Liz suggested telling the head or the police but I told her to leave it, no-one accept me and Kazza had actually seen them and it's not like we had any evidence.

"I'll just have to be careful" I sighed "Maybe they'll leave me alone"

Liz rolled her eyes "I swear, one minute your totally freaked, the next you couldn't care less"

"I guesse I just put things in perspective and if they do show up again, I could get some evidence, a picture or something"

Liz sighed again "Topic of the day, anyway, since you got that new phone, Marks been asking for your number, should I give it to him?"

"Isn't he still going out with that other girl...Kacey?"

"Not for long, things seem a little off. Do I give it to him, or not?"

"You can give it to him" I smiled "I'll keep it on low volume in case he texts me in the middle of the night"

Liz laughed "He does that to me soooo much, it's a good thing my parents don't know"

"They'd get a migrane" Savannah giggled.

The end of the day was near and by the time the teacher dismissed us from fifth period, I had completely forgotten about the gang in black.

"Aw man! It's raining!" Savannah grimaced as she watched the rain drip down the windows.

"Sorry Ellie, is it okay if we don't walk with ya? We need to go to a Duke of Edinborough meeting"

"Thats fine Liz, see you both tommorrow?"


"Oh! And tell Kazza I'll text her tonight!" I ran out the doors, my red hood seemingly like a beacon in the grey afternoon.

Cars flew by and I had to run across the road so I could get home in time, it was obvious that no-one would let me cross. What is up with the cars? Their dry inside!
I shook my head and stopped, this road was busy too. Desperate times. I ducked into the alley and ran, wanting to get home asap and curl up with a book.

I kept my eyes on the floor for fear of my vision being blurred by the down pour.
I was just about to reach the middle of the alley when....BANG! I fell on my but in a puddle the size of a pond. "Ouch" I complained, what the hell did I run into? A brick wall?

Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me up so I was inches from them. My eyes flew open and I saw the topaz eyes of the boy. His smile was too familiar, his black turtle neck too warm. His hand had both of mine so that I could not move them. "Get off!" I pushed against him, trying to pry my hands away "You stalker! Get away from me now!"

He pulled me under the small roof of a garage and I fought harder, without the rain I could see clearer. "I said get off! What the hell do you want from me!"

I realised now that i was pressed against his chest and that I was completely deffenceless, probably no more than a child. His face came down "What I want...." his lips pressed against mine and I kicked him, fighting him as much as I could. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins as I tried to push him away but he only got closer. My limbs felt weak, my eyes half closed, my heart slamming against my chest.

Ellie! Get a grip! Relax into him and then twist your arms! Just like you saw on television!

I relax into him and I felt his hold loosen, to which I smiled and twisted my arms around, pushing him to the floor with a very shocked expression. My hands shook slightly and I felt drowzy but I turned and ran. That'll teach him! Who does he think he is? Going around stalking people and pace slowed until I stopped. I put my hand on my lips did that all just happen?

"Hey!" I heard footsteps splashing the water, getting closer

I took of running again for the fourth time today I looked back to see he was no longer behind me. That was my first mistake. A pair of arms grabbed my shoulders "Listen to me Eleanor! You are not normal! You cannot stay here! It's not safe! Your dangerous!"

The topaz eyes stared into mine, sincerity and anger burning into me "I'm not dangerous! You are! Why won't you leave me alone!"

"Your one of us Eleanor! You have always known it! Since the moment you saw us this morning, something clicked! You know-"

I thrust my knee up and ran, tears running down my cheeks. "NO!" What does he mean dangerous? How am I not normal?

Come back! Eleanor! Come back and listen to me! Don't make this harder for yourself!

It's all in my head. It's all in my head.

Quit it Eleanor! Your only making it worse!

All in my head!

I unlocked the door and ran to my dad, sopping wet, eyes blood shot "Ellie? Are you okay?"



Will he really believe all this? You know he'll think your crazy.

I couldn't argue with that and even if I was, I hated rubber rooms.

"I saw a cat....I guesse it's nothing"

"Okay, well go dry off, you'll catch a cold"

"Thanks dad, is it okay if I stay upstairs for a bit? I think I might get a bath"

"Okay but be down by five, or it's a ready meal again" he laughed

I cringed "I will, love you dad" I kissed his cheek and ran upstairs, changing quickly into some jogging bottoms and a polo t-shirt.

I ran the water so it would be nice and hot.Hopefully it would make me feel better, I hated feeling dizzy like this all the time.

You don't need a bath Eleanor, you need me.

I hummed an annoing tune, louder and louder

If thats how you want to play it, fine.

The End

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