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Throughout the world, nations have started to use genetically enhanced humans to do complete their dirty work. The source of these enhanced humans is unknown. However, until now everything was peaceful, now they rebel. In order to find answers several of the world's nations have compiled a small team of scientist and military specialist to find answers. However, the team will find there is more behind the curtain then they could ever imagine.



            “All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.” -- Plato


A filthy bloodied hand rests gentle upon the ground.  Its tight grasp hold unto a detonator, the sound of gunfire and cursing seem a distant illusion.  It was an ambush; this was how it was meant to happen.  The gunfire was too intense, the medics could do nothing, and they were pinned.  The hand tightens its death grip upon the device, squeezing hard the small red button upon the top depresses. 

Fresh smoke fills the air; the shockwave seems to have cleared the room.  No one can be seen, death hangs upon the air like fresh morning due.  Nothing remains of the lab, the once sleek and brightly lit facility a wasted image of its former self.  Small fires burn throughout the area, the smell of burnt flesh fouls the air.  The moans of survivors can be heard, some so faint and weak they could be misunderstood for a distant cry.  Gunfire echo’s within the halls, despite the blast, battle still rages within the area.  So much life has been lost today, and still more will die before the days end.

            From the wreckage a creature emerges, a failed experiment in human tinkering.  It was never meant to be like this, they were supposed to better mankind, to secure its future.  This was not the case.  This creature seems to feel no pain; it walks amongst the flame as if it was kin.  The heat burns and turns the skin into a twisted blackened husk; still it walks no signs of struggle upon its face.  It was designed to be the perfect Soldier, to feel no pain, to feel no remorse.  In that they succeeded, after everything too well it seems. 

Mankind in an effort to preserve hope, to ensure the illusionary quality of life the cooperation’s and world governments installed, they created man.  A twisted commercial project designed to replace natural born humans for various tasks; nat-borns as they were called were too valuable.  Nat-Borns were too valuable, too important to die in some pointless battle between cooperation’s.  If you were rich enough you were too important to do manual labor.  This was the way of the world, till they turned against us.  There were answers to be found.  The team was sent to find those answers; there were six members back then, now.  They would be lucky if any made it out alive.  Everything went to hell; there was nothing the team could do to plan for this.

            A single round pieces the burnt flesh of the creature sending it to the ground, returning it to the hell it came from.  Through the haze of smoke the shooter appears his image vague and indistinguishable.  The figure motions for several others to cross the expanse, several more shots dance across the lab finding their genetically altered partners.  Most of the lab is now unusable.  The blast from the explosion has crippled its foundations; it won’t be long now till the entire facility crashes down.  Through the smoke and fire images of humanoid figures emerge.  Several smaller explosions send shockwaves throughout the air, causing the entire structure to shift. 

           Small pieces of plaster and sheetrock crash down onto the tile floor. Alone within the center of a room sits a small indistinguishable device, only a single digital display counts down, fifteen seconds.  

The End

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