! Harry! Quickly!"

"What happened?" a high feminine tone sounded breathless in my ears

"What do you think? She tried to reject herself after...and she said she has strange marks, she was screaming all the way here"

"You care too much Ethan"

"I know. Go get Nicollet and Harry Isabelle, Daniel can help me out here"

"No, Daniel you go, I'm sure she'd rather be checked out by a girl than a guy"


"Isabelle, I'm scared, she hasn't moved in a while"

"Listen to her, she's breathing, her heart is pumping, set her down, she'll be fine"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm certain Ethan"

I felt something rough beneath me, a carpet of some kind. It's amazing how I can pick up on this while fighting the urge to scream. Isabelle began to examine me "Shallow breathing, high temperature, pulse increasing....this isn't good. Do you know where her marks may be? Any indication?"

"She said something about her arm hurting and she was holding her waist when I saw her...."

Isabelle needed no other encouragement, exposing my marks in seconds. They gasped "No! This can't be happening, I was so sure......"

"We all were Izzy, but will she be alright?"

@She'll be perfect, but we have to follow the usual procedure, where should I-"

"No, that will upset her, leave me alone with her, I'm the best one to do this"

"Ethan" Why was Isabelle protesting? Whats going on?

"I've already established a connection, it will be easier"

"Fine. I'll make sure no-one disturbs you"

"Thank you Isabelle"

Isabelle sighed "Whatever Ethan, I just hope you know what your doing"

"I do" Ethan found my hand and gripped it tightly "Eleanor? Eleanor can you hear me? What I'm about to do will be very hard for you to get through but you have to trust me, this is the only way. Be strong"

The End

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