My heart raced and I felt too self-concious to sleep. I had only known ths guy for a short period of time but here he is, and, for once I'm not yelling at him. I didn't even know his name for crying out loud!

What is your name?

Why do you want to know?

You know mine

You can call me Ethan

I laughed to myself, typical

Moments later I was asleep

"Eleanor, come here"
"No way! I feel stupid!"
Ethan grabbed my hand "You look beautiful Ellie"
"Ethan" I moaned "I don't do dresses"
"Oh hush up" he chuckled "Stop the fuss, or are you scared of a little peti-coat?"
I scowl "What if I am?"
Ethan laughs"Then I guesse I'll just have to...." I blush as he kisses my cheek "give you a little push"
"If you stop that then I'll go okay?"
He smiled "Okay" the feild streches out infront of us, but suddenly, we are not alone. Their all  here, dressed in black, smiles or hard expressions on their faces.
"Eleanora de fiore francess Tobalt, do you embrace your birth rights, will you accept yourself?"
Ethan squeezed my hand. "I embrace, I accept myself"
Ethan enters the centre of a circle "Then, from this moment on, I mark thee, daughter of Collissa, sister of the stars"

I wake up screaming, Ethan has his hand to muffle it "Shhhhhhhh, your okay Ellie, you just inisated yourself is all, your fine"
My arm hurts

I know Ellie, the pain will fade I promise

What am I Ethan?




I try to wriggle free but it's no use.

I thought you accepted yourself?

Not like that I dont! You never told me what I am!

You were busy beating me up

While you were busy kissing me for no damn reason!

Theres always a reason dumbo! You need to get a hold on yourself before your sister comes in!

Why me? Why the hell did you pick me? There are lots of pretty girls out there, there are even some in your little group! Why me?

Your different Eleanor, you know that

You have ten seconds to leave or I'm gonna call the police

Ellie please-

1 2 3.....


And he was gone. "Why does my arm hurt so much?" my eyes widen, it looks like a tatoo! how am I gonna explain this to dad? Oh I'm sorry dad but Igot marked by a bloody vampire. Yeah, that'll work.

The mark looks kind of like a love heart, it feels like it's burning though, this will take alot of cover up!

4am, man this is too much to deal with at this time.

Look Ellie, I'm trying to be nice here, if you don't come with us your going to get very very sick.

I feel fine

At the moment yes, but your usual 'dizzy spells' are going to result in something you do not want to deal with.

Thanks but no thanks.

Fine, don't say I didn't warn you



What side effects?

I guesse your gonna find out.

The End

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