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The typical sentimental love story that captures every girl's heart..(I hope). Anouk is best friends with Josh. Josh discovers that he likes Anouk, but Anouk is dating Josh's older brother, Greer. The course of true love never did run smooth did it?

Josh's POV:

I peeked out my window and looked across at Anouk's. She had drawn her blinds and her desk lamp was casting a golden glow through her pale, chintzy curtains. She was either reading or studying, two things that she was always doing. I smiled to myself. It amazed me that Anouk (my best friend) had time to be head of the photography club, art club, book club committee, have a boyfriend (my older brother Greer), get straight As and hang with out me. She was like wonder woman. I stood there staring at it for a moment, hoping that she would peek out her window too. Then I shook myself. I'd taken to looking out her window at night before I went to sleep, waiting right up until the point when she turned out her light. It was beginning to worry me. I dropped the curtain back across the window and went back to my desk.

I reluctantly flipped open the history book and lifted my notebook and pen. Then with as much motivation as I could muster I began to read. History wasn't my strong point. In fact I was damn near hopeless at it. The only reason why I did in school was because Anouk had promised that it would 'grow on me' and that if it got really bad she would tutor me. That's what I needed right now. For her to explain The 1905 Russian Revolution. I mean, what the hell was a proletariat?! I sighed and put the text book back on the desk. My eyes wondered to the photo frame perched beside my Mac. It was one of my favourite photos. It was taken a couple of years ago, when we all started high school. Anouk and I were in the middle, Grace and Daniel on her right, and Rachel and Eric on my left. The six of us. Best friends. Anouk though, she was my absolute best friend. She and her family moved right across the street when we were both four years old.

They had moved here from France. Her dad, Pierre was a lawyer and her mom, Vivian was a chef. Her two older brothers were Jacque and Jean- Luke, but I learnt pretty quickly never to call him that, it was just 'Luke'. I first met her one sunny Saturday morning when she was attempting to sell lemonade in her front garden. I was on my tricycle cycling up and down the sidewalk when she waved at me and smiled. I cycled over to her. She was small and petite, with an indescribable skin tone, long black curly hair, and massive brown eyes. Her full pink lips pulled up in a grin as I stopped beside her stand. "'Ello. Vould you like some lemonade?" she asked sweetly in her high french accent. I remember sticking my hand in my pocket and pulling out a nickel. "How much is it?" I asked, looking down at the coin. "Zat will do", she nodded at the nickel. I smiled, and handed her the nickel and she put it in a small pink enamel box with flowers on it. Then she preceded in pouring the pale yellow into a dixie cup. "Zair you go", she grinned handing me the cup. I took a sip of it and then gobbled it quickly. It was the best lemonade I'd ever tasted. When I had finished I put the cup back on her stand. "What is your naaame?" she inquired twirling a lock of her hair. I pulled myself up to my full height and declared, "I am Josh Franklin. What's your name?" Her cheeks went pink when she replied, "I'm Anouk Tautou".

The End

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