Harriet peered over at the sketches Taylor was making. They were good, very good, and she got distracted by the shapes of the eyes and the lips and the curved letters that Taylor was now writing.

What are you looking at?

Harriet looked up, feeling guilty that she had been caught watching. Taylor was looking in to her eyes with an expression that suggested she was surprised that Harriet was bothering to look at her. Harriet decided to make friends, it would at least make it easier for the classes they shared. She took a piece of paper from her book and wrote an answer in elegant handwriting.

You're very talented. She slid the note across to Taylor and then turned her attention back to the board and began making notes. A few minutes later, Taylor pushed the paper back at her.

Thanks, but there's no point in trying to be my friend. I get beaten up all the time, and you have a chance to be popular.

Why do they beat you up?

Taylor looked at the note and grinned slightly then shook her head. She turned her attention back to her sketches and ignored Harriet for the rest of the lesson. Harriet was confused,  but left her too it. At least she seemed nice, and she was trying to save Harriet's social life which meant that at the moment she had pretty much the same idea as Harriet herself.

At the end of the lesson Taylor made a hasty exit, and Harriet was walked out by Drew. In the corridor there was a mass of students but Harriet made her way to her locker without much difficulty with the help of Drew and his burly mates. As she opened it, she noticed Taylor stood beside her fetching books out of her own locker. While Harriet turned round to a grinning Drew, Taylor walked in to some of his mates and was thrown back against the locker.

"Hey, what was that for?" Harriet asked, enraged at the treatment of the girl.

"Drew's been mad at  her ever since she turned him down last year." One of his mates laughed. Harriet raised her eyebrow at Drew.

"It's not just that. She's a dyke; it's unnatural."

Harriet glanced across at Taylor. So this was why she was beaten up all the time.

"Well I think you should give her a break. She's only human. Come on, show me round school Drew, and introduce me to people." Taylor threw a brief mouthed 'thank you' at Harriet before making her way through the hall. Harriet smiled and followed a disgruntled Drew out of the hallway and in to the sofa room.

The End

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