After I had the bath I changed into my pjamas, the pink ones with white spots, they are my favorite. My book lay balancing on the edge of my bed as I had left it this morning.

Ethan smiled , brushing the hair away from my face "being different is nothing to be ashamed of"
Josie blushed and looked at the floor "It is when your not used to it. When your own parents are afraid of you...."
"Their your parents Josie, they should accept you for who you are, no matter what. They'll always love you"
"Ethan, I....I don't think they can ever accept me, I'm a monster"
"We both are" he whispered "but you have to remember that us 'monsters' are very unique. Our emotions are ten times stronger than humans, for my sake, do not cry"
"Why? Why are you so concerned with me Ethan?"
"Like I said, our emotions are stronger, that makes the feeling of love more captivating" Ethan gently kissed Josie on the cheek, making her blush "Please don't cry"

I heard laughter in my head and I scowled What?

More laughter This seems very familiar, don't you think?


Oh yes, Josie doesn't kick Ethan, infact she actually ends up marrying him a the end of the series.

You twit! I havn't read that far yet!

Do you think it's all in your head now?

Shut up! When will you get the hell out of my head?

When you join up. The further away, the stronger the connection, which means I know where you are all the time.

Nice try but I know your not that powerful.

Your in your room, wearing your pink pjamas with whte polka dots oh, and your hairs wet because you just got out of the bath.

Nice try, I was thinking about those things before, stop listening in on my thoughts or I'll start to make it unpleasant.

Go ahead. I could hear the smile in this.

I dug out my sister's 'chick flick' drawer and put on twilight, then new moon, replaying the shirtless scenes

Ugh, do you watch anything remotely entertaining?

Contrare, I find this very entertaining

Nice try Eleanor, I'm not going anywhere.

I rolled my eyes We'll see how you fee after run through number ten


I smiled, this sure is fun, beats homework any day.

"Eleanor! I's five o'clock!"

I sighed "Coming Dad!"

Too bad, I was really getting into and all....

Be quiet, I'll be watching it after dinner too, you won't be dissapointed.

Thats cool, I can tell you all about the Night series while you eat.

The Night series? Already read it, I found the characters to be stuck in daydreams too much, infact, the books are just for show.

Is that so?

I skipped down the stairs, pleased to have ruffled a few feathers. "How about new potatoes, salad and cold meat?"

"Sounds perfect Ellie"

I walked into the kitchen and filled a pan with water. Where the hell are the new potatoes?

I ducked under the sink, removing everything in my way ah ha! got em'!

why were they in there?

I have no idea, things are moved around alot, it's kindf like a scavenger hunt trying to cook dinner.

Isn't that a bit of a pain?

Nah, it can be frustratingbut also very fun, it's like being a kid again really. Why are you so suddenly interested, I thought you were trying to get me to join you guys, not tell you about my life.

Thats true, but people get curious.

I sighed atbegan chopping the new potatoes in half curiosity killed the cat y'know

Thats what I'm hoping for

What a pain. "Dad, did you want a cider with your dinner today?"

"Yes please Ellie"

"The strawberry and apple one?"

"Yes please"

I finished preparing dinner, chopping tomatoes, washing lettice ect

Your really good at this


Do you enjoy making dinner?

I suppose so, cooking is very creative, I love it


The End

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