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My day started off like it usually did, dad calls me to get up, I fall back to sleep for five minutes then change into my uniform that the school likes to tell itself is 'smart'. I got dad out of bed, made him a cup of tea, passed him his medication and returned upstairs to apply deoderant, brush my teeth and straiten out my sorry excuse for hair. A pretty normal morning. My hair was a boring dark brown that was now half way down my back, my green eyes were half closed, preying this day would be short so I could get back to bed, or have a quick nap in geography.

 I was sick to death of it though, always wishing for something a little bit more....exciting. I'd always felt like I didn't belong here, people said that was just a part of being a teen but....it felt as though I was being pulled somewhere.

I kissed dad goodbye and headed off to school, my feet absently taking me to my destination. Kazza Nown's house. I walk with her every day, she's a bit nuts but thats why I like her, strangely though, she's the most normal friend I have.

I knocked on the door and waited, I was always late, Kazza was later. She opened the door with a surprised look on her face "Oh!" she closed the door and re appeared five minutes later, bag in hand, slipping on shoes.

Once she had safely got herself sorted she started the rush of info. "OMG Ellie! You will never believe what number two said!"

"What? What did she say?" I scowled, number two was the nickname Kazza had dubbed her with since we shared the same name, but we are really different. Number two had been a nice girl when I met her, after a while she turned into a b with an itch.

"She texted me saying 'I'm going to the cinema with your boyfriend toay, don't worry, I won't flirt with him, lol'" Kazza scowled too, showing me the text.

I shook my head "Don't let her get to you Kazza, she just wants some attension due to the fact we couldn't give a rats donkey"

Kazza snorted "I talked to Damien, he said it was horrible, she wouldn't shut up through the entire film! He was soooo peeved! I couldn't stop laughing!"

I laughed too "Do doubt number two got the wrong impression"

"Yeah but at least we know!"

I smiled, it may sound mean but after the crud she caused me, the lies and rumours she spred, I no longer think of her as a friend, more of an aquired aquaintance "Y'know, I'm begining to think we've entered a bad soap opera, in a min Phil'll walk up to us and ask where ben is!" I snorted "Life is getting sooooo predictable, like we both know I will know what you guys will say next"

"What am I thinking then or fortune teller?"

I sighed, every morning "Your thinking about hanging on Damien's arm, laughing with extra emphasis, which you hope will cause number two a migrane"

"Okay, how do you guesse so easily? You could earn some serious moola! everyone loves a good phsycic"

I rolled my eyes "I'm not phsycic, your just predictable"

"Whatever, you always write about girls who have a purpose, who know they have a purpose, you always put yourself in your main characters, which is why you njever really write as boys"

I gaped at her.

Kazza shrugged "I know my best girl"

I looked away at the alley infront of us and my eyes widened. A group of boys and girls in black were standing in our path, one boy, blonde, looked up and looked at me, a smiled on his face as he waved me foward.

"Kazza, lets go the other way today" I whispered

"Why?" she followed my gaze "Think they might be a problem?"

"You think! Just in case we should move around them, a wide bearth, dad said to leave gangs like that alone" I looked up and the boy waved me foward again, smirking, he took a step towards us,

I grabbed Kazza's hand "Run" I whispered andwe took off, I detested running but i didn't like the idea of that gang either, they made my skin crawl.

We ran the entire way to school. Liz was surprise to see that "Thought you hated running"

"Ellie....got....scared" Kazza panted

"What was it? We might be able to use it in PE" Liz laughed

"Not....funny" my chest didn't hurt but I was scared, the smile haunting me.

"So, what did scare you?"

"Tell...you...later" Liz linked arms with me and Kazza and struted into school as if nothing had happened, the forever eccentric Liz, one of my best friends.

The End

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