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Harriet moves from Scotland to London and although she dislikes the move, immediately is accepted in to the popular crowd because of her looks and money. An unpopular girl who is scorned soon makes friends with her outside of school, and their relationship develops...

Harriet loves Taylor. The End.

Of course, if that was the whole story, there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell, would there? You wouldn’t be sitting here, tucked up in bed, or in your chair, reading this book. It would be just another untold story in the world, just like many people’s lives. People who pass you in the street, they have an unwritten story, but just because no one took the time to write it down, doesn’t mean they don’t have one. And so I will begin.

Moving to a new school can be daunting, but when you don’t know anyone because you’ve moved from the other side of the country, daunting can turn in to terrifying. Harriet Knox had hated the train journey down from Scotland, and hated even more her arrival in London. True, it was warmer down here than in Scotland, but it was so much noisier and crowded. Harriet liked the hills and the free countryside, and here there was none of that. Her mother smiled at her as she patted down the cushions on her favourite chair.

“We’re going to like it here Harriet, I know we are.”

She sat down and smiled around her at the newly furbished house, as usual half of her brain off somewhere other than her head. Harriet sighed and stumbled up to her new room. She decided she didn’t like it here one bit. She had to go back home as soon as possible, and she didn’t care how she did it. Her eyes filled with tears at the thought of her best friend, Kelly, waving goodbye to her on the platform. Kelly had been there from playschool, where they had immediately become friends over a pile of play-doh and some sculpting equipment. Harriet smiled through her tears. Kelly had promised they would keep in touch, and they would never be apart for long. Harriet curled up in a ball to try and stifle the knot of anxiousness that was growing tighter and larger in her stomach. Tomorrow was her first day at her new school. She didn’t know anyone, she didn’t know the school. She had no idea what would be happening, or what people were going to be like. She felt like a soldier entering unwillingly in to battle. In spite of her nerves she knew if she made a good first impression on her classmates, she would be accepted and, as she knew from Scotland, popular because of her wealth. A sigh erupted from her lips. At least money would ease her in to school. People would at least try to be friends with her, instead of ignoring her. She knew that money wasn’t the only thing in the world, unlike her father, but at this point she was grateful of it. It would certainly help.

The End

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