The people stood around the coffin, black and bleak as it was lowered into the ground. They wore long black coats and black hats and boots. But it was not the day for a funeral. The sun was shining in the sky and the woods behind the church looked pretty instead of sinister and taunting.

One by one the people turned to go, leaving only Pamela - the dead girl's mother, and Victorianna - the girl's best friend, along with the girl herself. Dianna Moran. Hit and run accident (or not accident) on the 21st August 2011.

The police file read:

Dianna Morgan, 26

Killed in car accident.

To be investigated.

That was it. Inspecter Symphorien meant to investigate the case. The file was in the top drawer of his desk but somehow he never managed. There was always something more pressing and in this part of the city too, there was nothing but crime. He had managed to put it off for three weeks. That was too long, he decided and as he kept getting phone calls form the family, he decided he couldn't put it off any longer. Today was the day to start investigating the death of Dianna Morgan.

Inspecter Symphorien started by assmebling a team. This consisted of PC Sophie Green, a tall, elegant woman whom Inspecter Symphorien had always quite liked; Doctor Samuel Smyth, a respectable gentleman who Symphorien always called for in an emergency; WPC Donald Wootton, a policeman who had a good eye for evidence and Sonny Goodrich, Symphorien's apprentice who was rather good at the chase.

'Right team, this case I have called you fot today is the case of Dianna Morgan's death. She was killed in a car crash just over three weeks ago and I'd like to know how. Does anyone know anything?' he said pacing up and down the room.

'She died in a hit and run, Sir.' Sonny piped up.

'Good, well done Goorich! That's quite right. We need to find out who by. It has been said that she was stabbed several times. My theory is; As she staggered across the road, she was run over. It looks like a team did it. Two people working together. I think the car must have stopped round the corner to pick up the accomplice.'

'So we're going down to look around now?' Sophie Green asked, unsure.

'But James! It's been three weeks! What evidence will be left now?' Doctor Smyth shouted, appalled. But Symphorien had that look in his eye. That look that said, "ahh but you're wrong my friend." And that's exactly what he said.

'Ahh, but my friend, you are wrong. The accident took place in an abandoned area of town. Why Miss Morgan was there is all part of the mystery. But because no one lives there, nothing would have happened to the evidence.' the Inspescter explained. Donald looked impressed and a few of them nodded.

That was that. Decided. They set off in two police cars for the scene of the crime.

The End

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