The kidnapMature

I got bored. I don't know how often I will write for this/if I will ever write for it again. Enjoy.

The banging, thumping, irritating distraction in the trunk of his car was getting on his nerves. He knew her ankles and wrists were tied too tightly for her to loosen them on her own. He had made sure she had nothing that could help her - no phone, nothing sharp, not even her stillettos. Her mouth was stuffed with a handkerchief. He'd tied that on too. Her body was arched backwards, straining painfully against the bonds that held her there.

Two pieces of rope was all it had taken to ensure she wasn't going anywhere. It was almost artful. One piece bund her ankles together. The second restrained her wrists, held the handkerchief behind her lips and pulled her entire body into an unnatural curve as it looped around between her ankles, tugging the first tie and the second together.

Still, she struggled.

It wouldn't be long now, he consoled himself. The freeway sped away into the night behind him, the tyres of the car slashing through the day's rainfall. He listened to the noise as the water was pushed aside beneath him, relaxing his grip on the steering wheel ever so slightly. He was trying to block out the sound of the woman in his trunk sobbing her poor little heart out. The stillettos she'd been wearing for work were in the passenger's foot well beside him. It wasn't like she'd gone down without a fight. The bruises from being kicked by those heels were going to last a few days.

Glancing at them, he grunted and reached down to shove them out of sight. Comfortable was not the word he had in mind for this particular job. He imagined the woman felt the same.

But orders were orders and who was he to argue with them? He had been told to kidnap this woman and bring her back to a particular address. It was a long drive. He hoped she wasn't going to make a mess in the back of his car.

The End

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