No freaking wayMature

I couldn't concentrate in enlgish, I had already read great expectations and my course work didn't keep me occupied. I ran through this morings small exchange, perhaps they thought I was someone else, it was a mistake. I somehow felt that I was lying to myself. That guy looked me strait in the eyes,  past the road and right into me, he wanted me to come over. I shivered at the memory.

"Ellie?" Liz whispered "what were you  so scared of this morning? You look like your aagonsing yourslf over  it"

"I...uh, it's nothing really, I think I was over reacting. I saw this group and one of them, well looked strait at me, smiling and gestured for me to come over"

Liz leaned foward "Guy or girl?"


Liz smiled and rolleed her eyes "He coulda thought you were cute, you didn't need to freak out"

"As if" I muttered

"Give it up Liz, you know she's too interested in Mark"

I blushed "am not"

"P-lease! You refused o go back on the ice until he offered you his help?

"And you turned bright red when he hugged you around the waist!"

"Did not" I looked at the desk, remembering how I did bush and how I too willingly accepted his ice invitaton when I swore o Liz that I wouldn't go back on the ice cos I didn' want to push my luck.

Liz  and Savannah smiled and finished their work. "So you've been forced to attend geography lessons?"

I nodded "Caterings been having probems and we can only doso  much theory"

Liz sighed "ah well"

Liz didn't share my opinions on geography. I hated it, just as much as PE, which says alot! I just don't see the point! I'm not going anywhere anytme soon and I know my way around and I can ask for directions.

We made our way to geography and split  up, we weren't in the same class and I wasn't too fond of the people in my class. "Cya" I entered the class room, sighing heavily as I saw the subject of today's lesson Earth quakes. again.

I rested my head on the table, allowing myself a nap, we studied this frequently so I wasn't missing anything. The hour dragged and I was called on more than anyone else. "Eleanor, you  seem to be nodding of in my lessons, yet you get the awnsers"

Do I? "I listen si, it's easier when I close my eyes like that, there are less distractions" I lied.

"That makes sense I suppose....well done Eleanor, perfect score"

"Thank you sir" I got up and grabbed my bag, dumping my books and pencil case inside. Mr Young shuffled his books, waiting for me to leave. I pulled on my bag and headed for the door "Cya later sir" I stepped out of the door, shutting it behind me. I walked a few meters down the cement pathway and stopped,in  the trees, right by the block, was he gang. I was frozen. No. Freaking. Way.

Blondie smiled at me, I stayed frozen. Blondie gestured for me to come foward and my les protested as I took a hesiant step foward, his smile grew. I froze again. What the hellam I doing? I felt my feet shift and I scowled at the boy who seemedto be concentrating on me, pulling me foward with his eyes.

I shook my head, Dad said to stand up to them, but to be smart about it. The boy curled his finger, beckoning me to him. I stared him strait in the eyes and did something stupid. I mouthed 'F off' and ran again, I hoped they would not follow me.

I ran strait into Liz and I hugged her."I did not imagine it okay Liz and I kow he wasn't flirting!"

"What are you..."

"The gang.....I saw them in the trees"

"No way."

I nodded "He wanted me to go over, I told him to F off"

Liz looked over at the trees "We'll keep an eye out, don't go over to them Ellie, whateve you do"

"I wont" I promised. I was too scared

The End

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