Hanging out

Taylor watched as Harriet walked away with Drew and his friends, surprised at how skillfully she had managed the brute. Maybe she would have to thank the girl.

Taylor made her way to the courtyard, where her only two friends in the school were waiting. Dan, the bisexual delinquant who had been thrown out many times for setting things on fire, stood against a tree, flicking his lighter on and off. Taylor liked Dan, because he had a couldn't care less attitude that seemed to freak bullies out, and so was untouchable. Keith on the other hand, who stood next to Dan eyeing the lighter nervously, was a bit of a geek who was a pushover, and only hung out with the two of them because he and Taylor had been best friends since primary. He grinned as Taylor approached, and Dan nodded with the secret smile he reserved for Taylor only.

"Any trouble?" He asked, looking over at where Drew and his friends were stood.

"The usual. Apart from the new girl kinda stood up for me."

"Committing social suicide on the first day. Record." Dan doesn't talk much, but when he does it's always relevant.

"Yeah well, not by the looks of it. She can handle herself."

"Someone's got a crush." Keith muttered. Taylor shoved him lightly.

"Shut it. I do not have a crush."

"Yeah you do, a big lesbian crush on...ouch!" Dan had trod on his foot with his large metal toe capped boots. Keith was about to complain when a voice from behind Taylor stopped him.

"Hey." Taylor turned and saw Harriet smiling at her.

"Um, hey. Look, are you trying to commit social suicide?"

"No, but I thought I'd better introduce myself properly."

"Look, as much as I'm sure it would be nice for you to be in this group, you don't want to be alright? They can be really cruel if they want to be."

"I'm sure I've got them in check." Taylor shook her head. "Well, I'll see you around then."

"Sure, see you around."

Harriet disappeared across the courtyard. Dan and Keith exchanged knowing looks. Taylor punched them both and grabbed her bag. The bell was about to go and if she got to class first she wouldn't have to deal with any more abuse.

The End

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